Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 202 Senior Thesis/Project

Preliminary Information

  •     ENVS 201 Research Methods is the course you take to prepare you to be successful with your thesis/project. Planning, design, and methods, literature review and proposal writing are covered.
  •     You must earn "B" or better in ENVS 201 to continue on to pursue your thesis or project.
  •     Then you undertake the work of your 6 credits of ENVS 202 Thesis or Project.
  •     We encourage you to complete your thesis/project within a year of finishing ENVS 201.


  •     You may register for 202 credits while you are taking ENVS 201.
  •     You may register for all 6 credits at once, or split them in any combination over more than one semester's schedule. However you must complete a level of work associated with the amount of credits registered. 
  •     Senior Thesis/Project students should register for ENVS 202 A section. 
  •     Weekly Thesis/Project Help Sessions are available. 
  •     See fall or spring ENVS 202 A course listings for time/day/location of these sessions. Register and attend when you are on campus and actively working on your thesis/project. Although not required, they can be very helpful.
  •     After registering for ENVS 202 you need to change the "variable credit" from "1" to the specific number you want that semester.
  •     "Grades" of SP ("Satisfactory Progress") will be assigned for each block of ENVS 202 credits until your thesis/project is graded.
  •     Most all students earn 6 credits for their ENVS 202 thesis/project. On occasion, for good reason, a student can earn more than 6 credits.


  •     Thesis/project advisors are chosen while you are working on your proposal during ENVS 201.
  •     Choose at least one ENVS full-time faculty member to advise and evaluate your thesis/project.
  •     The second advisor/evaluator may be in another department at UVM, or someone from outside UVM.
  •     You may decide to involve one or more additional, informal advisors.
  •     Both advisor/evaluators sign the Evaluator Agreement Form upon approval of the proposal and before the work gets underway.
  •     We encourage you to work closely with your advisors all along the way.

For more information, contact your own faculty advisor, or ENVS 202 Thesis/Project Coordinator, Brendan Fisher.