Working together to embrace positive change, maintain our common ground values, and support our faculty and staff through career path development.

UVM has engaged a team of industry leaders and university stakeholders who are committed to building a framework that will help develop talent, foster equitable pay, and enhance HR efficiencies.  

UVM Steering Committee Members

The project steering committee is comprised of UVM team members dedicated to the university mission and reputation as an employer of choice. Each member brings their diverse expertise to the table to ensure employees receive fair pay, pathways to develop their job skills, and the support necessary to build a career at UVM.

  • Amer Ahmed, Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Kari Brayden, Classification & Compensation Analyst
  • Claire Burlingham, University Controller
  • Britten Chase, Budget Analyst
  • Caroline Cote, HR Systems Manager
  • Stephanie Dion, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences/Extension
  • Kirk Dombrowski, Vice President for Research
  • Maggie Ferron, Labor and Employee Relations
  • Jennifer Greaves, Administrative Operations Manager for Division of Finance & Administration
  • Trent Klingerman, Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
  • Chris Lehman, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Jacob Leopold, Human Resource Manager, College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
  • Krista Malaney, Strategic Communications Manager, HR
  • Allison New, Classification & Compensation Analyst
  • Karmen Swim, Human Resource Manager, Larner College of Medicine


Mercer is a worldwide leader in helping organizations transform HR functions to deliver exceptional employee experiences rooted in flexible, efficient operations that foster interaction. Much like UVM, they too are deeply committed to diversity of thought and experience. That core human-centered approach, along with global expertise and innovative solutions for HR systems, make Mercer an ideal partner for the university as we move to improve our own processes and systems.

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