Environmental Studies at UVM

Core/Emeriti Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty & Staff

Tatiana Abatemarco


Areas of Interest: Sustainable Food Systems, Environmental Humanities, Ecofeminism, Qualitative Research, Food Justice, Environmental Ethics, Feminist Philosophy

Kevin Chu

Professional Advisor

Areas of Interest: Diversity and inclusion, social justice, academic advising, internships, research, study abroad, community engagement, website management.

Cecilia Danks

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community forestry, socioeconomic monitoring, forest stewardship, institutions for co-management, forest certification, collaborative processes, the working forest, sustainable development, wildfire management policies, nonprofit-sector, and watershed organizations

Jon Erickson

Professor, Fellow of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Energy and climate change policy, land conservation, watershed planning, environmental public health, and the theory and practice of ecological economics

Brendan Fisher

Associate Professor, Interim Associate Director, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Biodiversity conservation, conservation and human livelihoods, environmental economics, behavioral economics, equity and justice, ecosystem services.

Rachelle Gould

Assistant Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Sustainability values, well-being, learning, policy, diversity, equity, and behavior.

Adrian Ivakhiv

Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Environmental philosophy, cultural theory, media/communication/arts, religion and ecology, global cultural change

Laurie Kutner

Library Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental information literacy, environmental research methods, global information environment, Costa Rica

V. Ernesto Mendez

Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Agroecology, political ecology, agro-food systems, Participatory Action Research, environmental conservation in agricultural landscapes, rural livelihoods

Ingrid Lauren Nelson

Assistant Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Feminist political ecology and geography, critical development, NGO and sustainability studies, land tenure and the politics of greening landscapes, social movements, postcolonial studies, community forestry, queer ecologies, posthuman and animal geographies, critical GIS and virtual environments, Mozambique, southern Africa, Vermont, United States

Karen Nordstrom

Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: sustainability and food systems education, human-environment relationships, yoga and sustainable living, contemplative practice, participatory research and evaluation.

Trish O'Kane

Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community organizing and action-research, environmental and social justice (racism, poverty and militarism), environmental education, ornithology and conservation, environmental journalism, and the public health benefits of nature-watching and birding (psychological ecosystem services).

Bindu Panikkar

Assistant Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Environmental health, community based research, environmental policy, Natural resources, Arctic environment and health, environmental health social movements, and environmental justice

Rick Paradis

UVM Natural Areas Center Director, Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Conservation Biology, Natural Areas Management, Ecological Restoration, Land Conservation, Comparative Landscape Studies

Nathan Sanders

Professor, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Areas of Interest: Global climate change ecology

Amy Seidl

Interim Associate Director, Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Global climate change; climate adaptation; sustainability science; communicating science; ecology; evolutionary biology

Cathy Trivieres

Administrative Assistant

Areas of Interest: Office reception and management, appointment scheduling, student records

Elizabeth (Ibit) Wright (formerly Getchell)

Professional Advisor, Advising Coordinator, Instructor

Areas of Interest: Student services; academic advising; study abroad, internship and job guidance; high-impact learning and professional development; website management

Frank Zelko

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Global environmental history, history of environmentalism, ideas about nature, animal studies

Emeriti Faculty & Staff

Katharine (Kit) Anderson

Retired Senior Lecturer

Areas of Interest: Nature-society relationships, cultural geography, ethnobotany, traditional storytelling, contemplative practices in higher education

Sue Bean

Administrative Assistant Emerita

Areas of Interest: Office reception and managment, appointment scheduling, student records

William Eddy

Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus (April 12, 1928 - April 29, 2016)

Areas of Interest: Cultural and linguistic influences on environmental perception

Thomas Hudspeth

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources

Areas of Interest: Sustainability, sustainability education, sustainable communities, environmental education, environmental interpretation, ecotourism, behavior and environment, citizen participation, international environmental issues.

Stephanie Kaza

Professor Emerita of Environmental Studies, Environmental Program Director 2008-2015

Areas of Interest: Environmental Program Director 2008-2015Buddhist environmental thought, religion and ecology, sustainability studies, climate change ethics, impacts of consumerism, bicycle commuting quality of life values

Carl Reidel

Founding Director, Professor Emeritus, (March 5, 1937 - November 3, 2011)

Jean Richardson

Professor Emerita

Areas of Interest: sustainable rural community development; environmental negotiation and leadership; regional analysis

Ian Worley

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Plant Biology; Environmental Program Director from 1994 to 2008, Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: natural history, weather, climate, natural landscapes, avian distributions