Our staff is made up of event professionals who are dedicated, friendly and creative. We’re more than just event planners. We’re problem solvers. Highly-organized project managers. Pre-event cheerleaders and post-event high-fivers. We’re lighting and sound gurus and experts at organizing name tags to help guests check in quickly. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind and delivering exceptional service.

Contact Information

NameTitleEmailPhone Number
Mike BreventEvent & Scheduling CoordinatorMichael.Brevent@uvm.edu(802) 656-9938
Maureen CartierConference Coordinator ManagerMaureen.Cartier@uvm.edu(802) 656-8034
Samantha Doudera Senior Registration CoordinatorSamantha.Doudera@uvm.edu(802) 656-4085
Ben DrapeConference CoordinatorBenjamin.Drape@uvm.edu(802) 656-9624
Colin FitzgeraldEvent Production SpecialistColin.Fitzgerald@uvm.edu(802) 656-9449
Allen JoseyDirectorAllen.Josey@uvm.edu(802) 656-5046
Benjamin LawrenceTechnical Event Support CoordinatorBenjamin.Lawrence@uvm.edu (802) 656-0575
Jen MitiguyAssistant Director, Campus Event Services Jennifer.Mitiguy@uvm.edu(802) 656-5664
Aide Ramirez-Shepard Business ManagerAide.Shepard@uvm.edu(802) 656-0563
Justin SellEvent Production & Technical ManagerJustin.Sell@uvm.edu(802) 656-8649
Renee SoutiereConference CoordinatorRenee.Soutiere@uvm.edu(802) 656-0856
Denise ZangAssistant Director, Sales & Event ServicesDenise.Zang@uvm.edu(802) 656-3875


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Our Mission

To provide exceptional service to our customers, the University community, and guests while consciously promoting an inclusive, educationally purposeful and socially responsible environment.


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