The UVM Student Research Conference (SRC) is an exciting, annual event where students from all academic disciplines showcase their research, creative, and scholarly activity, create new connections, and foster a community of intellectual curiosity. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023  


Silver Maple Ballroom

Davis Center                                                 

200+ students


Click below for a program of each session:

Morning I:     9:00 -- 10:30

Morning II:  11:00 -- 12:30

Afternoon I:   1:00  --  2:30

Afernoon II:   3:00  --  4:30

Program coming soon -so you can plan your visit!

Writing an Abstract

The purpose of an abstract is to summarize the major aspects of your project in a single paragraph. For the SRC, your abstract should not exceed 100 words. 

Here's a guideline to walk through as you write your abstract:

1. Choose your abstract title

The title should make it clear what your project is about and spark interest. Keep it concise. If you can’t read it in one breath, it’s probably too long!

2.  Define the background and motivation

This section answers the “why” of your research. Start with one or two sentences stating what is known in your field of study. Then, point out the gap that your research addresses or what question(s) you’re trying to answer. You need to convey what is the purpose of your project and its relevance. You can also outline your goals and/or hypothesis here.

3. Briefly describe your methodology

Answer the “how” of your project. Outline the tools, study design, sample characteristics. There’s no need to be overly detailed here. For example, you don’t need to get into the specifics of the statistic tests you used if your project goals are not related to statistics.  

4. Main results and findings

This is the “what” section, as in “what did you find”? Ideally, the results should be the longest section of the abstract, say 40-50% of the total word count. This gives you some leeway in how many sentences you can use. State the main findings of your work in accordance with what you wrote in the background section.

5. Conclusions and relevance

Clearly state the main conclusion(s) that arise from your results. This is the moment to express the significance of your findings. Contrast them to existing literature; are they in accordance or opposition to previous studies? Highlight any novelty in your discoveries. Express the implications of your findings within the field and what new research avenues they open.

Extra Resources

Make an appointment with a peer writing tutor at the Undergraduate Writing Center for support writing your abstract, or email Jenn Ha, undergraduate research advisor, at

View some abstract examples.

Creating a Research Poster

Want some Tips & Tricks for Poster Presentations? Click here to read some quick guidelines. Two key points:

  • Size: Our standard is 36x24 inches (landscape is standard, but not required)
  • Printing: Print&Mail on campus or Staples (So.Burlington near the highway)

You will also find more help by watching the presentation below on how to create a research poster: 


Additionally, the Dana Medical Library has some great resources for poster preparation (though some of the template links do not work). 


Poster Workshops and Personalized help

Workshop Dates:

  • March 16th: 2-4pm

  • March 28th: 10-12pm

  • April 7th: 9-11am

Location: 034E University Heights North

Can't make a workshop? Feel free to reach out to Jenn Ha (, Undergraduate Research Advisor, for personal assistance on writing your abstract, preparing your poster, practicing your elevator pitch, or anything else related to showcasing your research at this year's SRC. You can also set up a Navigate appointment with her.

Presenters: What to Expect on the Day of the Conference

Your presentation time will be emailed to you; we endeavor to place you in your preferred time spot as indicated on your registration form.

This is a celebration of your work. It won't feel like a party, if your people don't come!!

Ask your faculty mentor, your friends, your research partners, your TA, your GA... your neighbor... your barista to come! 

On the day of the conference:

  • Dress is not formal; think business casual. You will be standing (unless you otherwise requested accomodations), so be kind to your feet!
  • Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your session. You are welcome to come to any or all other sessions, of course!
  • If you send your poster to UVM Print&Mail, it will be delivered directly to Davis.  Pick it up at the Registration desk (3rd floor), along with your name tag.
  • 30-minutes before the start of your session, you may take your poster into the Silver Maple Ballroom on the 4th floor. The general field of your research will be indicated on your name tag; you will find signage indicating where in the ballroom to put your poster.
    • Poster boards, thumb tacks, and easels will be clustered according to research fields.
    • Pick any spot that suits you.
  • Drinks and snacks are provided in the Fireplace Lounge. Fill up and make ready for your audience.
  • Have your 1-2 minute "elevator pitch" at the ready -this is the broad view of what you did.
  • Then have 3-5 minutes of more detailed information -what you did, how you did it, why you did it, what you found.

Questions? Send them to

Guests: Conference Day

The UVM-SRC is free and open to the public.

If you are parking on campus, please use the Jeffords lot off of Main Street -visitors section. Parking is (unfortunately) not free. 

The conference in on the 4th floor of Davis. You will find a Registration/Information desk on the 3rd floor at the base of the stairs. You will be able to ask directions and get program information there and upstairs in the 4th floor Fireplace Lounge. Grab some coffee and a snack and enter the Silver Maple Ballroom.

There are four sessions, each showcasing about fifty students, each lasting 1.5 hours. Posters are arranged by research area, which will be color-coded in the ballroom (a general plan of each session will be found at the doors to the Silver Maple Ballroom.

If you are looking for someone in particular, you will have to wander -this is intentional! Who knows what research you will find through seredipity. 

The event is loud and full of energy -nervous and otherwise. Enjoy!