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Senate Membership

The voting membership of the Faculty Senate consists of the Elected Senators, the Chairs of the six Standing Committees, and in the case of a tie vote, the Senate President.  Each department elects one senator from its eligible faculty for a three-year term.  Units with more than 25 full-time eligible faculty members shall elect two senators.  Faculty Senate membership eligibility, terms, and duties are outlined in the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws Section 2: Membership.


2020-2021 Faculty Senators

Agriculture and Life Sciences

Agriculture and Life Sciences
 Animal & Veterinary SciencesWilkinson, Jenny2018-2021
 Community Development and Applied EconomicsShrum, Trisha2020-2023
 ExtensionCallahan, Chris2020-2023
 Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsDiehl, Sean2018-2021
 Nutrition and Food SciencesPope, Lizzy2018-2021
 Plant BiologyBeckage, Brian2019-2022
 Plant and Soil ScienceGorres, Josef2019-2022

Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences
 AnthropologyVan Keuren, Scott2019-2022
 Art and Art HistoryMierse, Bill2019-2022
 Asian Languages & LiteraturesIkeda, Kyle2019-2022
 BiologyAgnarsson, Ingi2020-2023
 ChemistrySchneebeli, Severin2020-2023
 ClassicsBailly, Jacques2020-2023
 EconomicsVizcarra, Catalina 2018-2021
 English - Rep 1Kete, Mary Louise2018-2021
 English - Rep 2Alexander, Sarah2020-2023
 GeographyBose, Pablo2020-2023
 GeologyWebb, Laura2018-2021
 German and RussianMieder, Wolfgang2020-2023
 HistoryErgene, Bogac2019-2022
 MusicFeurzeig, David2020-2023
 PhilosophydeRosset, Louis2018-2021
 PhysicsWhite, Matthew2020-2023
 Political ScienceVonDoepp, Peter 2019-2022
 Psychological ScienceCepeda-Benito, Antonio2019-2022
 ReligionBorchert, Tom2019-2022
 Romance LanguagesLopez-Vicuna, Ignacio2019-2022
 SociologyJaffe, Dale2019-2022
 Theatre and DanceCarleton, Sarah2019-2022

Business (Grossman School)

Business (Grossman School)
 Business - Rep 1Chiang, Kevin2019-2022
 Business - Rep 2Noordewier, Thomas2020-2023

Education and Social Services

Education and Social Services
 Education - Rep 1Cowles, Kate2019-2022
 Education - Rep 2DeMink-Carthew, Jessica 2020-2023
 Leadership and Developmental SciencesConroy, Nicole2020-2023
 Social WorkComerford, Susan2018-2021

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
 Civil and Environmental EngineeringBomblies, Arne2018-2021
 Computer ScienceNear, Joe2020-2023
 Electrical and Biomedical EngineeringDuffaut Espinosa, Luis2019-2022
 Mathematics and Statistics - Rep 1Julianelle, Tony2019-2022
 Mathematics and Statistics - Rep 2Merrill, Katherine2020-2023
 Mechanical EngineeringDubief, Yves (delegate for Oldinski, Rachael)2019-2022

Environment and Natural Resources (Rubenstein School)

Environment and Natural Resources (Rubenstein School)
 Environment & Natural Resources - Rep 1Ivakhiv, Adrian2020-2023
 Environment & Natural Resources - Rep 2Danks, Cecilia2018-2021


 Libraries Sobel, Laura2018-2021


 Anesthesiology - Rep 1Hoeft, Mark2018-2021
 Anesthesiology - Rep 2Tharp, William "Gabe"2020-2023
 BiochemistryFrancklyn, Christopher2020-2023
 Family Medicine - Rep 1Weinstein, Daniel2019-2022
 Family Medicine - Rep 2Calkins, Whitney2020-2023
 Medicine - Rep 1Spees, Jeffrey2018-2021
 Medicine - Rep 2Terrien, Edward2020-2023
 Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsTrybus, Kathleen2020-2023
 Neurological Sciences - Rep 1Stafford, James2020-2023
 Neurological Sciences - Rep 2Hernan, Amanda2018-2021
 Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive SciencesKenny, Bronwyn2020-2023
 Orthopaedics and RehabilitationKnakal, Roger2018-2021
 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Rep 1Gardner, Juli-Anne2018-2021
 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Rep 2Conant, Joanna2020-2023
 Pediatrics - Rep 1Saia, Matthew2018-2021
 Pediatrics - Rep 2Moore, Molly2020-2023
 PharmacologyMorielli, Anthony2020-2023
 Psychiatry - Rep 1Maruti, Sanchit2019-2022
 Psychiatry - Rep 2Dickerson, Jeremiah2018-2021
 Radiology - Rep 1Lach, Mark2020-2023
 Radiology - Rep 2Ali, Naiim2020-2023
 Surgery - Rep 1Ahern, Thomas2019-2022
 Surgery - Rep 2Evans, Krista2019-2022

Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing and Health Sciences
 Communication Sciences and DisordersCote, Sharon2018-2021
 Biomedical and Health SciencesCarson, Wade2020-2023
 Nursing - Rep 1Brown, Brandon2020-2023
 Nursing - Rep 2Whitcomb, Holly2018-2021
 Rehabilitation and Movement SciencesGell, Nancy2019-2022

Retired Faculty

Retired Faculty
 Retired Faculty RepresentativeSaule, Mara2020-2023

Chairs of the Senate Standing Committees

Chairs of the Senate Standing Committees
 Curricular Affairs CommitteeAlmstead, Laura2020-2021
 Educational and Research Technologies CommitteeRead, Helen and Wood, Marie2020-2021
 Financial and Physical Planning CommitteeKnodell, Jane2020-2021
 Professional Standards CommitteeGiangreco, Michael2020-2021
 Research, Scholarship & The Creative Arts CommitteeCushman, Mary2020-2021
 Student Affairs Committee

Prue, Jennifer and Delaney, Terrence


Officers of the Faculty Senate

Officers of the Faculty Senate
 PresidentBurns, ChristopherJanuary 1, 2021-June 30, 2021
 Vice President

Eyler, Evan

January 1, 2021- June 30, 2021
 Immediate Past PresidentChittenden, ThomasJanuary 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021
 President-ElectBorchert, ThomasJanuary 11, 2021 - June 30, 2021
 SecretaryEddy, Laurie 


Executive Council

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The activities of the Faculty Senate are overseen by an Executive Council.  Members of the Executive Council include the Senate President, Vice President, the chairs of the six standing committees, and four members-at-large elected from among the Elected Senators.  Executive Council

2020-2021 Senate Meetings

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Faculty Senate meetings are generally held on the third Monday of every month from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. on Microsoft Teams.  Exceptions to this schedule are the months of August (4th Monday at 3PM), December (3PM), February (1st Monday - No January meeting), and May (Thursday at 3pm).  Degrees will be conferred in August, September, October, February and May. 2020-2021 Senate Meeting Schedule and Materials

Faculty Senate Bylaws: Section 2. Membership

Section 2. Membership.

2.1 Eligible Faculty. University faculty members eligible for membership in the Faculty Senate (“eligible faculty”) are those holding a primary appointment as an Officer of Instruction, Officer of Research, Officer of Extension, or Officer of the Libraries at the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, or Lecturer, with a full-time equivalent of at least 0.10.

2.2 Faculty Senate Membership. The membership of the Faculty Senate shall consist of the Elected Senators, a President and a Vice-President (see 3. below), and the elected members of the Senate Standing Committees (see 7. below). The voting membership of the Faculty Senate shall consist of the Elected Senators, the Chairs of Standing Committees whether or not they are also Elected Senators, and, in the case of a tie vote, the Senate President.

2.3 Elected Senators.
Apportionment and Term. Each department or comparable budgetary unit of the University shall elect one senator from its eligible faculty to the Faculty Senate for a three- year term beginning on July 1; units with more than 25 full-time eligible faculty members shall elect two senators. Units may merge their members; the resulting merged group of faculty should be promptly reported to the Senate President and will be considered as a single unit for the purposes of apportionment and eligibility of elected senators. One senator shall be elected by and from the ranks of retired faculty. Senators shall be eligible for re-election, except that a member who has completed two consecutive three-year terms shall be ineligible for re-election to serve during the year that immediately follows the period of consecutive service.

2.3.2 Elections. Elections for senators shall be held no later than April of each year by each department having a senator whose term is due to expire on June 30, and shall be conducted by secret ballot distributed to all eligible faculty members whose primary appointment is in the department. At least one week shall be allowed for receipt of marked ballots. All eligible faculty members must be provided an opportunity to stand for election to the Faculty Senate as an Elected Senator. Terms shall be staggered so that approximately one-third of senators are elected each year. The Faculty Senate shall supervise the elections of Senate representatives; concerns regarding election irregularities must be communicated to the Senate President by May 1.

2.3.3 Vacancies. If an Elected Senator must vacate his or her seat, the vacancy shall be filled by a special election within the unit from which s/he was elected. The term of a member under these circumstances shall commence immediately and shall be for the duration of the absence or the unexpired term of the regularly elected member. If an Elected Senator is granted leave for one year or less a replacement shall be elected by a special election within the unit from which s/he was elected to take the absent Senator’s seat for the period of the leave.

2.3.4 Attendance. Elected Senators are expected to regard attendance at all meetings as a fundamental obligation to their colleagues and to the University. When conflicting professional duties, imperative personal affairs, or illness make attendance at a given meeting impossible, Elected Senators may send an alternate, who shall have the same voting privileges as the Elected Senator. Alternates should present themselves to the Secretary of the Senate prior to assuming the seat of the Elected Senator. If neither the Elected Senator nor his/her chosen alternate is present, the Elected Senator will be indicated as absent from the meeting. A senator indicated as absent from two regular or special meetings of the Faculty Senate in an academic year will be considered to have vacated his/her seat.