Our staff is made up of event professionals who are dedicated, friendly and creative. We’re more than just event planners. We’re problem solvers. Highly-organized project managers. Pre-event cheerleaders and post-event high-fivers. We’re lighting and sound gurus and experts at organizing name tags to help guests check in quickly. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind and delivering exceptional service.

Contact Information

Name Title Email Phone Number
Lina Balcom Assistant Director for Davis Center Operations Lina.Balcom@uvm.edu (802) 656-1204
Rick Barry Davis Center Facilities Coordinator rbarry1@uvm.edu (802) 656-1204
Mike Brevent Event & Scheduling Coordinator Michael.Brevent@uvm.edu (802) 656-9938
Elizabeth (Libby) Campbell Conference Coordinator S-Elizabeth.Campbell@uvm.edu (802) 656-0575
Maureen Cartier Conference Coordinator Manager Maureen.Cartier@uvm.edu (802) 656-8034
Heather Cochran Assistant Director for Campus
Event Services
Heather.Cochran@uvm.edu (802) 656-5664
Tricia Cunniff Marketing Coordinator Tricia.Cunniff@uvm.edu (802) 656-0571
Katie Figura Registration Coordinator Katherine.Figura@uvm.edu (802) 656-5665
Allen Josey Director Allen.Josey@uvm.edu (802) 656-5046
Joe Kilburn Event Production Specialist Joseph.Kilburn@uvm.edu (802) 656-5665
Romana Kurevija Summer Housing Coordinator Romana.Kurevija@uvm.edu (802) 656-7938
Alisha Lewis Davis Center Event Support Coordinator Alisha.Lewis@uvm.edu (802) 656-1204
Mark Metevier Student Employment Experience Coordinator Mark.Metevier@uvm.edu (802) 656-3392
Jen Mitiguy Event & Scheduling Coordinator Jennifer.Mitiguy@uvm.edu (802) 656-5665
Holly Pedrini Davis Center Operations
Office Manager
hpedrini@uvm.edu (802) 656-1204
Samantha Platania Registration Coordinator Samantha.Platania@uvm.edu (802) 656-4085
Joshua Evan Poston Davis Center Technical Coordinator Joshua.Poston@uvm.edu (802) 656-1204
Aide Ramirez-Shepard Business Manager Aide.Shepard@uvm.edu (802) 656-0563
Justin Sell Event Production & Technical Manager Justin.Sell@uvm.edu (802) 656-8649
Renee Soutiere Conference Coordinator Renee.Soutiere@uvm.edu (802) 656-0856
Diane Walker External Leads & Scheduling Coordinator Diane.Walker@uvm.edu (802) 656-5661
Kyle Warren Davis Center
Loading Dock Manager
Kyle.Warren@uvm.edu (802) 318-2391
Brian Wichert Davis Center Scheduling &
Event Coordinator
Brian.Wichert@uvm.edu (802) 656-0348
Denise Zang Assistant Director for
Sales & Event Services
Denise.Zang@uvm.edu (802) 656-3875
Nicole Zarrillo Conference Coordinator Nicole.Zarrillo@uvm.edu (802) 656-9624


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Our Mission

To provide exceptional service to our customers, the University community, and guests while consciously promoting an inclusive, educationally purposeful and socially responsible environment.


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