Award Goals

Created through a significant donation from alumni Carolyn Curry Brennan '82 and Robert P. Brennan, Jr. '83, The Brennan Summer Research Fellowship is intended to promote the highest academic quality at UVM through experiential learning.

To honor the spirit of this generous donation to the university, Brennan scholars are chosen from the overall applicant pool and deemed to have the strongest applications. Through this award we hope to elevate the quality of the student research, their experience at UVM, and their impact on their fields. In addition to the $5000 award ($4000 for the fellowship stipend, and $1000 for research expenses), Brennan scholars are eligible for travel funding to present their research at a relevant national conference.

Selection Process

In keeping with the establishment of this research fund, students are chosen regardless of major, but according to the strength of their applicatons. No more than one student will generally be chosen from an academic area in the same year. Students are judged by a committee of faculty from their academic area. The top scoring individuals are then moved to a second round of scrutiny by the Director of the Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research and the Dean of the Honors College (reminder: this award is open to students outside the Honors College).

If you have questions, email the Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research.

We strongly advise you to attend a funding workshop prior to application submission.

Interested in funding an Undergraduate Research Award?

Contact FOUR Director:
Ann Kroll Lerner
‚ÄčUniversity Heights North, Suite 017
Phone: 802-656-5532

Email the Director


Interested in applying to be a Brennan Scholar?

Grants are due annually in March-April.
The Common SURF application due date for 2019 is to be announced.

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