Off-cycle base salary adjustments provide additional flexibility for non-represented staff pay increases beyond the fiscal year salary increase. Off-cycle increases are used to address market and equity issues relative to recruitment, retention, and organizational change during the fiscal year. 

Off-cycle increases are not meant to address merit or movement between job standards, or to take the place of the regular fiscal year salary increase. (Fiscal year salary increases include an across-the-board increase if performance has been satisfactory, and also address market, equity, and extraordinary merit.)

Off-Cycle Base Salary Adjustments

  1. Will be approved on a case-by-case basis taking equity and market into consideration.
  2. Must be established in consultation with Human Resource Services and will be processed with a Personnel Action form.
  3. Typically become effective when they are received and are not retroactive.
  4. Will be funded from the target budget.

Submitting an Off-Cycle Increase Request

An Off-Cycle Increase for an employee is requested through submission of an action in the UVM PeopleAdmin system. Contact Human Resources or your Dean's Office, or consult the Determine Staff Action (PDF) job aid to proceed.