There are many factors to consider when planning an event on campus. This checklist will help you begin to navigate the process.

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list, and there may be additional factors to consider depending on the nature of your event. The University Event Services team is always here to offer help and answer questions! 

Before you begin, we highly recommend designating one person from your team to be the official liaison with our department for this event. Having a single point of contact helps the event planning process run smoothly. 

Goal Setting + Pre Planning

  • What kind of event are you interested in planning? (Ex. lecture, performance, reception, etc.)
  • Does this event qualify as an internal event or an external event? (Review Facilities and Grounds Use for Events and Activities policy)
  • Identify the goals of your event
  • Identify your target audience 
  • Review your budget
  • What kind of space are you looking to reserve? (Ex. classroom, meeting room, ballroom, etc.)
  • What do you want your event to look and feel like? (Ex. for our performance we need a space with room for a stage and AV to play music)
  • When are you hoping to host your event?
    TIP: Check the UVM campus calendar and UVM Bored to avoid conflicts 
  • Does your event comply with UVM policies? (Review this list of policies frequently referred to for events)

    Check: Do you have a clear event vision? Do you have an event budget?

Reserving Space

  • Check our guide for scheduling space on campus to determine if you can submit a space reservation
  • Submit a space reservation request through EMS, our virtual event registration system
    TIP: Submit your reservation as early as possible! If your event is complex or requires labor for a set up, requests must be submited at least one month out. If your event has catering, requests should be submitted at least 14 days prior. For all other events, requests much be submitted at least 10 business days prior to event date. If you need to schedule space within 10 business days, call our team for assistance. For events at the Davis Center, call 656-1204. For events elsewhere on campus, call 656-5667.
  • What kind of AV services do you need for your event? (Ex. projector, sound, special lighting, etc.)

    Check: Is your event request submitted in EMS? (Please note that this does not guarantee you space!)

Food & Drink (Catering)

  • Will you have food or drink at your event? (We need to know!)
  • Is your event hosted in a location that is exclusively serviced by UVM Dining? (Review locations here)
  • Have you reviewed our current preferred caterers? (Review list here)
  • Do you need to complete a catering waiver? (Review policies here
    TIP: If you are more than 2 weeks out from your event date, submit your catering waiver through EMS. If you are less than 2 weeks from your event date, you must call our team. 

    Check: Is your food and drink (aka catering) set up?


Final Preparations (Week of Event)

  • Complete a walkthrough of the space (if applicable)
  • Get a final head count 
  • Meet with your event team to ensure everyone has their assignments for event day

    Check: Are you ready to go? 

Day of event

  • Arrive early 
  • Have fun! 
  • Designate someone as your day-of contact for last minute changes or requests should they come up

Post Event

  • Complete all final billing for the event
  • Take time as an event planning team to reflect on the event - what went well? What would you like to do differently next time?
  • If this is an annual event, start planning your next event!

Need help? We're here for you!

Have a question about a space reservation outside the Davis Center? Contact our Campus Events team at 802-656-5667 or

Have a question about a space reservation inside the Davis Center? Contact the Davis Center team at 802-656-1204 or

Have a question about EMS? Call 802-656-5667 or


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