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Empirical Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition for Nutrient Enrichment and Acidification of Sensitive US Lakes
Authors: Charles Driscoll
Publication, published in BioScience, 2011
Regional application of an integrated biogeochemical model to northern New England and Maine.
Using a biogeochemical model (PnET-BGC) to examine processes regulating spatial and temporal patterns in lake sulfate concentrations and changes in the acid-base status of soil and surface waters. Published in Ecological Applications, 2005
Regional assessment of the response of the acid-base status of lake watersheds in the Adirondack region of New York to changes in atmospheric deposition using PnET-BGC.
Authors: Charles Driscoll
Assesses responses in soil and surface water chemistry using an integrated biogeochemical model (PnET-BGC). Published in Environmental Science and Technology, 2005