Catering is one of the most important parts of a successful event. We've simplified the process to help ensure you have plenty of options that will deliver quality and service.

Catering Options

Our campus partner, UVM Dining Services, can design a catering menu to fit a variety of event types and budgets. Please visit UVM Dining Service's website for their most current catering menu. They are the exclusive catering option for some locations on campus. 

Review UVM Dining Exclusive Locations

  • The Dudley H. Davis Center
    Exceptions: Any pizza and Vermont Kosher with a Catering Waiver
  • The Bailey Howe Library Cyber Café
  • The Atrium in the Given Courtyard
  • Harris-Millis Dining Hall
  • Alice's Café
  • University Marche
  • Northside Café in McAuley Hall
  • Redstone Unlimited
  • Waterman Café
  • Waterman Manor
  • Patrick Gymnasium
  • Cat’s Den
  • Gutterson Rink
  • Indoor Track
  • Gutterson Multipurpose Facility
  • Soccer Field at Centennial
  • Turf Fields

If you are hosting an event outside of the above locations, you may work with any of our preferred caterers. You will be responsible for working with the caterer to order food and arrange for delivery. When using a caterer, please make a note of who you are working with in your EMS reservation. 

Please note: If you are serving only pizza, you may use any restaurant of your choice. 

Catering Waivers

If you want to use a catering option other than UVM Dining Services or an approved caterer, you will need to complete a catering waiver in EMS. Please review the below examples to determine if your event requires a waiver.

Events That Require a Waiver

  • Using donated food for a specific event
  • Fund raising and selling food for a group/cause
  • Providing food (potluck) for a specific event that is open to non-members of a group or department
  • Events using food trucks or other food vendors who are not approved caterers
  • Concession requests

Events That Do Not Require a Waiver

  • Events held off-campus (i.e. area hotels and event locations, UVM Colchester Offices, Fort Ethan Allen, off-campus Extension offices)
  • Departments and Student Groups requesting a potluck or BBQ event for their group that is only open to members of that group; (self-prepared items by the members of the group); using either UVM or non-UVM funds
  • Trainings or Meetings for students and staff that are only open to members of that group providing individually prepackaged snack items (chips, snack bars, bottled/canned beverages) purchased from grocery store
    Note: full meals need to use UVM Dining or an approved caterer
  • ALANA monthly breakfasts; using either UVM or non-UVM funds
  • Hillel Friday night Shabbat Dinners held throughout the academic year
  • Rescue Squad: Purchase of food from grocery stores for the squad members who are on duty (year around)

In addition, you will be responsible for providing a copy of the caterer's certificate of insurance meeting UVM's requirements, their most recent health inspection certification, and a copy of their state license to operate.

Please note: If you are more than two weeks from your event date, you should submit your catering waiver request through EMS. If you are less than two weeks from your event date, you must call our team. 


Any events serving alcohol require approval. Please check the following UVM policies for information regarding how to obtain approval:

  • Student Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Alcohol Policy

Regardless of the catering option, UVM Dining is the exclusive provider of alcohol on campus.


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