Environmental Studies at UVM

Our Mission

The Environmental Program at the University of Vermont is a university-wide academic unit. Drawing from many disciplines, from the arts and humanities to the social, basic and applied sciences, The Environmental Program serves as a catalyst for change through its faculty, staff and students, in their teaching, scholarship, research, service and outreach. The Program provides students with an interdisciplinary liberal education, drawing upon the resources of the campus as well as local and global communities. Students blend the acquisition of knowledge with practical experience, contextual awareness and a personalized program to develop independent thinking and problem solving.

The Mission of the Environmental Program is:

  •     To alert people to the state of global and local environments and opportunities for action by advocating, demonstrating and inspiring environmentally sustainable activities and ways of thinking.
  •     To nurture and encourage a deep respect for Earth and the community of life in all its diversity, and a greater understanding of Earth’s dynamic physical, biological and social processes.
  •     To demonstrate and encourage a commitment to social and economic justice, equity, and respect for cultural diversity.
  •     To serve as a university-wide center for innovative thinking and interdisciplinary learning on the environment, complementing the strengths of disciplinary units across campus and working collaboratively with them to build an interactive network of faculty, staff and students committed to environmental education, research and action.
  •     To provide students with an intellectual learning environment that fosters creative and independent thinking, mature self-reflection, integrative scholarship and collaboration, through class, fieldwork, research and internships.
  •     To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to be active, effective, and responsible citizens of the social and natural communities whose future they will help shape.

Board of Trustees Resolution

    The Environmental Program is committed to achieving the goals set forth by the Board of Trustees by resolution in August 1994:
    "With respect to The Environmental Program, the overall aim must be to maintain the essential characteristics that make this Program successful, namely:

    1. its interdisciplinary emphasis;
    2. its adaptability to the educational goals of each individual student;
    3. the opportunity for independent study; and
    4. a commitment to advising and student-focused services."

    Adopted April 26, 2004
    Environmental Program