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ENVS 202 Senior Thesis/Project

The senior thesis/project is a concentrated in-depth hands-on interdisciplinary research study, project, or creative arts project in the area of the student's concentration. Required course ENVS 201 Research Methods prepares the student to conduct research and write the proposal for their thesis/project. Upon approval of the proposal, which must receive a minimum grade of B, the student then enrolls in ENVS 202A Senior Thesis/Project. The student will work with a minimum of two advisors/evaluators: one must be an ENVS full-time faculty member. Completion of the thesis/project is encouraged within one year of finishing ENVS 201. 

In the past, ENVS students have been able to register for thesis credits (ENVS 202, section A) before beginning their thesis work, anticipating that they would undertake and complete a thesis in coming semesters. Students then received an SP (satisfactory progress) for those credits until the thesis was completed and graded.

Credit enrollment policy is the following:

Beginning in spring 2017, students will need to demonstrate to the 202A Course Coordinator (Professor Brendan Fisher) that academic progress has been made regarding a student’s thesis work according to the following guidelines:

1 credit: the student has gone beyond the requirements of ENVS 201.  This might include a site-plan for a project, preliminary data collection or piloting, or lecture preparation in the case of an STS;
2 credits: the student has undertaken all of the preliminary research and has completed the data collection phase (or equivalent) of their work;
3 credits: the student completes their thesis research or project, binds a final thesis and submits it to evaluators for grading.

Once a student has registered for a total of six credits, the student will have to have all aspects, as described above, completed by the end of that semester.  If a student does not complete this work, the student will have to dis-enroll from the appropriate number of credits and then add it to the semester in which the thesis is completed.

Please fill out the Credit Agreement Form below and give to Professor Brendan Fisher. 

Important Preliminary Information on planning, requirements, credits and advising

Please review and use the following forms:

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For more information contact Brendan Fisher, ENVS 202 Thesis/Project Coordinator.