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Red spruce core collections from a range-wide provenance study located in New Hampshire

Objectives: To determine annual growth of red spruce in a range-wide provenance study in northern New Hampshire.

Principal Investigator: Paul Schaberg, Gary Hawley, Ali Kosiba, Joshua Halman, Brynne Lazarus, Chris Hansen, Paula Murakami, Catherine Borer, Stephen Keller, Thibaut Capblancq and Brittany Verrico.

Laboratory: Schaberg lab

Recommended Citation: Schaberg PG, Hawley GH, Kosiba AM, Halman JM, Lazarus BE, Hansen CF, Murakami PF, and Borer CH. 2022. Annual growth of red spruce at a range-wide provenance study in New Hampshire.

Project Contents: Data for 1 Plot, 217 Trees, 410 Cores

Project Period: 2004-10-01 to 2021-11-30


Picea rubens

Data License: Data is available upon request

What's this?

Description: We collected increment cores from dominant and co-dominant trees growing in a range-wide red spruce provenance study in Colebrook, NH in 2004 and 2021. This study was established in 1960 and the trees growing here represent 12 provenance sources from eastern Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec) and eastern U.S. (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Carolina). In 2004, cores were collected to assess growth following a series of significant winter injury events that damaged current year foliage (see associated DEN project, “Assessment of weather-associated causes of red spruce winter injury and consequences to aboveground carbon sequestration”). In 2021, cores were collected as part of a separate study to assess differences in growth magnitude and patterns for the 12 seed sources and relate these to gene sequences measured by Steve Keller (molecular geneticist in the Plant Biology Department at the University of Vermont). While these two core collections were conducted for different objectives, they are archived together to enable easy access to their raw ring width data for future studies at this site. For specific seed source locations, see: Wilkinson, RC. 1990. Effects of winter injury on basal area and height growth of 30-year-old red spruce from 12 provenances growing in northern New Hampshire. Can J. For. Res. 20:1616-1622.

Related Publications:

  1. Schaberg, P.G., Lazarus, B.E., Hawley, G.J., Halman, Borer, C.H. and Hansen, C.F. 2011. Assessment of weather-associated causes of red spruce winter injury and consequences to aboveground carbon seque View

Project Metadata

Taxonomic standard used: USDA Plants Database

How plots were selected: Increment cores were collected from the Colebrook, NH provenance site representing 12 range-wide sources of red spruce.

How trees were selected: For the 2004 collection, two trees from each of four northern provenances (New Hampshire, New York, Maine, USA and Quebec, Canada were randomly chosen for sampling from each of the 11 winter injury classes (0-10). For the 2021 collection, ten trees were randomly selected from each of the 12 provenance sources.

Exclusion of trees (if any): Trees with significant bole damage were excluded.

How cores were collected: Two cores per tree were collected at stem DBH (1.3 m aboveground level) with a 5 mm increment borer at 180° to each other and perpendicular to the dominant slope.

How cores were processed: Cores were mounted in grooved wooden blocks, sanded, and crossdated using the list method (Yamaguchi, 1991). Annual xylem increments were microscopically measured to 0.001 mm resolution using a Velmex sliding stage unit (Velmex Inc., Bloomfield, NY) with MeasureJ2X software (VoorTech Consulting, Holderness, NH) according to methods of Stokes and Smiley (1968). The computer program COFECHA was used to detect and correct for potential crossdating errors in ring series (Holmes, 1983).

Exclusion of cores (if any): A small number of cores were discarded since they were poorly correlated with the master chronology (i.e., below Pearson critical correlation 99% confidence levels) due to unusual growth trends that were not representative of overall site growth.

Added to the database: 07/20/2022

Last modified: 07/20/2022

Sample of Plot Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Latitude Longitude Site Description Crew
CLBRK44.939572-71.325255Red spruce plantation established in 1960 representing 12 provenances; seed sources extend from North Carolina to Quebec. See Wilkinson 1990 for seed source GPS coordinates.Paul Schaberg, Chris Hansen

Sample of Tree Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Tree ID Species Status Diameter Diameter Units Crown Position Vigor Dieback

Sample of Raw Core Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Tree ID DBH Vigor Sample ID Species First Year Last Year Estimated Age 200420032002200120001999199819971996199519941993199219911990198919881987198619851984198319821981198019791978197719761975197419731972197119701969196819671966
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Tree ID:




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Series Intercorrelation:

Average Mean Sensitivity:

Standard Deviation:


Number of dated series:

Segment Length Tested:

Number of Problem Segments:

Percent Problem Segments:

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