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Fellowships vary by area of study, purpose, length, mission, and amount of funding that winners receive. For example, a Truman Scholarship is tailored toward someone who is interested in public service, while a Fulbright Teaching Grant is meant for someone who wants to teach English in a foreign country, while a Goldwater Scholarship is for an undergraduate student who is passionate about math or engineering. Fellowships cover a diverse area of interests, which means that there are certain opportunities you should focus your efforts on and certain opportunities that simply don't make sense for you. When it comes to picking a fellowship, choose wisely, and don't hesitate to consult the Fellowships Advisor for help.

Listed below are nationally competitive scholarship opportunities. The list is broken down by discipline, and further broken down between undergraduate opportunities and senior year/graduate opportunities. This list is long, but it is not exhaustive. Depending on your academic or intellectual interests as well as your broader goals, there may be other opportunities available for you.