All of the workshops/presentations listed below are available upon request to be presented for small or large groups. A workshop implies that students will engage in activities within the space of the workshop that help them proceed with their work. A presentation is more of an information session that deals with giving information rather than working on the materials for an application, resume, or future goal.

As we schedule presentations and workshops that are open to the general UVM community, we will update the "Date, Time, Location' section accordingly. To request a presentation, please contact us with the date, time, location, and presentation type you are looking for. All presentations/workshops can be altered to fit your community's needs.

Workshop/Presentation Title Workshop/Presentation Description Length of Workshop/Presentation Date, Time, Location
FOUR 101 Presentation Find out about what resources FOUR has to offer. Learn about the three basic areas that FOUR assists students in accessing. 15 minutes-75 minutes (By Request) By Request
Getting Started: Undergraduate Research Presentation Get an idea of how one gets started in undergraduate research. Receive tips and tricks for honing your research interests, finding faculty in your interest area, and contacting faculty. Also, get a brief overview of FOUR's undergraduate research funding. 15-75 minutes (By Request) By Request
Finding Funding Presentation FOUR has many internal grants available for undergraduate students. This presentation allows students to learn about the funding opportunities available through FOUR as well as how to apply for them. Tips for a successful grant application are shared as well. 1 hour (By Request) By Request
Budget Workshop The first half hour is spent on creating budgets for grant proposals. The second is spent on managing your budget once you've received a grant. 1 hour Monthly (First Wednesday of each month at the Hub at 4 pm - RSVP Required)
Effective Presentations Workshop Typically given in tandem with the Student Research Conference, this workshop spends the first 40 minutes discussing the keys to effective presentations. The latter 50 minutes is spent working in groups and/or with tutors on actual presentation creation. This is modelled for posters, oral presentations, and creative presentations. 1.5 hours March and April or upon request
Capstone to Fulbright Workshop Learn how to take your senior capstone project and market it for or convert it to a Fulbright application. Learn about the different kinds of Fulbrights and get tips/hear stories about successful UVM Fulbright applications. Work through some of the important questions and options that one must make when applying for a Fulbright. (Targeted toward Junior spring but can be adjusted.) 1 hour April or Upon Request
Udall Workshop Learn about what it takes to apply for a Udall Scholarship. This is a highly competitive, national fellowship for students interested in and studying environmental policy, as well as Native Amerian students involved in tribal issues. Work through some of the important questions and options that one must make when applying for a Udall. (Targeted toward Sophomores and Juniors but can be adjusted.) 1 hour By Request
From Research to Resume Presentation or Workshop Held in partnership with the Career Center, this workshop is meant for students that have done research at any level and wish to learn to market it on a resume or in an interview. Initially, we will go through what makes a great resume and then we will discuss putting your individual experience into career competancies that employers are looking for. We will also discuss how to communicate with laymen about highly technical research skills and eperiences. 1 hour March, April (or By Request)
Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose Workshop Get feedback and engage in a peer review with students applying for a similiar grant or fellowship. These are held throughout the year as applications become due.  1 hour Near Application Deadlines (or By Request)