Environmental Studies at UVM


These faculty teach and/or conduct research related to the environment. 

Deborah Blom

Associate Professor and Chair

Areas of Interest: Archaeology, osteology, ethnicity, body adornment, social complexity; Andean South America.

Pablo Bose

Associate Professor and Director of Global and Regional Studies

Areas of Interest: Migration, diaspora, political ecology, urbanization and globalization

Sidney Bosworth

Extension Professor

Areas of Interest: Forage crop and pasture ecosystems, weed ecology

Alison Brody


Areas of Interest: Plant-animal interactions

Dona Brown


Areas of Interest: Vermont, U.S., cultural

John Crock

Associate Professor and Director of Consulting Archaeology Program

Areas of Interest: Specializing in cultural resource management studies required by state and federal regulations.

Joshua Farley


Areas of Interest: Josh's broad research interests focus on the design of an economy capable of balancing what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically and ethically desirable.

Hesterly Goodson

Senior Lecturer

Areas of Interest: Romanticism, American literature, Comparative Literature, Women's Studies, Composition

Deborah Guber

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: American Politics, National Elections, Electoral Behavior and Public Opinion

Maria Hummel

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Creative Writing

Matthew Kolan

Senior Lecturer

Areas of Interest: Ecological Approaches to Leadership, Learning and Change; Diversity, Power, and Privilege; Whole Systems Thinking; Nature-Connection, Natural History, and Wildlife Tracking

Jane Kolodinsky

Professor and Chair

Areas of Interest: Concepts of Demand, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Principles to improve consumer wellbeing.

Robert McCullough


Areas of Interest: Historic Preservation, Architectural History and Historic Preservation Law

Charlotte Mehrtens

Professor of Geology

Areas of Interest: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Deborah Neher

Professor and Chair

Areas of Interest: Soil Ecology, Nematodes and Microarthropods as Environmental Indicators for Terrestrial and Wetland Soils, Plant-Soil Interactions.

Donna Ramirez-Harrington

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental economics and policy, regulation, environmental technology adoption, environmental information disclosure, corporate environmental strategy

Shelly Rayback

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Biogeography, paleoclimatology, dendrochronology, climate change, isotopes, Arctic.

Donna Rizzo


Don Ross

Research Professor, Director of Environmetnal Sciences major for CALS

Areas of Interest: Soil chemistry, soil phosphorus, soil monitoring

Kris Stepenuck

Extension Assistant Professor of Watershed Science, Policy and Education

Areas of Interest: Impacts of land use on water quality, citizen science and volunteer monitoring, understanding outcomes of monitoring and community outreach efforts

Allan Strong

Associate Professor/ Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Faculty Development

Areas of Interest: Wildlife, ornithology

Laura Webb

Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Tectonics and Thermochronology