• Tengis Valley in Northern Mongolia

    Fellowship Enables a Map to Mongolia

    Simon McIntosh, recipient of the Simon Family Fellowship, spent weeks trekking over five Mongolian mountain passes mapping the best routes for the region's first paved road. Read Simon's story.

  • Research and campus

    Define Undergraduate Research for Yourself

    It's your major, your interest, your creation. It is time to start asking yourself some questions. What do I want to explore? Contact Us


  • Riker research student

    Prepare for the unexpected

    Research and Fellowships can grow from other experiences  — internships, volunteer work, a class, or travel. Read student stories.

UVM's campus has energetic students engaged in original research, determined to affect their communities, academic fields, and the world. FOUR is an office for them.

Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research (FOUR) offers an array of valuable resources for all UVM students, helping with their intellectual development through research and scholarly engagement, and by exploring and pursuing competitive fellowships.

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