Environmental Studies at UVM

Senior Capstones

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Advanced Courses

All ENVS majors must complete either a capstone thesis/project, internship, or advanced course sequence. The senior capstone experience in ENVS is intended to integrate student course work, skills, and experience across the interdisciplinary exposure of the ENVS curriculum and provide an in-depth learning engagement. It should be appropriate to the student's chosen concentration area within ENVS and to the academic expectations of 200-level work at University of Vermont. The capstone option should aim to meet these goals of in-depth integrated learning:

  • Integrate ideas and information from various sources and diverse perspectives
  • Analyze the elements of an idea, experience, or theory
  • Synthesize and organize ideas, information, or experience
  • Critically assess the value of information
  • Apply theories to practical problems or new situations

Students may choose one of three options to fulfill the nine 200-level credits required to conclude their major. The capstone must be: the equivalent of 9 credits of 200-level work; individually approved by ENVS faculty; and appropriate to the student's background and capabilities.