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GEAR stands for Gaining Experience in Adventure Recreation.

UVM GEAR, formerly ALANA GEAR, was founded by a small bunch of people who aspired to spread the loveliness of the outdoors to people who want to gain experience and who might not be able to financially or physically access the outdoors.

Our main goal is to bring as many people as we can outdoors to safely experience activities they may have never tried before. Because making the most of the beautiful state of Vermont is part of the college experience. Cheers!



GEAR recognizes that there is a gap in the outdoor and adventure recreation industry with a lack of representation from marginalized communities.

Through collaboration with the Mosaic Center for Students of Color (MCSC) and a direct partnership under the UVM Outing Club, we will bridge these two communities, helping student retention rates at UVM and developing the wider Burlington community into a more diverse and aware state.

We seek to provide access to outdoor activities as means of personal growth and skill development.

How to Join

We hold weekly leader meetings at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Feel free to join us! E-mail us at uvmgear@uvm.edu for the meeting location as they may change each week. Join our club listserv to receive our e-mails! We are listed under UVMGEAR.  


For more information, contact us at uvmgear@uvm.edu

Check out our Facebook page!