Environmental Studies at UVM

Senior Thesis/Internship Index

Our new sortable thesis/internship list, below, begins with 2013.
You will find theses and internships from 1988 - 2013 in our ARCHIVE.

Asterisk (*) denotes honors thesis.

Emily Adler, Toxicology and Toxics Activism: Helping to Prevent Toxic Chemical Exposure from Regulatory and Non-Profit Perspectives, 2016. Vermont, Public Health, Hazardous Waste, Policy, Chemicals, Pollution

Sarah Brooks Alexander, The Green Mountain State's "Movers and Rackers:" An Ethnographic Look at Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture in Vermont, 2014. Agriculture and Farming, Anthropology/Ethnography, Ecofeminism, Ethnobotany, Women and Gender, Organic, Rural Issues, Sustainable Agriculture, Vermont

Erica Andrus, Elegant Ecology: Creating Ecological Landscape Designs, 2015. Gardens, Ecological Design, Land Conservation and Stewardship, Permaculture

John Anthony, Grow Smart Rhode Island Summer 2016: Creating Sustainable Solutions with Local Assets, 2016. Sustainable Communities, Planning, Urban Issues, Transportation

Samantha Arcata, Examining Change in the Cultivation of Mustard in Rajasthan, India, from 1960-2000, 2013. Agriculture and Farming, Culture and Society, Food, Media

Jennifer M. Attig, Materia Medica: An Internship with Urban Moonshine, 2014. Burlington, Business, Education, Health/Holistic Healing, Internship Projects, Media, Nutrition, Organic, Vermont

Daniel Baker, UVM Office of Sustainability and STAR Communities: ENVS Capstone Internship Final Paper, 2015. UVM, Sustainability, Sustainable Communities

Harrison Balisky, Senior Internship with Casella Waste Management, Rutland, Vermont, 2013. Business, Waste, Recycling, Sustainability, Vermont

Annalena Barrett, Working in Solidarity: Migrant Justice and the Establishment of UVM Juntos, 2016. Agriculture and Farming, UVM, Vermont, Justice, Activism, NGOs

Matthew Barrows, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Local Motion and the Legacy of the Line, 2013. Burlington, Media, Policy, Sustainable Communities, Transportation, Vermont

Katherine Barton, The Kinder Gardens: Participatory Action Research in a School Garden, 2015. Education, Vermont, Gardens

Robyn Jenay Bath-Rosenfield, The Communication of Goals in Volunteer-Based Ecotourism: A Case Study of Two Ecuadorian Ecological Reserves, 2014. Communication/Outreach, International Topics, Land Restoration/Ecological Restoration, NGOs, Tourism

Hannah Baxter, Redirecting Agricultural Surplus to Families in Need: An Internship with the Intervale Center's Gleaning and Food Rescue Program in Burlington, VT, 2015. Agriculture and Farming, Burlington, Culture and Society, Food, Community Development, Nutrition, Vermont

Michael Rapaport Beightly, Non-Profit Non-Governmental Land Trust Conservation: An Internship with The Nature Conservancy, 2014. Forests and Forestry, Land Conservation and Stewardship, Natural Areas, Vermont

Zach Berger, Senior Capstone Internship: VPIRG, 2015. Policy, Activism, Sustainable Communities, Vermont, Climate and Climate Change

Akriti Bhargava, Saving King Naga: Snakes, Imperialism and Conservation in Rajasthan, India, 2016. International Topics, Religion, Animals, Rural Issues, Culture and Society

James Billman, Crossroads: Stories from the Climate Movement, 2013. Anthropology/Ethnography, Climate and Climate Change, Race and Racism, Vermont, Women and Gender

Blair Borax, On Being Earthlings: Photographic Portraits and Audio Narratives on Human-Earth Connection in Israel-Palestine, 2014. Art, Climate and Climate Change, Culture and Society, International Topics, Sense of Place

Neil Brandt, Changing Actors and Discourse: An Analysis of Ten Years of Media Coverage in Vermont's Wind Power Debate, 2014. Climate and Climate Change, Energy, Media, Rural Issues, Sustainable Communities

Matthew Brill, Installations, Solar Job Preparation, and a Self-Designed Inventory System and Solar Potential Map: An Internship with Peck Solar, 2014. Business, Energy, Management, Sustainable Communities, Vermont

Hannah Brill, Pollinator Habitat Enhancements: Vermont Agro-Eco Systems and Garden Retrofit, 2015. Vermont, Sustainable Agriculture, Gardens, Wildlife

Julienna Brooks, Nature-Based Education: Educating Budding Naturalists at Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, 2015. Education, Sense of Place, Outdoor Adventure, Wildlife, Vermont

Rosie Bullock, Vermont, Unleaded: Barriers to Confirmatory Lead Testing, 2013. Burlington, Chemicals, Health/Holistic Healing, Risk Management, Vermont

Trevor Burke, Agro-Ecosystems Land Planning Internship with Vermont Edible Landscapes, LLC: An Experience in Applied Permaculture, Agroecology, Agroforestry, and Resource Management, 2015. Agriculture and Farming, Food, Ecological Design, Permaculture, Landscape Architecture/Design, Vermont

Madeline Burns, Fields, Flowers and Fermentation: Ecological Farming on a Small-Scale, Diversified Farm in Santa Cruz County, California, 2016. Food, Business, Agriculture and Farming, Agroecology, Permaculture

Olivia J. Burt, Envisioning a Just Food System: A Students Teaching Students Course, 2016. Students Teaching Students, Food, Justice, UVM, Education, Agriculture and Farming

Katelyn Bushueff, Exploring Sustainable, Experiential Education in an Academic Setting: An Internship with the Greenhouse Residential Learning Community, 2013. Burlington, Climate and Climate Change, Education, Culture and Society, Sense of Place, UVM, Vermont

Allison Carrier, Internship with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, 2015. Communication/Outreach, Agriculture and Farming, Government, Vermont

Emily Carter, Environmental Education: Learning, Exploring and Playing at Shelburne Farms, 2015. Agriculture and Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Shelburne Farms, Vermont, Food

Sophie Case, Environmental Health Education at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, 2013. Burlington, Communication/Outreach, Education, Health/Holistic Healing, Lake Champlain, Sense of Place, Vermont

Stephanie Cesario, Adapting to Climate Change: An Internship with the Vermont Agricultural Resiliency Initiative, 2013. Agriculture and Farming, Anthropology/Ethnography, Climate and Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture

Roxy Chang, WE ACT for Healthy Homes: Fulfilling Environmental Justice on the Ground, 2016. Justice, Policy, Urban Issues, Public Health

Hannah Chenkin, The Climate and Health Program at Vermont's Department of Health, 2015. Vermont, Health/Holistic Healing, Climate and Climate Change

Staci Chin, Bear Smells Something Good: A Picture Book Introducing Wildlife to Children, 2013. Animals, Art, Wildlife, Education, Writing

Amanda Chin, Revolutionizing Urban Food Access and Launching a Farm-Fresh Prepared Food Truck for Underserved Neighborhoods in Boston: An Internship with Fresh Food Generation, 2014. Agriculture and Farming, Communication/Outreach, Gardens, Health/Holistic Healing, Management, Nutrition, Urban Issues

Eunice Chun, Feeding the Community: A Case Study of Food Assistance at Burlington Farmers' Markets, 2013. Agriculture and Farming, Burlington, Food, Case Study, Community Development, Gardens, Nutrition, Urban Issues, Vermont

Alyssa Church-Smith, Eco-Rep Program Management: Focusing on Sustainability Education and Outreach, 2014. Burlington, Communication/Outreach, Culture and Society, Management, Sustainability, Vermont

Nathan Clark, Education Beyond the Classroom: A Study on Effective Outreach Strategies to Get Off-Campus College Students to Recycle, 2013. Burlington, Communication/Outreach, Education, Recycling, Vermont

Andrew Coco, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods: An internship in Haiti exploring sustainability, 2015. Sustainability, International Topics, Sustainable Agriculture, NGOs

Elana Cole, Energy Conservation in Vermont Homes: Energy Audit Internship with Common Sense Energy, 2016. Vermont, Business, Sustainability, Architecture/Buildings, Energy

Liam Condon, Greening our Gauges of Well-Being: An Exploration of the Genuine Progress Indicator and Resource Scarcity, 2016. UVM, Energy, Economics

Emma Cook, From the Grassroots to the Statehouse: Vermont's Renewable Energy Present and Future: A Senior Capstone Internship with the Vermont Natural Resources Council Energy Program, 2013. Communication/Outreach, Education, Government, Media, Vermont

Madeline Cotter, Solar Energy in Vermont, 2015. Energy, Vermont, Communication/Outreach, Solar Energy

Jenny Crandall, Lake Champlain Land Trust Internship: Conserving and Preserving Entrusted Areas, and Researching New Land to Protect Around Lake Champlain, 2016. Land Conservation and Stewardship, Lake Champlain, GIS, Planning

Daniel Crespo, Community Powered Transportation: "Bike for Life" Internship at Local Motion, 2013. Burlington, Education, Transportation, Vermont

Remy Crettol, Winooski Valley Park District: Senior Capstone Internship, 2015. Management, Education, Natural Areas, Water, Land Conservation and Stewardship

Alex Crimmin, 2015 Spring Semester: Field Organizing Internship with VPIRG, 2015. Activism, Business, Burlington, NGOs, Policy, Vermont, Government

Christopher Cullaz, Internship with Petra Cliffs Mountaineering School and Climbing Gym, 2014. Education, Outdoor Adventure, Recreation, Burlington, Vermont, Wilderness

Evan Cuttitta, Eating FRESH, Living Green: Exploring the Relationship between Human Health, Environmental Health, and the Local Food System within Vermont Works for Women’s FRESH Food Culinary Training Program, 2016. Women, Food, Community Development, NGOs

Eliza Daeschler, Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Growing Cities, 2016. Energy, Communication/Outreach, Sustainability, Urban Issues