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Growth, winter injury and spring phenology of pure American chestnut growing in common garden on the Green Mountain National Forest, VT

Objectives: Trees growing in this provenance planting represent the historical range of American chestnut from North Carolina to Maine. The objective for this study was to determine how genetics and the environment modulate chestnut physiology and growth needed to guide breeding and management efforts in the restoration of American chestnut.

Principal Investigator: Paul Schaberg, Paula Murakami, Kendra Collins, Chris Hansen, Gary Hawley

Laboratory: Schaberg Lab

Recommended Citation: Schaberg PG, Murakami PF, Collins KM, Hansen CF, Hawley GJ. 2022. Phenology, cold injury and growth of American chestnut in a range-wide provenance test.

Project Contents: Data for 1 Plot, 109 Trees, 208 Cores

Project Period: 2012-04-01 to 2018-10-30


Castanea dentata

Data License: cc-zero license logo

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Description: We measured tree rings for 107 open-pollinated American chestnut and compared annual growth with winter shoot injury, spring foliar budbreak and leaf-out, spring foliar frost injury, and climate variables (temperature and moisture).

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Project Metadata

Taxonomic standard used: Other

How plots were selected: Plots were previously established as part of a larger provenance-silvicultural study.

How trees were selected: Trees were selected to represent the historical range of American chestnut (13 seed sources) planted at this site.

Exclusion of trees (if any): Trees with significant crown damage, declining crown health or significant chestnut blight were excluded from the collection of tree cores.

How cores were collected: Two xylem increment cores (5 mm) were extracted from opposite sides of each tree at approximately 30 cm above the base of each tree. Coring at this height was necessary to avoid branching and allowed for a consistent place from which to extract cores from all trees.

How cores were processed: Increment cores were dried, mounted and sanded using standard methods. Tree rings were visually crossdated using the list method, microscopically measured using a Velmex sliding stage unit and MeasureJ2X software (0.001 mm resolution) followed by the use of COFECHA to detect and correct crossdating errors.

Exclusion of cores (if any): A small number of cores were discarded since they were poorly correlated with the master chronology (i.e., below Pearson critical correlation 99% confidence levels) due to unusual growth trends that were not representative of overall growth for the site.

Added to the database: 03/04/2022

Last modified: 11/07/2022

Sample of Plot Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Latitude Longitude Site Description Crew
GOSH43.843611-73.033611Common garden of 13 open-pollinated American chestnut sources representing the historical range of American chestnut (North Carolina to Maine)Paula Murakami, Harry Silbaugh

Sample of Tree Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Tree ID Species Status Diameter Diameter Units Crown Position Vigor Dieback

Sample of Raw Core Data

Up to 10 rows of data are shown below.

Plot ID Tree ID DBH Vigor Sample ID Species First Year Last Year Estimated Age 201820172016201520142013201220112010
GOSH241014.2 2410ACADE2010201812.54610.20310.726.9877.6754.8614.2272.9620
GOSH241014.2 2410BCADE2010201816.29510.859.4936.6528.3075.4284.1752.9010
GOSH140914.2 1409ACADE2010201811.4697.1598.9057.3576.7455.0912.8562.3180.749
GOSH140914.2 1409BCADE2010201810.696.7175.0025.9877.5934.2872.9372.4290
GOSH111314.5 1113ACADE2010201816.77513.24310.8825.7667.7664.484.1283.1930
GOSH111314.5 1113BCADE2010201816.16110.7889.2316.7686.8214.5014.9264.10
GOSH160612.1 1606ACADE2010201814.06210.3337.4023.7874.8943.0234.2462.7130
GOSH160612.1 1606BCADE2010201814.31610.5558.3114.0275.73.5663.35400
GOSH130813.9 1308ACADE201020187.2125.71610.6539.91610.898.0796.2973.831.952
GOSH130813.9 1308BCADE201020184.5736.92613.3817.16510.9116.9815.6313.6081.658
GOSH120214.7 1202ACADE2010201812.26711.63310.8765.5387.6174.1973.59500

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