Interested in getting involved in Undergraduate Research but unsure how to make it happen? FIRE is an event made to introduce students to the resources available to researchers, research centers on campus or affiliated with UVM, and how FOUR can help you get involved. Plus there will be students on hand who are currently doing research in areas like chemistry, electrical engineering, parks and rec, geography, food systems, clean energy, and more.

What can you do to prep for FIRE? 

Start thinking about your interests. What do you love that could be turned into a research project or could be related to a faculty member's project? Research is a way to get hands-on experience in your field through academic mentorship and scholarship. It can be a way to hone what you want to be doing after graduation.


Who will I be able to talk to at FIRE?

Primarily students who have been doing research are the focus of our tabling event. They will answer questions that you may have. We will also have information on: