Benefits for Part-Time Non-Represented Faculty

The following benefits are available to part-time non-College of Medicine faculty who are not represented by a faculty bargaining unit and have less than a .75 FTE appointment for 9, 10, 11 or 12 months, as well as to part-time lecturers who teach credit-bearing courses without an FTE.

Retirement Savings Plan

The University of Vermont offers a program to help individuals save and invest for their future through the 403(b) retirement savings plan. For part-time non-represented faculty, this is a self-funded account which is not eligible for a UVM contribution. Part-time faculty may begin their retirement savings plan immediately upon employment by contributing the minimum amount required by the plan and by choosing the kind of investment they would like to make. As soon as contributions are received into the retirement plan, they are immediately vested. The individual owns all contributions and has a non-forfeitable right to their current value, even if s/he leaves UVM before retirement.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Plan

Part-time Non-Represented Faculty will be eligible for the University’s ACA health insurance plan once the eligibility criteria for ACA has been met. For more information please see the Required Postings section of the Benefits page and select "Affordable Care Act".

COBRA Rights

Those who participate in the ACA health insurance plan are eligible to continue their coverage after they leave UVM in accordance with the provisions of federal COBRA legislation. (This law allows qualified beneficiaries to continue medical insurance coverage if a "qualifying event" occurs. Coverage can continue for either 18 or 36 months depending upon the qualifying event. Those who choose to extend coverage will be charged up to 102% of the premium for that coverage.)

Worker's Compensation

UVM insures all employees for accidental bodily injuries, occupational illnesses, and work time lost as a result of these occurrences while you are performing assigned job duties. Workers' Compensation is governed by state law which supersedes any University policies.


New UVM employees are issued a UVM photo identification card. The ID, commonly known as the CATcard, is used to access campus privileges which include use of the libraries, CCTA buses, the fitness center and the prepaid debit account (CAT$cratch) which may be used at various locations both on campus and off.

Parking Permit

Part-time non-represented faculty who wish to park on campus must buy an Affiliate Parking Permit from Transportation and Parking Services out of their own pocket. Please contact UVM Parking Services at 656-8686,, or for information about permit eligibility, availability, and prices.