Environmental Studies at UVM

Pease Mountain

Pease Mountain is located in the town of Charlotte about 12 miles south of Burlington.  In 1949, the University acquired approximately 180 acres of the mountain, including the summit, from the Pease family.  Although hardly a mountain by Vermont standards, at an elevation of 800 feet, Pease Mountain offers a breathtaking view of most of Champlain Valley, the Adirondack Mountains to the west, and the Green Mountains to the east--but only in winter, when its wooded summit sheds its leaves.  Mesic and dry hardwood forests dress much of the mountain, but it is also lush with understory vegetation such as staghorn sumac, barberry, honeysuckle, and blueberry.

Driving Directions

From Burlington take Route 7 south 12 miles to the intersection of Route F5. Turn left at this intersection onto Hinesburg Road (Old Route 7). Travel 1 mile to the Charlotte School bearing right at the fork along the way. Vehicles can be parked between the school and a metal maintenance shed. The trail system can be found through the open field behind the school.