Building on the success of the 2016 monitoring report, FEMC has worked to expand summaries of several select datasets to a more regional assessment of trends and conditions. The result is the first FEMC Regional Monitoring Update, for data-year 2016, covering the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. This report provides an overview of the data collected in 2017, as well as a comparison of that data to the long-term trends and the greater context of the information presented.

These trends will be updated yearly to provide an ongoing snapshot of the state and trajectory of key environmental variables in our region's forested ecosystems.

Preferred Citation: Nicholson, C., A. Kosiba, J. Duncan, J. Truong and J. Pontius (Eds.) 2018. The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Regional Monitoring Update – 2017. DOI: 10.18125/regional2017. 10.18125/regional2017.

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