Gates Cambridge Scholarships are full-cost awards for graduate study and research in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. A small number are also available for study towards a second undergraduate degree. The scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to citizens of any country outside the United Kingdom.

Program Information

Students who...

  • Have demonstrated academic excellence...
  • Have proven to be leaders on campus and in the community...
  • Can demonstrate a good fit between their desire to go to Cambridge and their personal, academic and career goals...
  • Are committed to improving the lives of others...

...should consider applying for a Gates Cambrdige Scholarship. The award of a scholarship is absolutely conditional on the student gaining admission to Cambridge through the University's regular procedures. The Gates Cambridge Trust is not able to admit students.

In selecting Gates Cambridge Scholars, the Trust looks for students with enthusiasm, robustness of intellect, a willingness to engage and an appropriate humility that comes from an awareness that nothing is ever really simple. In particular, Gates Scholars will be driven by the values of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which include a commitment to reducing inequities and improving lives around the world. The Foundation's mission is to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need, particularly in the areas of health and education, often through the use of science and technology.

The Trust expects a good match to be made between the applicant's qualifications and aspirations and what Cambridge has to offer. Successful applicants will have the ability to make a significant contribution to their discipline while in Cambridge, with a strong aptitude for research, analysis and a creative approach to defining and solving problems.


Any citizen from outside of the United Kingdom is eligible for a gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Application Procedure

Internal application: While there is no official campus endorsement process, students who would like feedback and support must turn in their application to the Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research by the UVM deadline. For more information, please contact the Fellowships Advisor.

For More Information ...

Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research (FOUR)
50 University Heights North, Suite 017
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: (802) 656-4658