The Oral or Paper Presentation format is a close descendent of the original Student Research Conference presentation format. There are 3-4 oral presentation sessions happening each hour of the conference. Students who opt for the paper presentation are grouped by time availability and research category, respectively. Each room consists of (4) 10-minute presentations back-to-back followed by 20-minutes of moderated discussion and question and answer. The rooms are moderated by trained volunteers. 

Can I use a PowerPoint?

Yes. Powerpoint, Prezi, Google Slides are all compatible with UVM Media Centers. 

Where do I upload my presentation beforehand?

Presentations can be file transfered to by noon on Wednesday before the conference. Presentations will then be downloaded onto the computer in your presentation room prior to your presentation.

Is there a clicker or pointer in the room?

Yes, all rooms are equipped with a laser point and clicker. 

Can I use audio?

Yes. We suggest that you email the coordinator to arrange to test the sound the morning of the event. 

Who attends a paper presentation session?

A presenter is encouraged to bring and invite their own audience. Some audience members may be there but typically rooms are populated by the presenters' friends and families.

I'm on the waitlist for an oral presentation, what now?

Typically drop outs happen within two weeks of the event. However we do not make any changes within one week of the conference. If you are not contacted by then, please prepare to give your original presentation format.

The other presentations in my group are not related to my topic, why?

Presentations are grouped based on research category and time slot. Sometimes presentations cannot be grouped thematically due to schedule complications. 

Photo of a 2016 Student Research Conference oral presentation consisting of a presenter behind a podium and a presentation on a projector screen.

"My favorite part of presenting was getting the opportunity to share all the research I have done over the past almost two years with people who had never heard of it before. I got to explain what I found, and see what questions people had in regards to future research that I hadn't thought of, so that was really cool." - 2017 SRC Presenter


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Paper Presentation