Environmental Studies at UVM

Student Clubs and Volunteering

Campus activities can be enjoyable and instructive in many ways. Gain experience in organization management, leadership, and other skills.  UVM students have so many clubs and organizations to join right on campus. Of course, in greater Burlington volunteering opportunities abound. "Don't let you school get in the way of your education," they say. If you plan right there's time for doing it all in college.

Have fun. Get involved.

Click here for an Overview of Extracurricular Opportunities at UVM.

Click here for and Overview of Leadership and Civic Engagement Opportunities at UVM.

Click here for information about Community-University Partnerships and Service Learning (CUPS) at UVM - connecting the university and community as partners in addressing real-world challenges through engaged scholarship and transformative learning experiences.

Click here for information about Volunteers in Action (VIA), a student-run organization that promotes and supports student-run volunteer programs at UVM. VIA programs provide valuable help to people living in the Burlington Area. They also educate students about volunteering and provide volunteers with interesting and positive experiences outside the normal run of academic life.

UVM SEEDS, a or Student Environmental Educators Doing Service, is a Volunteers in Action program that works with area elementary schools to provide environmental education to students in the Burlington community in an after-school setting. SEEDS volunteers develop the curriculum with the help of the coordinators and the use of a variety of resources. Curriculum in the past has centered on recycling, water pollution, insects, soil, trees and much more! Volunteers are asked to volunteer once a week for about an hour, plus any preparation time. There are biweekly meetings, which are used to train volunteers, and give volunteers a chance to exchange information, reflect, and get to know each other.

And here's a list of environmentally-related clubs at UVM:

The Anthropology Club explores student interest in the human experience, including biological and cultural ways of both past and the present. The anthropology club delves into cultures, both primitive and modern. Discussions, movies, dinners, and trips to cultural hotspots and collections are all part of the experience. The Anthropology club welcomes everyone to come in and talk about their experiences with culture, sub-cultures and even about life itself. After all, we're all part of a culture, one way or another!

The mission of the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) is to finance new clean energy projects on the UVM campus and beyond. The source of the fund is a student fee dedicated to clean energy projects; this dedicated fee is part of a comprehensive fee that UVM collects each semester from full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

The UVM Climbing Club is comprised of the UVM Climbing Team and The UVM Climbing Wall and its staff, and UVM WACO.  The team provides students with opportunities and instruction to get involved with climbing at any level, from beginners, to those who climb at the competitive level.  The UVM Climbing Wall is located in the Patrick Gym near the Campus Rec Desk and Indoor Track/Weight Rooms, and is open and free for students 7 days a week, harnesses, shoes, belayers and instruction included.  For more information on any of the club functions, stop by the climbing wall during hours of operation.

Common Ground Student Run Educational Farm increases the avenues for UVM students and to create positive links to the Burlington community for the benefit of both students and community members.  Common Ground is 100% run by club members, all part of the non-profit student club recognized by UVM. Students get hands-on experience in crop production, soil conservation, and farm management.

The UVM Dairy Club provides a forum for those interested in dairy production and processing to meet socially and have fun while exploring and making contacts with the Vermont dairy industry.  The club actively promotes the dairy cow and dairy products on campus and in the greater Burlington community.  Club members sponsor fund raisers; participate in the Northeast Student Affiliates (NESA), a competition between agricultural schools in the northeast held every February; and works with CREAM in sponsoring shows and exhibits.

Eco-Reps are undergraduate leaders who foster environmental responsibility on campus. They educate their hall mates about sustainability issues, distribute information, and create, coordinate and host activities in their residence halls, operating on the philosophy that we can improve our relationship with the environment by making simple changes in our lifestyles.  

UVM Fly Fishing educates students on the wonderful sport of fly-fishing. Their goal is to help students learn the basics of fly-fishing and aquatic ecology. They impart upon students a sense of concern for the conservation of fish species and their habitats. Through membership, they hope to expose students to the outdoors and build connections between students and their environment. No previous fly fishing experience is necessary, and all students are welcome.

The UVM Horticulture Club was founded in 1997 to bring together students interested in horticulture so that they may increase knowledge for themselves and others in the community. Their activities are open to all students, from those who have no knowledge of plants to those who are majors in plant and soil science.  They also intend to extend our activities to students who are interested but may not be able to make long term commitments to our club.  The club is small and designed to be tailored towards its members!

The UVM Outing Club, founded in 1932, is run by students. Membership is open to the entire university community. Their purpose is to promote the enjoyment of our natural environment, make friends, and to have a lot of fun in the outdoors. They offer trips of all types, at levels from beginner to expert. They provide all the equipment and instruction needed. It's fun! It's cheap!! So stop by the house, sign up for a trip, or stay for a meeting. You'll be glad you did! The mission of the University of Vermont Outing Club is to provide affordable wilderness trips, instruction, leadership training and certification opportunities for students. It is our further goal to promote enjoyment, safe use and responsible stewardship of the environments we travel in through practice of Leave No Trace principles.

The UVM Ski and Snowboard Club, or more widely known as the UVMSSC, is the largest student run organization on the University's campus with over 1800 members in 2012-2013. The ​​UVMSSC is a non-profit, non-competitive club dedicated to promoting member participation within the immediate, regional, and international snow sports communities. Their vision is to provide skiers and riders at the University of Vermont with the opportunity to foster and develop relationships within the entire snow sports community.  They strive to provide the necessary framework and tools by which the students and establishments can join together and become incorporated into one epic community of winter snow sport enthusiasts.

Slow Food UVM is a local chapter of an international organization emphasizing the importance of Good, Clean, and Fair food. Slow Food stands against the modern industrialized food system and works to educate people on existing and potential alternatives to the destructive processes that provide the food we eat today. Slow Food also seeks to enlighten consumers to the flavors and tastes, which are lost during processing and redevelop a connection between the consumer and the land.

The Society of American Foresters gives UVM students the chance to become part of the largest forestry society in the world and to promote good will and fellowship among foresters in Vermont and around the world.  The society educates ourselves and the community about sustainable forestry and issues surrounding forestry. They also compete in timbersports competitions (woodsmen team) and host a variety of activities for the UVM and greater Burlington community.

Student Climate Culture (SCC) is a student activist group with the overarching goal of empowering and educating students, faculty, staff, and community members with the organizing tools to enact positive change to combat climate change.  SCC is currently focusing on a fossil fuel divestment campaign at UVM, a movement that has involved more than 350 other colleges and universities across the country.  Meetings are Monday evenings at 8:00 pm.  Email studentclimateculture@gmail.com for questions.

The Vermont Student Environmental Program (VSTEP) is an organization of concerned individuals dedicated to coordinating environmental activities on Vermont campuses and throughout the general public. VSTEP's goal is to establish an information network which students throughout the state can use to address the real problems of environmental abuse and the misuse occurring on campuses; the focus of this goal being environmental education, activity, and research. VSTEP is a non-profit, private foundation run by students.

UVM Wildlife and Fisheries Society is a student run organization based on professional interests in the wildlife or fisheries fields of study. Student club-members will gain knowledge and practical experience in their field through participation in national or regional conferences held by The Wildlife Society, guest lectures, fieldwork, and volunteering for various wildlife and fishery-related organizations. The Wildlife and Fisheries Society will provide networking opportunities for future professional growth by facilitating contact between students, professors, and professionals in the field of study. The club will provide a means of personal contact between students of similar interests while fostering wildlife and fisheries awareness and stewardship in the UVM community.