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Environmental Studies Senior Capstone

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Note: Theses from 1973-1999 have been moved to the Library Research Annex. To request one of these, fill out a Library Research Annex request form. Upon request, the thesis will be brought to the Special Collections Department at Bailey/Howe Library for you to use there. All others are stored in cabinets at Bittersweet. Please ask at the front desk if you would like to have access to the collection.

No thesis may leave the building. Tragically, some theses have been lost or stolen.

Note about internships: For years ENVS students have completed internships for their ENVS 202 senior work. Prior to 2009, internship theses were not categorized as internships in our Subject Index. In 2010 we initiated the option for seniors to do a Capstone Internship without taking ENVS 201 Research Methods, instead taking a 200-level capstone course relevant to their ENVS concentration. For a list of all senior internships since 2009, click here.


Michael Lord, Quality Environmental Planning


Jonathan Green, The King Street Area Youth Program


Patricia Nixon, Christian Concepts in Environmental Education: Bible Study


Lelani Arris, A Sourcebook for Vermont Agriculture
W. Nick Beer, Survey of Teachers' Attitudes Toward Environmental Education
Barbara J. Beggs, The Agency for International Development and Its Attitude Toward Environmental Education
Edith Bennett, Constraints on Food Production in Tanzania: An Interdisciplanary Assessment
Susan Clark, A Study of Citizen Participation in Burlington, Vermont 1981-1983
Donoson E. Fitzpatrick Jr., The Importance of Diet and Conditioning in Soccer Performance
Ivy Lynn Frignoca, St. Albans Bay Awareness Program
Andrea Horan, The Outstation of the Australian Aborigines
John Kiremidjian, The Clear Air Act's Emission Control Standards and the American Automobile Industry
Marion E. Larson, Visitor Management in Parks and Related Reserves
Alyson McCann, Public Outreach Activities on H.361, Legislation Regarding the Decommissioning of Vermont Yankee Power Plant in 2007; for the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance
Jim O'Brien, U.S. Oil Policy: Reduction Through Legislation
Diane M. Offenback, Marketing Environmental Concern
Barbara Prine, Mayor's Task Force on Energy
Geri Quintero, Municipal Solar & Conservation Utilities for Vermont Communities
Ellen Schnur, The Land of the Columbia Gorge
Patti Smith, Nature Hikes for Children: A Leader's Survival Manual
Natalie Starr, Load Management Options and the Feasibility of Their Applications to Burlington's Small Commercial Businesses
Peter D. Stevenson, Catalog of Ethnobotanical Information on Four Wisconsin Tribes
James C. Trzepacz, Richmond Quality Environment Plan
David Weinstein, Vegetation Analysis for Management and Education at Old McCrea Farm, Colchester, Vermont


Megan Camp, A Review of Science Curriculum Teaching Guides for Shelburne Farms Resources.
Ted Flanigan, National Energy Planning: Potentials in Synergistic Interaction
James J. Groome II, The Consequences of Proposed Amendments to the Federal Clean Water Act in Vermont
Tracy Lynn Hessel, Population Characteristics of Petromyzon marinus L. Transformers in Various Tributaries to Lake Champlain
Kate McDowell, The Feasibility of Support Groups for High School Girls: A Pilot Study September 1983 - April 1984
Pricilla McQuade, Physiognomy and Density of Lakes as Factors Affecting the Breeding Distribution of Common Loons (Gavia immer) in Vermont, New Hampshire and the Adirondack Mountains
Peter Fairbanks Miller, Energy Conservation in Burlington Rental Housing: A Survey of Burlington Landlords to Determine Their Perceptions of Barriers and Solutions to Increasing Investment in Energy Efficiency
Christine Michele Peleszak, The Abandonment of Leicester Hollow
Timothy D. Perkins, Survey of Potential Cirques in the Green Mountains of Vermont
Elyse Rudner, The Not Yet Concluded...Handbook for Our Universe
Jacquelin M. Scott, Responses of a Tropical Herb, Asclepias Curassavica L., to Habitat and Predation in Monteverde, Costa Rica
Kirsten Seibert, Agricultural Policy and Existing Barriers to the Development of Sustainable Agriculture
David Snyderman, The Effects and Interaction of Three Shade Treatments and Three Seed Treatments on the Germination and Survival of Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir: A Field Study
Laura Stepanski, The Mineralogical Composition and Mechanical Behavior of Two Unaltered Native Clays
Andrea Van Liew, A Resource Guide for Ecological Social Change
David Scott Weinrod, An Economic Feasibility Study of a Natural Foods Boarding House
Joe Weith, Prime Agricultural Land and Land Use Mapping Research Project for the Town of Colchester, Vermont
Peter G. Williams, An Anthropology of Writings Concerning the Philosophical Roots and History of North Country Schools


Dina A. Clark, How Many People Will It Take to Kill the Tiger?
Holly Cook, Some Ethical Considerations of Radio-Telemetry in Wild Animal Research
Craig DiGiammarino, Open Space Land Management for Community Development
Melanie S. Duchin, A Comprehensive Approach and Solutions to Groundwater Contamination in Vermont by Herbicides Applied for Vegetation Management of Utility Rights-of-Way
Gina L. Giusti, North American Wildlife: Causes of Endangerment/Extinction, Legislative Action, Public Participation, and a Social Survey on the Importance of Education in the Preservation Movement
Katherine Gibson Miller, Williamstown, Vermont: A Case Study of a Hazardous Waste Contamination Problem
Paul Ochs, Farmland Conservation and Clustered Development: A Case Study
Mary E. Phillips, Adventure Education: The Rock Point School Adventure Experience
Laura J. Swigert, Cogenerating Waste Heat From the McNeil Station for Utilization in a Greenhouse
Rebecca White, The Enforcement Inadequacies of the Clean Water Act: A Case Study of the Burlington Sewage Treatment System
Nancy Leila Vorley, Waterfront Development: A Revitalization Study of the Burlington Waterfront


Renny Beal, The Vermont Natural Resources Council: A Study of Advocacy, Education and Information
Sharman Beucher, Evaluation of the Green Mountain National Forest and the White Rocks Natural Recreation Area in the Arthur Allen and Arthur F. Ritter Habitat Suitability Index Models for Marten
Donna Caplan, Land and Resource Use in a Marginal Area in Kenya: Case Study of the Indigenous Tree Species Most Needed, Used and Preferred
Maria Cipolla, Solutions to Off-Track Motorcycle Problems
Lee Diamond, Public Issues on Smoking
Spencer K. Harris, Design and Written Analysis of an Energy-Efficient Earth-Sheltered House
Lydia Kaye, Landscape Architecture: A Case Study
John Krigbaum, An Osteological Analysis of VT-FR-26 An Early Woodland Cemetery
Matthew J. LaBarge, A Case Study of Energy Use and Conservation at the Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, N.Y.
Jennifer Marie Murphy, The Research Design and Construction of An Interpretive Trail
Belinda J. Orr, Ethan Allen Homestead Path and Landscaping Project
Michael J. Usen, An Integrative Reconstruction of an Historic Environment
Brooke Elin Vincent, The Economic Considerations of Rehabilitation: A Case Study of St. Albans, Vermont


Margot Walton Childs, Creativity in Education: Is It Possible for Schools Today?
Lisa Famolare, Brazilian Forests: Policies and Deforestation
Alison Gannett, Edible Plants in Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska
Cathy Girard, Water Pollution Law: An Interdisciplinary Analysis in Environmental Law and Water Quality in Burlington, Vermont
Gunnar Hubbard, Energy and Food Production: A Design for Passive Solar Greenhouse Addition to a Log Home in Central Vermont
Michael Lee Johnson, The Allocation of Costs in Acid Rain Control Legislation: Subsidization or Polluter-Pays?
Douglas Nolan, An Outdoor Leadership Manual for the Wilderness Instructor’s Leadership Development (WILD) Program
Stephen K. Platt, An Analysis of Ground Slate Points from the Champlain Basin
William R. Rossmassler, Transferable Development Rights as a Land Use Planning Method for the Preservation of Agricultural Lands Case Studies: Montgomery County, Maryland and Shelburne, Vermont
Reina Trevelyan Schloss, An Evaluation of the Field Trip Program at Shelburne Farms Resources
Ian Schulman, Environmental Education at Summer Camps: To Be Or Not To Be?
Gioia Thompson, The Alchemy of Leaves: A Guide to Municipal Leaf Composting
Jenifer Tsang, Confusion or Control? A Parking Study Method for Urban Areas
William Warren, Nuclear War Curricula in Two Vermont Middle Schools


Margaret Ashford, Parker's Gore: A Community's Concern Over Future Development
Thomas Pattee Bates,  Geographic Information Systems, Methods and Equipment for Land Use Planning: A Case Study of Malletts Bay
Heather Brewster, Values of Wetlands and the Need for Increased Awareness Through Education for Wetland Preservation
Lisa Chism, The Role of Predation of Northern Pike on Yellow Perch Populations in Fairfield Pond
Jeffery M. Cole, Biogas: Its Role as an Alternative Energy Technology in Kenya's Rural Energy Development
Deborah Lynn Day, The International Museum for the Environment
Diane deConinck, A Policy Analysis of Fast Food Packaging
David Low Deegan, Micro T's Jubilee Environmentally Conscious Restaurant Operation: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
Robert F. Drake, The Use of Transferable Development Rights as a Means of Preserving Agricultural Lands in South Burlington, Vermont
Debra Drucker, Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Pollution of the Housatonic River in Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Jami Ensor, A Critical Analysis of EPA Regulations for Drilling Fluids Using the Acute Toxicity Test
Julie Harvey, Size Distribution of the Queen Conch, Strombus Gigas, in Greater Lameshur Bay, St. John, U.S.V.I.
Sarah A. James, Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Legislative Action Restricting Smoking in Vermont's Restaurants
Jennifer Kassalow, The Relationship Between Humankind and the Natural Environment
William F. Kenny, A Case Study of Environmental Policy: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Pamela Lichtman, Policy Implications in Vermont Wetlands Protection: Lake Champlain, Vermont
Michele E. Malone, Biological Diversity and Life Descending
Darrow H. Mansfield, Solid Waste Planning: A Handbook for Vermonters
Catherine E. Mayers, Thermometers May Be Hazardous to Your Health: A Case Study of Mercury Contamination in Poultney, Vermont
Daniel Opton, Environmental Interpretation via the Seat of a Bicycle
Nancy E. Owens, Meanings in Hopi Architecture
Dorothea Y. Panayotou, Acidlake: A pH/Akalinity Model
Lisa Peskin, An Ecological Assessment of Two Rare Species of Tiger Beetles Cicindela Hirticollis and Cicindela Ancocisonensis in Vermont
Emily D. Porath, Population Dynamics of an Expanding Loon Population in New Hampshire 1977 - 1988
Richard D. Ringenwald Jr., A Guide to Whale Watching in the New England Coastal Waters
Alma Ripps, Suitability of Potential Release Sites for Translocated Ocelots in South Texas
Paul Schmidt, Whole Health Directory: A Resource Guide of Holistic Practitioners
Karen Sclafani, Native North American Spirituality Concerning the Natural World
Kristin Solberg, Recent Pesticide Use in Burlington's Public Parks; Toxicological Facts and Alternative Use
Patricia Jean Spear, Housing in Rural Recreational Regions; and Compilation of Options in Affordable Housing: A Case Study of Stowe, Vermont
Andrea Stahl, Keeping the World From Being a Dull Place: A Discussion and Legislative Overview of Biological Diversity
Kathryn R. Stam, The Tibetan Bonpos Mountains as Life, Mystery, and Power
Tasney Tyler, Age and Growth of the Yellow Perch in the Inland Sea, Lake Champlain
Holly Upson, Developing Combined Indoor and Outdoor Learning Opportunities for Fourth Grade Children at Malletts Bay Elementary School
Desmond Walsh, A Study of the Distribution, Concentrations, Effects on Marine Life, and Laws Pertaining to Plastic Pollution in the Northwest Atlantic
Polly Warner, The Effects of Sublethal Concentrations of (3-trifluoromethyll-4nitrophenol) on the Behavior of Rainbow Trout (Salmos gairdneri)
Sandra Whitney, The Sustina Timber Controversy: A Case Study
Tammie Williams, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Draft Wetland Rules and Regulations, September 1988 Examined in Light of a 'Talking' Claim
Eve Witten, The Geology, Radioactivity and Uranium Mineralization of the Clarendon Springs Dolostone, Milton, Vermont


Nathalie E. Ames, A Comparative Analysis of Three Peregrine Falcon Release Sites in the Chicago, Northern Illinois Area
Anna Ball, Is It Important for Women to Climb?
Paul Brill, The Impact of Environmental Music on the College Student Listeners
Cynthia Ann Brisson, The Success of Interdisciplinary Team Teaching: Case Study Colchester High School
Cristopher Bucknall, Cows or Condominiums? A Fiscal Study of Three Major Land uses and Their Impact on Taxes
Edythe Cassell, Recreational Impacts of Backpacking on Trails and Campsites
Michael J. Cross, Contemporary and Future Effects of Acid Deposition on the Eastern Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) of Vermont and Remedial Actions to be Taken to Counteract the Problem on the Local Level
Deborah Cuddy, Infants With AIDS: Providing Quality of Life Through Foster Care
Donna DiNuzio, Battering Sources and Solutions
Maria Gitterman, Open Space Preservation: Greenbelts
Thomas P. Hollenbeck, Septic System Assessment of Fairfield Pond, Fairfield, Vermont
Cherie Morse, Adventuring in Vermont: Guidebook to Vermont for Environmental Educators
Jonathan D. Packman, Growth and Development in Vermont: A Case Study of the Natural Resource and Community Impacts of the Maple Tree Place Proposal for Williston, Vermont
Jennifer Pipe, A Practical Application of the Geographic Information System to Land Use Planning in Fairfield, Vermont
Chris Romero, Hazardous Waste Management at the University of Vermont
Russell A. Shopland, Charlotte: A Housing Study
Sheila M. Thompson, Content Analysis: Newspaper Coverage of Environmental Issues Case Study: Vermont
Lauren Valenti, The Energy Crisis of the Poor: Implications of the Federal Funding Cuts to Energy Assistance Programs: A Case Study of Burlington, Vermont
Cris R. Whitlock, Groundwater Contamination of a Vermont Town Water Supply: A Case Study of Sheldon Springs, Vermont
Peyton D. Willert, Attention to Perception: Public Relations Recommendations for the University of Vermont Natural Areas Neighbors
Peter Wilshusen, A Foundation for Cooperation: The Biosphere Reserve Concept as a Model for Environmental Cooperation


Julia Austin, A Review of Small-Scale Lake Restoration Techniques and Their Applicability to an Area in Lake Iroquois, Vermont
Megan Ayres, Vermont Environmental Quality Index
Mary Brunelle, Critical Analysis and Discussions of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement Prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the Iroquois Natural Gas Transmission System
Michele Demarest, Constraints to Environmental Policy Implementation in Tanshufen Village: Shanghai China
Michael B. Dohan, The Health-Diet-Environmental Link: A Case Study of Conventional and Organic Agriculture
Dianne Fenton, Looking At Issues of Abortion Through an Ecofeminist Perspective
Patricia A. Heiser, Relative Timing and Mode of Late Wisconsin Deglaciation in the Lincoln Valley, Vermont
Laura Herbold, A Study of Races in Children's Picture Books
Julie M. Hoberman, Demographic Determinate of Environmental Attitudes Among Students at the University of Vermont
Demetrius M. Jinno, Soil Treatments for Apple Replant Disease
Raymond Sloan Lewis, Forest Fire Policy, and Yellowstone National Park
Paul J. Ligon, A Case Study of the VSTEP Source Reduction Program
Dorothy E. Miller, Effects on Auto Sales of Advertised Gas Mileage Figures for Three Models of Cars
Robyn Richelle Rehak, A Study of Tree Use and Perceptions Within the Shuar Village of Bomboiza, Ecuador and the Community of Fairfield, Vermont, U.S.A.
Debrah K. Robes, A Draft for a Bill for Negotiating Solid Waste Facility Citing Problems in Vermont
Zoe Rothchild, Attitude and Awareness of Burlington Area Residents Regarding Food Irradiation
Saramichelle Sapuppo, Looking Through a Window at the Peace Corps: The Belize Junior School of Agriculture
Melinda M. Shepard, Paradox in Utopia
Laura B. Slesar, An Environmental Knowledge and Needs Assessment Survey of Chittenden County High School Science Teachers
Jennifer E. Sullivan, A Study of Gram-Negative Bacteria From Lake Water: Congo Red Absorption and Virulence Factors
Douglas Walker, Are Environmental Outreach Programs a Viable Educational Tool?: A Study of Environmental Outreach Programs in Vermont
Martin G. Yenawine, Trees and People Experiences from Dryland Africa


Fritz Bittrich Jr., Towards a Feminist Land Ethic
Thomas Brothers, Identification of Resources in Vermont Allowing the Establishment of an "Optimal" Assistance Program
Mary Brust, Perceptions of the Natural Environment in Kwakiutl Mythology
Edward Sortwell Clement Jr., Sacred Space: A Way to Live with the Environment
Edward M. Coleman, Forest Fire Management Policies and the Effects on Our Forested Public Lands
Courtney Coughlin-Maroon, Attitudes of Burlington Residents Toward Socially Conscious Investing
Cindy Dabrowski, Attitude and Behavior of Burlington Area Residents Regarding Environmentally Sound Products
Eric Delman, Oil Exploration Within Area "1002" of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Policy Analysis
Kara Donnelly, Cree Folklore as Related to Cree Environmental Perspectives
Alicia E. Dunzinski, Osa's Triumph: A Children's Book About Whales and the Marine Environment
Luke Elwood, Essex Natural Area Management Plan
Julie Everman, Policy Analysis of the Reintroduction of Wolves Into the Greater Yellowstone Area Using Clawson's Criteria of Social/Cultural Acceptability
Sheila E. Finn, City Hall Park, Burlington, Vermont: Does It Meet Olmsted's Criteria?
Julian Fischer, Maintenance and Change in the English Diet Following Migration to New England
Paul Fontaine, The Politics of Ecology
Dana C. Frye, Healing Symbolism in the Sand Paintings of the Navajo Indians
William Lawrence Glassner, Acid Diplomacy: A Case Study of International Environmental Relations Between the United States and Canada
Caroline Harmon, The Social and Political Aspects of Wolf Recovery in Northwest Montana
Rebecca Heintz, Information Source Reliance and Knowledge Acquisition Concerning Acid Rain in Burlington, Vermont
Ronald C. Hemenway, An Analysis of the Cultural Effects of People's Perception of the Champlain Monster on the Environment
Sarah Ibershof, The Effects of Environmental Education on the Environmental Knowledge of South Burlington Children
Darcy L. Jameson, Agricultural Pollution in Vermont: An Analytical Review of the Regulations and Voluntary Programs; Are They Precise Enough to Control It?
Marsha Kellog, Solutions for Today and Visions of Tomorrow: Can Green Labeling Uphold Bioregional Ideology?
Carolan Poett Knott, The Creation of National Parks in the United States: A Critical Analysis
Robert Locklin, Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill on Attitudes Toward Environmental Protection
Alison McKechie, An Analysis of Cooperative Case Studies Utilizing Organizational Models of Development
Todd E. Miller, A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Significance of Studying Abroad in Unfamiliar Environments
Stephanie Nichols, The Use of Captive Breeding and Reintroduction as Methods of Conservation by Zoos in the United States
Richard Paul Phillips, Towards Environmental Justice: An Examination of Black Environmentalism: A Study on the Environmental Perspectives of Blacks from Boston
Elissa Pine, Love Your Mother? The Effects of Goddess Ritual on Environmental Attitudes and Actions
Michelle Richards, Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior of Visitors Toward Grizzly Bears and the Effectiveness of Park Information in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Jessica B. Ries, A Comparative Study of Guiding Tendencies By The Greater Honeyguide, Indicator indicator, In Three Areas of Kenya, Africa
Craig Steven Roffman, The Post-Harvesting Regrowth Dynamics of Myriophyllum spicatum Bio Mass and Stem Density
Philip Gregory Scott, The Importance of Preserving Species Diversity--The Muriqui: A Case Study
Tara A. Stefanski, The Historical Aspects of American Agriculture and Their Effects Upon Alternative Farming Methods
Miles Earle Waite, Local Land Use Planning on the Local Level: A Case Study in Weston, Vermont
W. Craig Whiteford, Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior of Burlington Store Managers Regarding the Use of Polystyrene as a Packing Material
Christopher L. Winner, The Zebra Mussel: Its Potential Impact on the Ecology and Commercial Resources of Lake Champlain and its Drainage Basin


John C. Bottelli, Citizen Participation in the Face of Cultural, Environmental and Economic Land Use Conflict: A Partial Test of the Svara Dichotomy/Duality Model and Case Study of the Temagami Ad
Peter Christian Brady, Defining and Protecting Valuable Open Space in Vermont: A Case Study in Richmond, Vermont, Paramount Farms, Richmond, Vermont
Anna Stobie Fairfield, A Case Study of the 1992 Vermont Legislative Session Focusing on S.196 An Act Relating to Phosphorus Reduction in State Waters
Suzanne M. Faivre, Attitudes and Practices of Burlington Residents Concerning Drinking Water Quality
Dianne Fellows, A Water Quality Monitoring Program for Centennial Brook Burlington, Vermont
Andrew Richard Gale, The Effects of Water Quality on Residential Property Values: A Case Study of Malletts Bay, Vermont
Rebecca Gratz, Eyes of the Wild Part Two: A Case Study of an Environmental Studies Curriculum for Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade
Daphne Hall, Visitor Use of Information Provided on Bears in Yellowstone National Park, WY
Anne Stuart Hawkins, The Status of Women in the Island Pond Community Church: A Case Study in Ecofeminism
Merrick Lindsay Hoban, An Analysis of the 1990 Farm Bill's Alternative Agriculture Provisions and Their Effect Upon Vermont Dairy Farming
Christopher Jones, Barrier Island Issues: A Survey and Study of North Topsail Island, North Carolina
Andrea Lynn Kavanagh, An Approach to Reducing Toxic Substances Entering Lake Champlain from the City of Burlington
Holly Kirsner, Attitudes and Behavior of Burlington's Commercial Sector in Reference to Compliance With the Citywide Mandatory Recycling Ordinance
Erik Kufferman, Comparison of the Nitrogen Oxide Emissions of Two Waste-to-Energy Facilities With Regard to the Amount of Yard Waste Removed Prior to Combustion
Steffanie Layden, A Model of Conservation for Four Site Locations of Rare, Threatened or Endangered Plant Species Found in Wetlands and Significant Natural Communities of Burlington, Vermont
Eric Martin, Socially Responsible Investing: A Research and Pilot Project
Kellie L. Martin-Patten, A Case Study of Wetlands Protection Through Zoning in Burlington, Vermont
Michael McConnel, The Treatment of Nature in Celtic Christian Hermit Poetry and the Poetry of the Seventeenth Century English Classical Genre
Aaron Merrill, The Use of Lampricides in a Temporary Program of Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Champlain a Policy Assessment
Andrew B. Meyer, Guiding Growth Restrict vs. Unrestricted
Whitney Murdough, A Common Thread The Amish - A Casestudy of Bioregionalism
Lawrence Nussbaum, Colonization and Migration in a Frontier Region of Eastern Amazonia in Relation to the Frontier Expansion of the American West
Lauren Clare O'Brien, The Wolf Who Cried Boy
Adam Nicholas Perine, Ecotourism: The Roots and Future of an Evolving Discipline
Ronald W. Peterson, Speculations on the Humpback Whale Song
Gregory Prince, Sustainability, Architecture, and Science, A New Approach: Can Sustainability Be Achieved Through the Use of New Town Design and Ark Architecture Strategies?
Courtney Ridenour, Local Land Use Planning: A Case Study of Charlotte, Vermont
Christian Romeyn, The Effects of River Impoundment on Riparian Vegetational Diversity Along Two Rivers in Central Vermont
Kim Roop, Attitudes and Practices of University of Vermont Students Regarding Wildlife
Stephen Thomas Shannon, Glossy Paper Recycling Revealed
Leah Silberfarb, A Qualitative Study of Vermont Solar Companies: Economic and Reliability Factors and Consumer Demand of Solar Technology
Shari Solomon, Rain Forest Activities for PreSchool Children
Paul E. Stephany, The African and the Amazonian Caboclo: A Comparative Analysis of Their Religious and Healing Idealogies. An Ethnobotanical Study of Two Cultures in the Amazonian Region of Brazil
Ethan Howland Swift, A Comparative Analysis of the Global Positioning System and the Loran-C Navigational System and the Use of GPS in Natural Resource Management
John W. Tinker, Habitat Preferences of Black Bear (Ursus americanus): During Summer and Fall in the Stratton Mountain Region of Vermont
Bruce M. Vrooman Constituent-Driven Leadership: Employing Total Quality Management at the University of Vermont
Jennifer L. Wagner, Women and Cancer: An Ecofeminist Perspective
Andy Williams, The Making of Silent Spring & the Legacy of Rachel Carson
Karen Ann Wolf, The Role of Environmental Education in Sustainable Agriculture: An Examination of the Northeast LISA Apple Production Project
Sayaka Yamaki, Critical Analysis of the Vermont Household Hazardous Product Shelf-Labelling Program (ACT 282) on Consumer Awareness; A Survey Evaluation


Willis H. Barden, The Adirondack Park Controversy: A Case Study
Julia M. Bowdoin, The Wide Use Movement A Radical Response to the Growth of Environmentalism in American Politics
Terry Carter, Opening the Information Highways Measuring and Improving the Effectiveness of the Vermont Pollution Prevention Division's Information Clearinghouse
Peter Choi, A Case Study in Land Use Planning: Jericho, Vermont
John Gregory Clendenning, Promoting Sustainable Forestry Through Certification
Stephanie Daniels, Intuition and Political Activism
Joseph Anthony DeBonis Jr., The Vermont Family Farm: A Dying Culture; A Case Study of the DeBonis Farm in Poultney, Vermont
Katrie Lynn DiTella, A Trail Protection Study for the Catamount Cross-Country Ski Trail in the Middlebury Ranger District of the Green Mountain National Forest
Matthew R. Dowdell, An Assessment of Yellowstone National Park's Grizzly Bear Population in 1991
Steven Ducham, A Critical Evaluation and Update of the Glover, Vermont Land and Water Resources Plan for Lake Parker
Jamey Fidel, A Policy Analysis of Proposed Law in the United States to Maintain Biological Diversity
Peter Georgantas, Waste Reduction Options for Restaurant and Cafeterias A Comprehensive Case Study and Proposed Solutions for the Cook Commons Dining Hall at the University of Vermont
Lisa Heller, The Rhetoric of Ecotage Earth First! and the Language of Violence
Jennifer Hyman, Vermont Craftspeople: An Exploratory Survey
Mitzi Ann Johnson, Encourage Action! A Board Game to Facilitate a Greater Awareness of International Inequities and Environmental Degradation
Mark David Kirby, An Environmental Case Study: Pollution Production and Energy Consumption of the Mass Transportation System in Burlington, Vermont
Matthew J. Kotchen, A Case Study in the LaPlatte River Watershed of Wetland Function, Nonpoint Source Pollution, Water Quality, and Agricultural Land Use: A Landscape Perspective
Beth Leviss, Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: A Case Study of the Abenaki Nation and Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge
Katherine Welles Locke, Indices of Personal Power Among Students Enrolled in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Vermont
John S. Mason III, An Assessment of Vermont's Wetland Protection Program: A State Wetland Conservation Strategy
Jennifer E. Miller, An Analysis of the Techniques and Mechanisms Used to Preserve Open Space in Burlington, Vermont
Darcia Bryan Morgan, Evaluation of a Marine Environmental Studies Curriculum for Students at Mt. Abraham Union High School in Bristol, Vermont
Taylor Rankin Ongaro, Feasibility of Commercial Composting of Source Separated Municipal Solid Waste Organics
Ian Patrick Paisley, Tourism in Vermont: Promotional Strategies and the Effects on Tourist's Attitudinal Perceptions of Vermont's Physical Environment
Kerry Pasquarelli, A Study of Material Reuse Options for Chittenden County, Vermont
Joshua M. Pierce, Conservation Easements in Charlotte: Their Effectiveness as a Conservation Tool and Their Effect Upon the Local Tax Base
Dominic Preiswerk, The Effects of the 1883 Eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia on Hay Crops in Vermont
Daniel A. Robinson, A Wolf's Cry for Yellowstone A Case Study of the Issues Surrounding the Reintroduction of the Gray Wolf in Yellowstone National Park
Caroline Samsom, Understanding How the Lake Champlain Watershed Works and How People Affect It: A Lesson as a Component of the Shelburne Farms and Shelburne Craft School's Lake Champlain Camp
Alex Sargent, Geomorphological Changes of the Property Surrounding the Duhamel Gravel Pit in Cady's Falls, Vermont
Laura B. Scott, Solar Energy and Sustainable Communities: A National Survey and New England Case Study
Peter T. Stevenson, A Case Study of Environmental Non-governmental Organizations in Kiev, Ukraine
Walter A. Stewart, Watch Your Step! A Case Study Comparison of Alpine Vegetation Protection Methods on Mt. Mansfield, Vermont and the Adirondack High Peaks, New York
Jeffery T. Varricchione, Vermont's Sleeping Giant: Agriculture and Water Quality Perspectives of Northwestern Vermont


Michelle Angelich, An Analysis of Wetlands Protection Efforts in the State of Vermont
Kathryn Margaret Arnold, An Assessment of Awareness for Vietnamese and Health Conscious Consumers Regarding the Mercury Contamination of Fish From Lake Champlain
Heather Bernhard, Attitudes of Burlington Residents Toward Purchasing Certified Wood Products
Lane A. Bruning, A Survey of Small and Medium-Sized Vermont Manufacturers Regarding Environmental Attitudes and Policies
Russell Warren Davenport, Compost Begins!
Oliver Fitz, 1994 The Complexity and Difficulty of Managing Environmental Problems: A Case Study of Eurasion Watermilfoil in Vermont
Aimee Bennett Gardner, A Water Quality Study of Eagle Rock and Muzzy Brooks Flowing into Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire
Kerry Grover, Pelagic Plastic Concentration in the North Atlantic
Heidi Pauline Guldbrandsen, A Survey of Burlington Residents Regarding Their Attitudes Toward Ecofeminist-Related Issues
Desiree Hertz, A Survey of Burlington Area Teachers Assessing Their Attitudes Toward the Integration of Shelburne Farms Field Trip Material Into Their Existing Curricula
Tristam C. Hill, The Design of a Sustainable Management System for Cariniana domestica, a Potentially Medicinal Plant Occurring on the Territory of the Urueu-Wau-Wau
Rachel Jolly, Ecofeminism and Its Potential To Counter Religious Dualisms: Seven Women's Perspectives on Hierarchical Dualisms Within Their Religious Views
Charles Bosworth Kellet, Defining "Wilderness Lake" for Vermont
Kyle A. Kennedy, An On-Site Sanitation System for Gales Point Belize, Central America: Case Study
Andrew Oelz, A Comparative Analysis of Fuel Complexes in the Wildland-Urban Interface of the California Chaparral
Robert Pelligrini, The Effects of the El Nino Tide and the Southern Oscillation on New England Weather
Lynn Pieper, Intensities of Tastes and Odors as Compared to Levels of Total Organic Halides (TOX) in Reference to Storage Time of Drinking Water
Katya Podsiadlo, An Evaluation of the Cultural Acceptability of Community Action for Forest Conservation in Granby and East Haven, Vermont
Lisa Jodi Ratner, One Wink: Using A Picture Story Book To Encourage Nature Awareness and Appreciation in Second, Third, and Fourth Grade Classrooms
Heather Reilly, A Case Study of Wetland Delineation Procedures Used in Vermont
Margaret Reynolds, A Feasibility Case Study for the Development of a Therapeutic Riding Program at the University of Vermont
Thomas W. Richardson Jr., Habitat Suitability and Population Density of Bicknell's Thrush (Catharus minimus bicknell) on Mt. Mansfield, Vermont
Gwyneth Roberts, Evaluation of a Hands-on Nature Awareness Activities for Girls Age 8 to 10 For Its Ability to Change Attitudes Implemented at YMCA Camp Huckins Freedom, New Hampshire
Mark Robohm, Vermont Residents' Compatability with Their Passive Solar Homes: A Perceptional Analysis
Brian Rod, Community Gardening in the Old North End Neighborhood of Burlington, Vermont: An Interest and Needs Assessment Survey
Kecia Raphael Schipa, The Race Against Time: Kenya's Population Problem
David John Scully, A Survey of Student Energy Attitudes and Resource Preferences
Karen M. Shackett, An Alumni Evaluation of the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Vermont
Adam R. Smith, A Policy Assessment of Proposed Solar Energy Legislation for Vermont
Kimberly S. Sprague, A Survey of Brandon, Vermont Registered Voters' Attitudes Toward Natural Area Preservation
William Weinbecker, Energy Audit of the Aiken Building at the University of Vermont
Eli Weissman, A Case Study of the Controversies Surrounding the Outfall Pipe Component of the Boston Harbor Wastewater Treatment Project Through 1993
Justin A. Worthley, Jumpstarting a Conversation: The Future of Vermont's Small Towns: A Case Study of Environmental Protection and Land Use Regulation: Huntington, Vermont 1994
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Benjamin L. Finn, A Campus Bioshelter
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Megan McGrath, The Value of Vermont: The Portrayal of the Vermont Landscape on its Coins
Caleb Merrill, The Development and Implementation of a Curriculum on Living Sustainably
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Saint Lucia
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Jill Witney, Of History and Healing: Ancient Roots of Pharmacy: A Glance at Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
Allison Yeary, Dog Friendly Salt Lake City: Sniffing out the Best Places to Run, Hike, and Play with Your Best Friend


Jamie Abbaticchio – Preserving Agriculture in a Changing Landscape: Education for Activism in the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve
Kevin Alkire – Recommended Strategies for Mitigating Stormwater Inflows onto UVM Horticultural Research Center Property
Dafna Alsheh – A Proposed Framework for an Undergraduate Curriculum in Ecological Economics
David Nathan Anderson – Implementing an Environmental Management System for Construction and Demolition Waste
Eva Antczak – The Changing Face of Dairy: A Case Study of Vermont Farmstead Cheesemakers
Annie Arnold – Barriers to International HIV/AIDS Prevention: How Funding Limits the Capabilities of AIDS Non-Profit Organizations
Kelsey Ballard – Voluntary Simplicity: An Examination of the Motivations and Practices Involved in Adopting a Simplified Lifestyle
David Lawrence Berg II – A Dendrochronological Study of Cassiope mertensiana
Michaela Best – Best EcoTours: A Business Plan for a Samll Scale Ecotour Operation Company in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
Emily L. Bronson – The Future of Western Herbalism and its Role in Allopathic Medicine
Allyson Black-Foley – Imposed Adjustment: A Case Study of Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on Rural Women Farmers in Eastern Uganda from 1975 to Present
Elizabeth M. Callaway – Encouraging Environmental Exploration through Children’s Literature: A Children’s Book and Interactive K/1 Teachers Lesson Plan
Robin Louise Colt – Exploring the Relationship Between Food, Farm, and Community: Students Teaching Students (STS)
Sarah Jane P. Compton – Consumer Behavior and Organics: A Case Study of the Schwartz Norm Activation Model in Understanding Altruistic Consumer Behavior
Marisa Dauber – Coastal Zones and the Impending Danger of Climate Change: Can Ecotourism Help Protect U.S. Coasts?
Laura Angell Evangelista – Sailing and the City of Burlington: Building Community through a Shared Waterfront
Chris Franske – Pedal Power for Fitness Centers
Lindsay Fromme – Horseback Riding Instructor’s Guide: An Integrated Approach Aimed at Promoting Environmental Awareness and Connection with Nature
Samantha Glaser – Eco-Shabbat: Elevating the Shabbos Table
Matthew Hannon – The Future of the Vermont Ski Industry: A Comparative Study of Sugarbush Resort and Stowe Mountain Resort
Justin Hart – Energy, Man and Environment: A Study of Permaculture and Agroforestry Methods: Creating a Regenerative Sustenance Based on a Solar Income
Calley Hastings – Education for the Future: The Design and Implementation of a K-2 Place-Based Agriculture Curriculum at the Bellwether School, Williston, Vermont
Marissa Harris – Environmental Justice through Community Involvement
Matt Hawes – A Comparative Analysis of the Management Practices for Alpine Ecosystems in the Northeastern United States
Keri Johnson – Yogic Environmental Philosophy: A Students Teaching Students Course
Victoria Jones – Epidemiological Research and Environmental Health Awareness: Analyzing the Case of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Allie Klein – Stormwater Management in Chittenden County
Emily Lord – Understanding Place as a Means of Connection: Place-Based Education at the Orchard School
Hillary Lowenberg – Environmental Reporting in Mainstream and Alternative Media: A Case Study of the NewYork Times and Democracy Now! Reports in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Melissa Martin – Greening Events on the University of Vermont Campus: An Exploration
Erin McKeon – Yogic Environmental Philosophy: A Students Teaching Students Course
Anna DeForest Meyer – Conservation of Public Interests through Private Ownership: The Pingree Forest Partnership as an Example of a Working Forest Conservation Easement with Diverse Benefits
Laura Miller – Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the UVM Fleet: An Examination of UVM Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Nicholas Miller – At the Trail’s End: A Collection of Essays and Poems Based on Wilderness Adventures and Meditations on Life and the Natural World
Daniel Mills – Vers La Flamme: Sketches of the Seasons
Andrea E. Muhlfelder – A Critique of an Outdoor Education Natural Science Program from the Perspective of Place-Based Education
Janice Moynihan – Not Just Tilting at Windmills: A Frame Analysis of the Local Perspectives Surrounding the Offshore Wind Farm Proposal in Cape Cod
Katie Parrish – Survey of Bobcat Prey Abundance in Vermont
Stuart Pratt – Aspects of Green Building and Design: Using Natural and Local Materials to Design a Sustainable Cabin
Lea Rose Rembisz – Local Opposition to Wind Energy Development: A Qualitative Comparison Between the Northeast Kingdom and Cape Cod
Natasha Sadoff – The Little Village that Could: An Ethnographic Study of Small Scale, Local Sustainability in les Abricots, Haiti
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Kelly S. Shields – Energy Responsibility Development by Electric Utilities in their Communities
Robin Smith – AWAKE: A Visual Discourse Toward Greening the Mass Media
David M. Starrels – Charged Discourse: An Investigation into the Framing of Nuclear Energy in Vermont
Katherine Stinchcomb – Vermont’s Vegan Localvore: Can it be done?
Lance Stratton – Aspects of Green Building and Design: Using Natural and Local Materials to Design a Sustainable Cabin
Ryan Sullivan – Breadth vs. Depth at the University of Vermont
Emily F. Swint – Mti ni Maji: A Case Study of the Mt. Kenya Forest as a Water Catchment
Abby Teel – Rethink, Reuse, Rejoice: Promoting Use of Recycled Materials Through the ArtCycle Aisle at Recycle North
Manuel Valencia – Sustainable Design in the Caribbean: Passive Strategies, Active Systems, and the Design Process
Ben Walsh – Martial Arts and Nature: The Teaching, Philosophy and Technique of the Martial Arts in Relation to Nature
Jonathan Matthew Webb – Paradigm Shift Environmentalism, Society, and Business: From Malthus to Trucost
Kris Wilkes – Design Plan and Recommendations for a New Recreational Trail Linking the Charlotte School, Local Neighborhood, and Pease Mountain Natural Area, Charlotte, Vermont
Jill Witney – Of History and Healing: Ancient Roots of Pharmacy: A Glance at Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt


Emily Abbott  –  Geo-Divinity: Sacred Landscapes of the Hindu Faith
Emily W. Alger – Young Children in Gardens: An Investigation of Place-Making among Preschoolers
Ali Beddoe  –  Re-Constructing Community: Strength, Sense of Place and Identity Among Haitian Environmental Refugees in the Dominican Republic Communicated through Art: A Multi-Media Art Activism Project
Michael Bisogno  –  Two Sweet Acres Organic Vegetable Farm: Business Plan 2008 Agricultural Season
Hallie Boas  –  From Food to Fuel: The Unintended Consequences of Biofuels
Mark Brustad  –  Water Wars: An Analysis of the Bottled Water Industry and a Case Study of Nestle Waters in Michigan
Kyle Burkett  –  El Mundo Verde Inn: An Operational Plan and Philosophy for an Ecolodge in Ecuador
Diana Butler  –  New Venture Business Planning for Somali Bantu Refugees: Promoting Economic Self-Sufficiency and Community Integration Amongst Refugees in Burlington, Vermont
Christina Caldwell  –  A View into the Environmental Education World: An Education Internship with Shelburne Farms, Summer 2007
Mary Carter  –  Black Bears and Okemo Mountain: Using Environmental Education to Increase Community Awareness
Sara Chace  –  How NGOs Influence Equity in Tank Irrigation, Tamil Nadu India
Ashley M. Chapman  –  Learning Through Letters: Migratory Songbird Curriculum Development and Evaluation and Pen Pal Partnership Establishment as an Environmental Education Technique
Emily Cherkin  –  Tumul K’in – “A New Light”: Indigenous Education and the Re- Appropriation of Cultural Identity in Belize
Katherine Claflin  –  Not Just Dirt: An Analysis of Composting Policy in the State of Vermont
Tristam Coffin  –  Defending an American Icon: The Buffalo Field Campaign: A Look into the Evolution of an Environmental Advocacy Organization
Emily A. Collins  –  Pre and Post Visit Wetlands Educational Activities for K-3rd Grade Visitors of ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
Allison A. Colwell  –  Reasons Why the University of Vermont Outing Club Should Incorporate Local Foods into Student Trips
Branden Cote  –  Lab Section Curriculum Development for Environmental Studies Two: An Inquiry into the Pedagogical Development of Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and the Art of Motivating Undergraduate Students in a Small Class Setting
Brian Cummings  –  The Equality Measures of the Good Friday Agreement and Whether or Not They are Applicable to Environmental Justice in Northern Ireland
Julie Czesnowski  –  Burlington Legacy Project: Developing a Sustainable Community, Exploring the Vision for a Better Burlington
Kimberly Depasquale  –  Building the Engaged Campus: A Look at Community-Based Teaching in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Marissa Dinardo  –  Community Gardening in the Dominican Republic: A Photo Documentary
Nicole Driscoll  – "SOS"  – Save Our Snow": A Green Snowboarding Event Plan
Brittany Morin Dunn  –  Connecting Community to Waste: Applying Waste Reduction Strategies at the Municipal Level in Newport, New Hampshire
Heather Durkel  –  Discovering a Sense of Place: Field Guides to Three Pittsford Trails
Shane Dwyer  –  Calculating and Analyzing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Shelburne Farms
Emily Eschner  –  Gardening as Influenced by Environmental Consciousness
Zachary Ewell  –  Motives in Mountaineering: Understanding the Culture of High Adventure
Abby Eden Farnham �� Keeping Sprawl out of Vermont: The Fight for a Sustainable Future with Smart Growth Vermont
Hillary Foster  –  Horses and the Natural Environment: An Interactive, Experiential Learning Program for Underprivileged and At-Risk Children
Gerard Ganey  –  Traversing the Adirondack High Peaks: Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education While Backpacking
Nancy Ganswindt  –  Planting the Seed: The Germination of a Garden-Based Approach to Learning at Garrison Union Free School in Garrison, New York
Dorothy E. Garlo  –  Environmental Art: A Tool to Incorporate the Natural World in the Elementary Art Classroom
Bryan Gill  –  Land Management for the 21st Century: An Analysis of Jay Peak Ski Resort, Vermont, and the White River National Forest, Colorado
Argira Glama  –  Journey to Evolutionarily-Informed Environmentalism
Lisa P. Goldstein  –  The Determinants of Female Attitudes Towards Son Preference in India
Margaret Graciano  –  Affective Landscape: Natural History, Recollections and Reflection on Shelburne Pond Natural Area
Amy M. Hammesfahr  –  The Cormorant Controversy: Assessing Lethal and Non-Lethal Management Strategies on Lake Champlain
Grant Harris  –  Young Children and Their Perceptions and Interactions with Natural Areas, Materials, and Forms of Shelter
Timothy Hosmer  –  Land Protection at Hosmer Winery: The Landowner – Land Trust Partnership
John Christopher Ibsen – A Natural History of Lot 1 and 2: Providence Island, South Hero, Vermont
Nikola Janjic  –  Promoting the Development of Sustainable Universities Through Clean and Renewable Energy Technologies: Opportunities for an Anaerobic Digester at the University of Vermont Dairy Farm
Deng Tong Kenjok  –  The Jonglei Canal Project and the Alternatives
Duncan Kerr  –  An Assessment of Maine’s Future in Tidal Generated Power
Jonathan Kovacs  –  Mapping for Permaculture: Creating Burlington’s Green Map
Deborah Krug  –  Building Peace: Nonviolent Environmental Conflict Resolution: Students Teaching Students Course ENVS 197 Spring 2008
Emily J. May  –  Toward a Respectful Dependence: Ecofeminism, Deep Ecology and Social Ecology
Liz Morrison  –  True Ecotourism is a Catalyst for Sustainable Development, But What About the Phonies?: An Exploration of Ecotourism Certifications
Ben Orron  –  Permaculture Garden Design for Northern New England Schools
Katie Parrish  –  Survey of Bobcat Prey Abundance in Vermont
Luke C. Paskevich  –  A Bittersweet Landscape: A Proposed Landscape Design for the University of Vermont’s Environmental Program Building
Joseph Pickard  – The United States Agriculture Industry: The Problem of Anaerobic Digestion
Jason Riggio  –  Correlative Habitat Characteristics Associated with Sites Known to Support Two of Vermont’s Most Elusive Native Snakes: Pantherophis alleghaniensis and Thamnophis sauritus
Taylor Severns  –  Painting Place: Exploring Burlington Through Landscape Art
Carolyn Smalkowski  –  The Coffee Countdown: Which Certification or Alternative Market Will be the Key to Latin America’s Sustainable Future?
Benjamin Stewart  –  A Comparative Study of Environmental Ethics in Jewish and Christian Communities at the University of Vermont
Kelly Trace  –  The Future of the Fair Trade Movement: Addressing the Controversy Around Certifying Plantations
Michaela Wales  –  An Evaluation of the National Audubon Society’s Nature Day Camp and its Ability to Increase Children’s Knowledge of the Environment
Alexandra E. Wassick  –  A Dressage Rider’s Journey Towards Union: Cultivating an Ecological Awareness through Yoga and Dressage
Erin Williams  –  "Sense of Place": Teaching Education in a Costa Rican English Class
Krysta Zambroski  –  Kids for the Earth Resource Guide: A Curriculum Guide for a Coastal Summer Camp
Min Zheng  –  Finding Balance: Visiting the Old for New Inspirations and Solutions to Environmental Problems


Donald Ager – The Vermont Biodiesel Best Practices Handbook
Nicholas Joseph Amabile – Newspaper Coverage and Environmental Conflict: A Case-Study of Two Newspapers and Their Coverage of the Hudson River Dredging Controversy
Caitlin Arthur – An Integrated Curriculum Focused Around the Importance of Local Food Systems in Burlington, Vermont
Daniel Belhumeur Jr. – Municipal Buildings in Burlington, Vermont: An Assessment of Energy Efficiency and Bureaucracy
Melody Bessett – Enhancing Primary Education in Belize Through Environmental Education: An Analysis of a Place-Based Environmental Education Curriculum
Ethan Bond-Watts – “Emergence” Environmental Art Installation
Olympia Bowker – Vermont in Winter: The Season of Subtle Splendor: A Photographic Documentation of Sense-of-Place in Vermont State Parks and Forests
Jessica Breitfeller – Perceptions, Promises, and Politics: an Ethnographic Case-Study of Community-Based Ecotourism in Gales Point, Belize
Ariel K. Burgess – Amphibians in a Changing World: One Place Where Art and Science Interact
Elizabeth Calcutt – Drafting an Invasive Species Policy for Shelburne Farms
Kerry Canton – Those Who Have No Home: A Case Study Examination of Small Island State Climate Change Refugees
Charlotte Chapoy – University of Vermont LEEDTMing us in the Right Direction: The Making of a Brochure to Explore UVM’s Current and Future LEEDTM Certification
Caitlin Chase – Solar is a Solution!: The Development of a Renewable Energy Curriculum at Brewster-Pierce Memorial School
Eugenia Christie – The New Age of the Conscious Consumer: A “Food-Buster” Campaign in an After School Program
Betsy Costilo – Cultivating a Holistic Lifestyle: Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment: A Students Teaching Students Course
Avery Dandreta – Why We Cannot Drill: A Moral and Legal Case Against The Opening of ANWR’s Coastal Plain
Pier Amelia Davis – International Environmental Justice: A Students Teaching Student Course
Dana Demetrio – Unlocking the Cages: An Awareness Campaign at UVM for Chimpanzees in Laboratories
Leanne Deschenes – Compassionate Communications: Effective Policy Writing for Green Mountain Animal Defenders
Scott Dolmat-Connell – Bikes Not Buses: Improving the Bicycle Pedestrian Network on the University of Vermont Campus
Amy Doolittle – The Urban Forager: An Ethnographic Study of Dumpster Divers in Burlington, Vermont
Shannon C. Duke – The Value of Environmental Education as an Approach to Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Initiatives in Local and International Programs
Stephanie Fakharzadeh – Food for Thought: The Intersection of Gardens, Education, and Community at The Edible Schoolyard New Orleans
Eric Ferguson – Wind Farm Development & Political Process: A Case Study of the Political and Legal Process and Analysis of Issue Campaigns Through a Rural Lens
Lyndsay Gang – Green Events in the Davis Center: An Aid for People Wishing to Green Their Davis Center Events
Jason Gold – Residents’ Attitudes Toward the Development of Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont: A Community Impact Study
Jessica Goldberg – Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Menominee Tribe: Sustained Yield Forestry in Action
Laura Grabow – The Culture of Nature Within the Urban Landscape: The Church Street Marketplace
Jessica Heman – From Farm to School: Fostering a Connection between Burlington Students and Local Food
Nichole Henderson-Roy – Rebuilding New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina: Exploring the Racial, Economic and Environmental Relationship of Two Communities During the Reconstruction Process
Colleen Hertz – Batey Libertad Community Garden: Observations and Suggestions for Future Design
Blake Hoberman – Lacto-Fermentation Presentations at the Burlington Winter Farmers’ Market
Peter Eric Hook – Green Architecture and Sustainable Development in the Sierra Nevadas
Hunter Houde – Poverty Alleviation in the United States Through Microfinance: Incorporating Social and Environmental Values Amidst a Changing Economy
Ian Howes – Shade-Grown Coffee for a Time of Crisis: Potential for Costa Rican Household Farms and a Focal Point for Global Sustainability
Claire Frashier Johnson – Outdoor Challenge: Adventure in Wild Therapy: A Ten Week Internship with the Howard Center of Vermont
Michael Kelley – Our Sustainable World: A Creative Arts Thesis
Matthew Kilcoyne – Energy Consumption Analysis of Residence at 29 Iranistan Road, Burlington, Vermont
Caitlin Kincaid – Nature and the City: A Study of How Youth Think about Nature
Taylor Anne Lalemand – Building Efficiency: Strategies for the UVM Climate Action Plan
Frances Hall Lang – Challenges of Going Green: An Internship with Sweet Clover Market in Essex, Vermont
Jennifer Latessa – Transiting to Sustainability: Public Transportation Assessment, Analysis, and Resolution in Cincinnati, Ohio
Torrey Lyons – Designing and Developing a Comprehensive Plan for a Ride Sharing Service at the University of Vermont
Elena Mamatas – Mindfulness and the Cultivation of Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors
Madison Monty – Harvesting Hope for the Hogback: An Inquiry into Sense of Place and Transboundary Conservation
Kathryn Moriarty – Complementary and Alternative Holistic Breast Cancer Treatments: Practitioner Perspectives
Kaelyn Murray – Wasted? An Examination of Creating Viable Solutions by Reconnecting “Troubled” Youth and the Threatened Environment
Josh Neirman – A Case Study of the Arava Institute: Regional Cooperation Through the Environment
Corey Paradis – Forging Connections: Identifying Barriers and Solutions to Local and Sustainable Food Purchasing in Vermont Institutions
Ian Patric – Demonstrating the Crop Tree Release Silvicultural Method: Jericho Research Forest Compartment 6, Jericho, Vermont
Thomas Petschauer – Compressed Air Wind Energy Storage
Christopher S. Phelan – Using GPS to Locate Boundary Markers on Lands Conserved by the Lake Champlain Land Trust
Erin Pichiotino – Environmental Studies as a Lifestyle: Permaculture Design for Burlington, Vermont
David Purcell – Greening Athletics: Understanding and Managing the Environmental Impacts of Athletics Programs in Higher Education
Justin Rappaport – Solar Energy Internship: A Learning Experience into the Technology, Business, Economic Incentives and the Use of Interactive Field Maps to Portray Data in the Solar Energy Field
Conor Rice – Uprooting Urban Decay: Ecological Design Applied to Urban Agriculture
Cortnie Rohr – Back to the Earth: A Place-Based Organic Gardening Course for the Community High School of Vermont
Kellen Ryan – Pills or Plants?: A Baseline Study of the Popularity of Alternative Medicine at the University of Vermont and its Role in Asthma Therapy
Christopher John Scheller – Paper Conscious Burlington Initiative
Vera Simon-Nobes – Supporting Farms and Families: Improving Limited-Income Vermonters’ Access to Local Food
Dave Snow – Invest to Use Less: A Comparison of Investment Options
Lindsay Stephens – The Charismatic Car: A Case Study of How Car Advertisements Have Changed Over Time in the Way That They Depict the Environment
Josh Stewart – A Complete Waste Analysis of Lawrence Barnes Elementary School in conjunction with Shelburne Farms Sustainable Schools Project
Matthew Stone – Songs of the Green Mountains: A Composition of Original Historical Interpretive Music Based on the History of the Long Trail and Green Mountain Club
Sage Stout – The Migration Narratives: Creative Arts Thesis
Michael John Sullivan – Burlington Permaculture: Applying Permaculture Design to Improve Urban Sustainability in Burlington, Vermont
Brett Sykes – Sustainable Community Planning: Implementing the Natural Step Framework
Susanna Taylor – Ecofashion: The Changing Face of the Textiles Industry
Samuel Tolstoi – Water Conflict and Cooperation in the Jordan River Basin
Jamel Torres – A Landscape Design Project: Designing the Future Expansion of River Run Campground, Brownfield, Maine
Basil Tsimoyianis – United in a Climate Movement: Photography and the Youth Climate Movement
Corbett Tulip – Trail Network Assessment and Recommendations for Centennial Woods Natural Area, Burlington, Vermont
Erica Wilson – ENVS 197: Discovering Intentional Communities, a Students Teaching Students Course
Kelsey Wilson – Farm to Table Restaurants: Investigating the Nexus between Local Food and the Restaurant Industry
Jamie Wirasnik – Big Cats in Captivity: A Study of Behavior and Environmental Enrichment
Timothy Woods – An Artistic Approach to Observing and Reflecting on Natural Areas: Through the Exploration of the Cape Cod Sea Shore
John Young – Family Forest Owners: A Vermont Study of Behavior, Pressure, and Opportunity


Jared Alvord –  A Feasibility Study of Micro Hydro in the Small Cabin Community of Gaylord Pond in Colebrook, Connecticut
Cecelia Angelone –  Reflective Learning on Addressing Human Population Growth: An Internship with Population Media Center
Willa Antczak  –  The Art That Surrounds Us: An Introspective Analysis of Environmental Expression
Justin Arzberger  –  An Overview and Analysis of Voluntary Simplicity in Vermont
Alessandro Ascherio  –  Drifting Toward Urban Agriculture: Adventures in Urban Gardening at 26 East Avenue
Tara Bates  –  A Review of the Biography, Control and Uses of Japanese Knotweed
Hannah Beach  –  Into the Woods: Exploring Creating an Educational Children's Book
Hannah Beal  –  Sustainability Compendium: Using Personal Accounts to Create a Guide for Young Urbanites
Sophia Bielenberg  –  Building a Sustainable Foundation for the Local Food System: An Evaluation of Heating Systems in Vermont Greenhouses
Holly Borday –  The Four Harmonious Brothers: Integration of Cultural Awareness, Sustainability, Peace and Globalization Through Linking Vermont and Himalayan Students
Elizabeth Bruner  –  Eco-Gastronomy and Vermont Foods
Keith Brunner  –  Ecological Tipping Points and World Systems Analysis: An ENVS Students-Teaching-Students Course
Peter Buckley  –  Planting the Seed: An Environmental and Food Education Curriculum for Second Grade Students at Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington
Tyler Buswell  –  A Sculptural Installation of Twenty Barbed Wire Sheep Forms: An Exploration in Contemporary Environmental Art
Casey Butler   –  Inside the Blue Line: A Case Study of Wind Potential in the Adirondacks and Greater New York Area
Allie Calnan   –  Seeds of Rebellion: Civil Engagemen in the Gardens of the Lower East Side
Kathleen Carroll  –  Tree Education for Vermont Elementary Students
Alyssa Catalano  –  Green Yoga?: Explorations in Environmental Connections to Yoga
Margot Chalmers  –  Head ‘em Up and Move ‘em Out: Grazing a Path Towards a Greener Future: A Children’s Book on Sustainable Ranching
Ryan Chandler  –  Vacation or Degradation: Assessing the Relationship Between Small Island Tourism and the Coral Reefs of Belize
Pamela Coggins  –  Wild Food Gathering and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Way Down East: An Oral History of Lubec, Maine
Kristen Cole  –  Changing School Food in South Burlington: Taste Testing Inititative
Hannah R. Davis   –  Land Transitions in Africa: An Integrated Analysis of Economic Inequality and Environmental Harm in Zimbabwe
Kimberly Desautels  –  The New England Grassroots Environment Fund: Senior Capstone Internship
Kayla Justine DeCarr  –  Green, Gold and Blue?: Using Ecopsychology to Take the SAD Out of UVM’s School Colors
Thomas J. Devlin  –  Why Not Green Building? The Times Are Changing
Ciara DeVozza –  Are We there Yet?: Women’s Search for Home in a Temporary Shelter Environment
Teddy Dobbin –  The Feasibility of Zero Energy Homes in the Residential Sector: A Northern New England Case Study
Forest William Donaj-Keys  –  Guerrilla Gardening: Perspectives and Trends in the Current Movement
Han Duong  –  Urban Revitalization and Smart Growth: A Study of Winooski Downtown Redevelopment Project
John C. Dutton  –  The Greening of International Commercial Aeronautics: A Study of the Global Airline Industry and its Interaction with Alternative Fuels
Josh Ellsworth  –  A Smart Growth Assessment of Affordable Housing in Burlington, Vermont
Phillip Kern Fandel  –  A Green America: Cycling the States in Search of Sustainability: A Cross Country Quest to Inspire Sustainable Living
Alyssa Findlay   –  Mineralogy of Vermont Asbestos Group Mine Waste: Eden, Vermont
Brian Fishler  –  A Review of Commercial Airports’ Approach to Solid Waste Management
Meighan Forrer  –  Zebra Mussels: Impacts and Potential Management Plans
Lori Gambardella  –  Sustainability Compendium: Using Personal Accounts to Create a Guide for Young Urbanites
Connor L. Gibson  –  Environmental Organizing and Effective Activism: A Students Teaching Students Course
Lindsey Gillies  –  Beyond Fair Trade: An Exploration of Alternatives in Cacao Trade
Peter Gossens   –  Algae-Oil: A Research Study Assessing the Current State of the Algae Oil Technology
Sarah Gruver  –  Design and Energy Consumption Model of an Efficient Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse for the George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory
Dana Stewardson Gulley  –  Examining the Post-Adoption Role of Policy Entrepreneurs Through the Vermont Farm to School Program
Michael J. Haring  –  A Critical Analysis of the USGBC's LEED Green Building Rating Scale
Lisa Michelle Harris   –  Hands-On Sustainability: How Service-Learning Can Integrate Sustainability into Higher Education Curricula
Michael Haulenbeek  –  Re-Thinking Success in Agrifood Systems: An Exploratory Study of Vermont Farmers’ Perceptions of Success
Benjamin D. Heath  –  Statistical Analysis of Chemical Constituents and Their Mean Removal Efficiencies from Stormwater Infrastructure in Williston, Vermont
Alex Hemmer  –  Environmental Policy Internship with Audubon Vermont: Analysis of the Current Use Program and its Legislative Priorities in the 2010 Session
Grace Henley  –  Growing in Place: A Summer of Farming and Marketing with the New Farms for New Americans Project in Burlington, Vermont
Sarah Heusner  –  Northeastern Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) Internship
Landis Holman  –  From the Ground Up: An Analysis of the National and International Success of Small Environmental Advocacy groups
Sarah Heusner  – Northeastern Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) Internship 2010
Amber Imm  –  A Town’s Dream, A Country’s Livelihood: A Personalized Account of La Palma, Costa Rica’s Desire and Efforts to Incorporate Tourism into Their Financial Future Using the Concepts of Ecotourism as a Guide
Beth Kerschner  –  Spinning and Weaving in Vermont: An Ethnographic Study of Present Day Commitment to traditional Craft
Martha Klepack  –  Reading a Changing Landscape: A Natural History Guide to Centennial Woods
Sarah Elise Klingler  –  Vermont’s Renewable Electric Energy Portfolio: An Analysis of the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund
Shane Elisabeth Laderoute  –  The “Greening” of a Kitchen: Examples and Guidelines to Moving Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle
Zachary N. Lance  –  Analysis of a 100-Mile and Vegetarian Diet
Robert Lawless  –  The Design and Construction of a Solar Hot Water System for the Jericho Research Forest
Natasha Loeffler  –  Sustainable Business Ethics & The Opportunity for Sustainable Development in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises: A Business Strategy for Theodora’s Tea, Inc.
Stephanie Lyons  –  Diversity within the Environmental Field: SEEDS Program
Molly MacMillan  –  Our Silent Tsunami: A Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Water Use in Andalucia, Spain and the San Joaquin Valley of California
Ana McMonigle  –  The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant: A Conflict Assessment
William Robert Millar  –  Agricultural Stream Restoration in the Cerrado Biome of Brazil
Brydon Mitchell  –  Skiing Towards Sustainability: A Case Study of Mountain Operations at Sugarbush Resort, Warren, Vermont
Saskia C. Mollett  –  Green Business Plan for Equestrian Healing
Katherine Moser  –  Gardening for Better Diets: A Summer Camp at Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington, Vermont
Michael Nathan  –  Effects of Development and Recreation on Sensitive Alpine Communities: A Comparative Case Study of Camel’s Hump and Jay Peak, Vermont
Kizette Ortiz-Vanger  –  Providing Recommendations to the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge Based on Research in Nature-Deficiency and Biophilia
Carrie-Anne Palmeri  –  Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) for Watershed Management: Assessing Watershed Management Trends & Instrument Suitability for One Honduran Community
George Pavlovic  –  Organic Chocolate and Research in Sustainable Cacao Initiatives: An Environmental Strategy Towards Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Economic Development
Emily Piccone  –  Generating Effective Change Through News Media: A Case Study of United States’ Media Coverage and its Impacts on Brazilian Amazon Deforestation
Denise Pisani  –  Sustainable Mining: A Paradigm Shift
James S. Prendergast  –  Exploring Environmental Ideologies in Palmares II, a Community of Brazil’s Landless Rural Worker Movement
Laura Quinn  –  Animal Therapy: An Alternative to Pharmaceutical Treatment of Psychological Impairments Among Elderly in Nursing Homes
Molly Reddington  –  Beyond Asbestos: The Multifactorial Causality of Mesothelioma
Kevin Ritchie  –  Problems, Solutions and Daily Life of Sustaining the Lobster Fishing Industry in the Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island: A Documentary Film
Alex Robbins  –  Environmental Policymaking: Turning Theory into Action: Internship with Restore America’s Estuaries
Allen Roth  – Internship with Creative Energies: How a Renewable Energy Company Operates and What is Gained Through an Internship
Dan Rovensky  –  First Walk Through Trees Around Fire: An Exploration of Environmental Education at Camp Tel Yehudah
Matthew Sarcione  –  Big Brother or Innovative Funding Solutions for Transportation: An Analysis of the Vehicle Miles Traveled Taxes Media Debate
Kristen Hope Schow  –  The Role of the Media in Public Transportation Use
Alison Schymik  –  Designing and Implementing a Recycling Program for a Not-for-Profit Furniture Bank in Acton, Massachusetts
Jessica A. Serrante  –  Environmental Organizing and Effective Activism: A Students Teaching Students Course
Ben Shafer-Rickles  –  Rethinking Education Paradigms: Students-Teaching-Students Course, Spring 2010
Julia Shaw  –  Thyme Out Herb Garden: Designs for U-Heights South, University of Vermont
Brittain D. Shorter  –  Missisquoi Bay Causeway Removal Stakeholder Stances in Relation to Spiny Softshell Turtle Endurance in Lake Champlain
Timothy Smalley-Wall  –  “Food Not Lawns”: Addressing the Costs and Benefits of Converting a Backyard Lawn into a Vegetable Garden, Los Angeles, California
Greg Soll  –  Farm Management at the Student Run Farm Common Ground
Sarah Alicia Sotomayor  –  Conservation in the 21st Century: Restoring Wholeness to Lands and People through Wildlands Philanthropy
Samuel Stevens  –  Is Lighting the Way?: A Comparison Study to Determine if Stevens Auto Should Implement a Lighting Upgrade
Stephanie Steeves  –  Components of Food Access: A Food Environment Case Study in Winooski, Vermont
Monica Testa  –  A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Energy Performance of LEED Certified Buildings at the University of Vermont
Samuel Tolstoi  – Water Conflict and Cooperation in the Jordan River Basin
Holden Trunk  –  Managing Invasive Plants: A Survey of Strategies in Massachusetts
Holly Cameron Watson   –  Cultivating Education: A Service-Learning Partnership with Grow Team ONE
Liz White  –  The Movement of Food Improvement: A Case Study of Shelburne Farms Agricultural Practices and the Exploration of Gardening
Serena Whitridge  –  Sowing the Seeds for an Agricultural Center to Grow
Marshall Willis  –  The Role of Carbon in Forested Ecosystems: A Carbon Assessment for Aboveground Biomass on John’s Creek in Craig County, Virginia
Mollie Wills  –  Cultivating Vermont’s Food Economy: An Internship with the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund: The Farm to Plate Initiative
Erin Zeiss  –  Green Roofs as an Effective Mitigation Effort: Recommendations for an Emerging Stormwater Utility in Burlington, Vermont
Coco O’Toole Zephir  –  Dickinson: Then and Now: A Collection of Poems Written in Emulation
Brooke Ziehr  –  Detroit Urban Farm: An Urban Farm for A Better City, Detroit, Michigan


Joseph Adams IV – Inside Vermont Land Use Regulation: A Case Study of Two Development Review Boards
Christopher M. Ahler  – Environmentally Sustainable Beer
Hannah M. Aitken   –  Growing to Learn: The Development of a Garden and Nutrition Curriculum for Brewster-Pierce Memorial School
Margaret C. Albee  –  Internship with Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne, Vermont
Madison Alvarez  –  Herbalism: From the Ancient Art of Healing to Modern Medicine
MaryJane Anderson – Safe Space and a Sense of Place: A Plan for Fostering an Inclusive Community at the University of Vermont's GreenHouse Residential Learning Community
Rosie Baldwin   – The Hungry Bicyclist: Discovering North America’s Local Food Businesses
Marlee Baron  –  "Let's change this B.S.!": Creating a Sustainable Beverage System at UVM
Julie Bellino  –  Finding Forever Wild: Identifying and Mapping Land Suitable for Conservation by the Northeast Wilderness Trust
Megan Brancaccio  –  Harvesting Healthy Kids through Food Education Farm-to-School at Orchard School
Madeleine Brown  – Bike Plans, Budget Allocations and Biking Infrastructure: How City Governments Demonstrate Levels of Commitment to Bicycle Systems
Crystal A. Buhler  –  Environmental Art in Ecopsychology: Art for Healing the Human-to-Nature Disconnect
William Blaine Bulger   – An Exploration of Painting and Environmental Thought: "Convergence"
Allie Calnan  –  Seeds of Rebellion: Civil Engagement in the Gardens of the Lower East Side
Melissa Kelly Cameron  –  Appetite for Local Fare:  An Assessment of Local Produce in UVM Dining Halls
Nathan Canan-Zucker  –  Rural Transit: An In-Depth Investigation into the Conflict Between Equity & Efficiency
Jim Casey – GPS Mapping of Winooski Valley Parks District Natural Areas
Kristen Cole  –  Changing School Food in South Burlington: Taste Testing Initiative
Hannah Court   –  Mount Mansfield: An Ethnographic Study of Visitors’ Experience Along Vermont’s Highest Peak
Eliza Cowan  –  Vermont Housing Health Code Compliance: A Quality Assurance Analysis of the Rental Housing Inspection Checklist
Peter Cummings  –  Farm to School: Environmental Education with Common Roots and Orchard Elementary School
Katherine Devine  –  Stormwater Management at the University of Vermont: Mapping and Design for Campus Sustainability
Thomas J. Devlin  –  Why Not Green Building? The Times are Changing
James DeBiasi – Addressing the Interface of Urban Agriculture with Municipal Policy: A Project-Based Internship with the Urban Agriculture Task Force of Burlington
Caroline Dunlap  –  Investigating Transitions from Conventional to Organic Dairy Production in Vermont
Emilyn Fox  –  Greening Rosie's Girls: Incorporating Environmental Education at a Trades Based Summer Camp
Elizabeth Frances Fucillo – Exploring Small Scale Organic Farming Through Experiential Education: Summer 2011 Bread and Butter Farm Apprenticeship
Kyle E. Gaffney  –  Endurance Sport as an Approach toward Harmonious Relationship Development: Exploring Behavioral Outcomes through Value Development Investigation of Endurance Sport Athletes
Monica Gerbini  –  Internship with the Lake Champlain Land Trust
Henry Gilbert – Fresh View Farm Internship
Kristen Greenwald  –  Generation Waking Up
Kim Hackett  – Kim's Kritters: An Educational Video Advertising the Disparity in Resources and Attention Given for the Conservation of Endangered Uncharismatic and Charismatic "Flagship" Species
Andrea Hagan  –  Socially Responsible Investment of the University of Vermont's Endowment
Tyler A. Hall  –  Permaculture Practicum at Cosmic Dance Permaculture, Watsonville, California
Winter Heath  –  University of Vermont Eco-Reps: Addressing Program Visibility and Awareness on Campus
Daniel Hedges  –  From Local to Global: An Analysis of the Benefits and Obstacles of Carbon-Market Inclusion of Honduran Smallholders
Sarah Heusner  –  Northeastern Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) Internship: Summer 2010
Morgan Hickory  –  Natural Immunity: Herbal Medicine to Support the Immune System
Hillary Hutchins  –  Burlington's Legacy: Interning with the City of Burlington
Jonna Jermyn  –  Production Assistant at Urban Moonshine Herbal Products Company
Nathan Joseph  –  Songs of Freedom: The Connections Between Music and Social Change
Matthew Judd  –  Relationships Between Aircraft Fleet Composition and Environmental Impacts
Brianna K. Lane  –  A Summer of Plovers, Waders and Beach Exploration: My Senior Internship Capstone with Three Bays Preservation
Erica Letson – Internship with the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) of Vermont
Alex Levin  –  The Green Building Dilemma:  An Exploration of the Barriers to the Greening of Affordable Housing
Seth H. Levin  –  The Sustainability Department: The Motivations, Functionality and Effects on Small to Medium Sized Business in Vermont
Zoe Linton  –  The Wampahoofus' Favorite Place: A Children's Book of Environmental Stewardship
Nicole Lovesky  –  The Root Cellar:  A Business Plan for A Small Restaurant Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
Kaitlin B. Lucas  –  Coal Slurry Remediation Through Ecological Design
Stefan Lutter  –  An Investigation of Cyclist Identity and Perceptions in Burlington, Vermont
Melody Martin  –  Tools for Environmentally Conscious Kids: Writing a Children's Book
Samantha Mass  – The Conscious Consumer: A Buyer's Guide to Humanely Raised Meat
Bridget E. McBain  –  Whole Systems Design Internship
Alexander B. McManus – One Golf Course, With One Outcome: Becoming More Ecological
Trevor Michalak  –  Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Technologies and Trends in the United States: An Internship with Seventh Generation
Greta Moore  –  A Landscape Design to Manage Stormwater at the University of Vermont's Environmental Program Building, The Bittersweet
Christina Newman  –  A DREAM for a World Without HIV/AIDS: An Analysis of a Non-Governmental Organization and its Adaptation of a Local HIV/AIDS Education Program
Caroline J. O’Malley  –  Sixth Grade Ecology Teacher Assistant at Essex Middle School, Essex, Vermont
Denise Pisani  –  Sustainable Mining: a Paradigm Shift
Elizabeth D. Quinn  –  Growing Community: A Public Outreach and Community Organizing Internship Working with Grow Team O.N.E.
Taylor Ralph  –  Eating Practices and Attitudes among American Buddhists:  An aspect of Buddhism and Ecology
Molly Reddington  –  Beyond Asbestos: the Multifactorial Causality of Mesothelioma
Allen Roth  –  Internship with Creative Energies: How a Renewable Energy Company Operates and What is Gained Through an Internship
Justin Rudolph  –  Interpreting Climate Change Through Collage: An Analysis of Reports on Climate Change and Global Warming from Newspapers Across the United States
Caroline Shepard  –  Sustainable Urban Composting: Determining Best Practices for Organic Waste Management in Burlington, Vermont
Naani Sheva  –  A Project Based Internship with Planned Parenthood of Northern New England: A Multidisciplinary Experience in Politics, Activism and Environmental Health Advocacy.
Kylee Snow  –  Old Trees: A Study of Form and Relationships
Elijah William Sobel  –  Where the River Deepens: Exploring Place-Based Relationships through the Swimming Hole Experience
Katie Staniforth  –  Sources of DEHP exposure in the NICU: An Analysis of Respiratory and Intravenous Devices Containing di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate in Fletcher Allen Health Care's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Caitlan Stephens – "Things Need to Change Around Here.": The Diversification of a Small Farm in Northwest New Jersey
Ariel Subourne  –  Global Warming and the Governance of the Arctic
Kelly Todd – A Potential Environmental Burden of Disease Assessment for Lead from Electronic Waste in Accra, Ghanc
Peter S. Tyliszczak  –  The Importance of Community Participation in Ecotourism:  A Costa Rican Case Study
Mima L. Wellington  –  The Greening of Camp Susquehannock
Lisa J. White  –  Saving Walton Pond: A Conservation Internship Project with Winding Trails, Inc. in Farmington, Connecticut
Serena Whitridge  –  Sowing the Seeds for an Agricultural Center to Grow
Molly O. Williams  –  Watershed Restoration Through Social Media Education: Documenting the Chesapeake Bay’s Most Polluted Tributaries
Ryan A. Williams  –  Alpine Management Comparison: An Exploration of Vermont and New York's Highest Places
Marshall Willis  –  The Role of Carbon in Forested Ecosystems: A Carbon Assessment for Aboveground Biomass on John’s Creek in Craig County, Virginia
Amelia Wurzburg  –  The Philosophy of Vegetable Gardening:  Sustainability in the Motivations of Food Gardeners
Akane Yamamoto  –  Japanese Children's Songs for Environmental Education: Environmental Education Curriculum for Edmunds Kindergarten in Burlington


Lesley Allison  –  Cultivating a Sustainable Youth: Farm Education Internship at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont
Page Atcheson � Strategic Climate Change Communication: A Creative Effort Toward Mitigation and Adaptation
Matthew Barrows - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Local Motion and the Legacy of The Line
Emily Bird � The Socioeconomic Impact of Hydroelectric Dams on Developing Communities: A Case Study of the Chalillo Dam and the Communities of the Macal River Valley, Cayo District, Belize, Central America
Kristen Bousquet � Pease Mountain Stewardship Program, Charlotte Central School, Fall 2011
Julia Breul � In Transition Towards Sustainability: Internship with the University of Vermont's Clean Energy Fund and Office of Sustainability
Olivia Bulger � Pease Mountain Stewardship Program, Charlotte Central School, Fall 2011
Shannon Burke � Lost in the Light: A Children's Book About the Effects of Light Pollution on Fireflies
Katelyn Bushueff - Exploring Sustainable, Experiential Education in an Academic Setting: An Internship with the Greenhouse RLC
Daniel Clark � Bicycling the Gap: A Mixed Method Study Examining Bicyclists in New York City and the Interactions They Share with the Metro Transportation Authority Subway System, and the New York Waterway Ferry System
Gordon E. Clark � Identifying the Magnitude and Spatial Extent of Hydro-Geomorphic Impairments from Unpaved Roads in the Winooski River Watershed
Nathan Clark - Education Beyond the Classroom: A Study on Effective Outreach Strategies to Get Off-Campus College Students to Recycle
Sara Cleaver � What's the Catch?: An Analysis of Seafood Sustainability at the University of Vermont
Kevin Collins  –  Retrofitting our Community with Common Sense Energy
Emma Cook - From the Grassroots to the Statehouse: Vermont's Renewable Energy Present and Future: A Senior Capstone Internship with the Vermont Natural Resources Council Energy Program
Kathryn Daly � A Systems Approach to 6th Grade Sustainability: Teaching and Exploring Environmental Education and Systems Thinking at Tuttle Middle School
Laura Rose Dailey � Saratoga Plan: Summer 2011 Internship with a Local Land Trust Working to Conserve Open Space and Farmland in and Around Saratoga County in Upstate New York
Katie Deppen - Learning How to be a Sustainable Sports Turf Manager by Interning with the Philedelphia Eagles Grounds Crew
Sean Donovan � Field Technician Intern 2011 with Northwest Connections, Swan Valley, Montana
Christina Economou � Internship with UVM's GreenHouse RLC: Organizing an Education for Sustainability Course for GreenHouse Students, Working with GreenHouse Staff and Managing a Seminar Series
Samantha Ethridge � ENVS 197 Students Teaching Students: Hunger, Leadership and Social Change
Olivia Marie Fragale � Pease Mountain Stewardship Program, Charlotte Central School, Fall 2011
Alyssa Frediani � The Nesting Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins (Malacleemys terrapin) in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
Catherine Gannascoli � Hunger, Leadership and Social Change: A Students Teaching Students Course
Anya Gedrath-Smith � Time for Tea: The Sustainable Development of Tea Tourism in Nepal
Erica Goldberg � From Ghana to the Dominican Republic: Can Ceramic Water Filtration Improve Rural, Ghanaian Women's Access to Clean Water?
Anna Glavash - Conservation Intern with the Squam Lakes Association
Bekah Simone Gordon - Sewing a Quilt: A Journey Into the Nature of Community and the Creation of The Vermont Family Reunion
Joseph Grossman - A Synthesis of Conservation Management for Habitat Restoration in the Dos Palmas Wildlife Reserve: A Restoration Internship with the Bureau of Land Management
Aaron Haight � Vermont's Nuclear War: An Analysis on the Impacts of the Vermont Senate's Vote to Close Vermont Yankee
Cathryn Hancock � Exploring Nature's Bounty: A Summer Gardening and Food Education Internship with Orchard Elementary School
Kathleen Hartin � Eyo matamanei alakuwa: The Social Implications of Conservation-Induced Displacement for the Maasai Residents of Engare Sero, Northern Tanzania
Kelsey Head � From Drop to Drain: Sustainability Education Curriculum through the UVM Watershed Alliance
Ariel Hodgins � The Omnivore's Education: Empowering Consumers with Information on Vermont Commercial Beef and Chicken Production
Lindsey C. Hogan � Got Raw Milk?: A Study of Farmer and Consumer Rationale for Purchasing and Producing Unpasteurized Milk
Matthew S. Holleb � A Study in Law: Environmental Law and the Student Legal Services
Kathryn Holmberg � Spring 2012 Urban Moonshine Internship: Handcrafted Organic Bitters, Tonics and Tinctures
Christopher Houck - Senior Internship in Renewable Energy with Solar Source, a branch of the Melanson Company
Ben Ifshin - Are You With us on the Issues?: Canvassing for a Healthy Gulf in Southeastern Louisiana: Field Manager Internship with the Gulf Restoration Network
Patrick Intolubbe-Chmil � There and Back Again: From the Savannas of East Africa to the Mountains of New England: An Observational Study of Biophilia
Karuna Jobanputra � Gender, Dowry/Brideprice and Land in Southern Tamil Nadu and Southern Rajasthan: A Participatory Rural Appraisal Study
Amanda Kava - Increasing the Demand for Property Performance Upgrades in the Burlington Rental Marketplace
Harrison Koch � Food Sovereignty in Venezuela: A Multifaceted Analysis of an Alternative Agricultural Paradigm
Allison Kornfeind � Green Event Planning with Some Adventures in Upcycling: A Senior Internship with Coul Productions in Pittstown, New Jersey
Kazuha Kurosu � Transformative Education for Creating Sustainable Food Systems: A Mini-Course: "Yoga (yoke) of the Earth, Food and Us" at the GreenHouse Residential Learning Community
Daniel Lane � In the Shadow of the Mountains: Philosophy of Hiking and Skiing in Vermont's Green Mountains
Emily Licht � Internship with Vermont Works for Women: Outdoor Education for Young Girls
Philip Marston � The Campaign for Local Food Sovereignty in Vermont
Robin McAloon � Countryside Ranger Internship, Assynt, Scotland
Caylin McKee � An Exploration of Energy Use in Vermont: Internship with Allan Bullis, Energy Auditor
Shana Murphy � Chittenden Solid Waste District School Outreach Internship
Bridgette Moore � Digging in the Dirt and Growing Connections: Understanding Early Childhood Connections to Nature Through the Design and Implementation of a Children's Garden for the University of Vermont Children's Center
Samantha Morgan � The Meat of the Matter: Exploring the Relationship between Environmental Ethics and the Food Choices of Environmental Studies Majors at the University of Vermont
Mary Sage Clinton Napolitan � A Permaculture Design for the Bittersweet
Alexander Nenopoulos � Burlington Smart Grid: Internship with Marketing Partners
Hannah Ohlson � Reflections on a Summer as a Naturalist at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
Abby R. Okoniewski � Backpack, Books, and Blue Hat: The Narratives of Winter
Benjamin Olsen - A Greener By Design Sustainability Capstone
Adam Pearlstein � To Teach or Not to Teach?
Emma Petersen � Fables and Reflections: Understanding the Implications of the Maori Party Formation in Communicating Alternative Motivations for Environmental Change
Avery Pittman � Gender, Power, Action: Ecofeminism For Collective Liberation: A Students-Teaching-Students Course at the University of Vermont
Benjamin S. Post � Examination of Snow Accumulation on Photovoltaic Panels: A Feasibility Study
Kalyn Rosenberg � Internship with Toxics Action Center, Montpelier, Vermont
Caroline M. Rush � Shelburne Farms Rain Garden: Incorporating Education and Environmental Protection into a Design
Janet Ruttenberg � Natural Spaces and Off-Leash Dog Use Management at Newton's Cold Spring Park
Dana Eve Saladoff - Building Stronger Connections Between People, Land and Communities: An Internship with the Center for Whole Communities, Waitsfield, VT
Alexandra Sarhanis � Sustainability at Champlain College
Sam Schlepphorst - The Green Mountain Wildway: Reconnecting the Habitat of the Northern Green Mountains
Andrew Schlesinger � Rethinking the Role of Community Gardens in Localizing Post-Oil Suburbia: A Proposal for Willowdale Community Garden in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Erin Schminke � Advocating for Local Food Systems Through the Center for an Agricultural Economy
Abbe Schnibbe � Gender, Power, Action: Ecofeminism For Collective Liberation: A Students-Teaching-Students Course at the University of Vermont
Edward Sennet - An Internship with Common Sense Energy LLC
Sydney Stieler - Sustainability in the Central Susquehanna Valley: An Internship with the Lewisburg Community Garden
Jake Stocker � Working for Local Food and Family Farmers: A Summer Inside the Food Movement in Vermont
Megan F. Taylor � Bicycling Lifestyles of Women in Burlington: A Study of Gender and the Bicycle as an Agent for Mobility
Cayla Tepper � Alternative Models for Community: A Students-Teaching-Students Course
Brienne Toomey � Digging Up the Dirt: Exposing the Barriers and Challenges of Community Gardening
Alexandra Van Baars � The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Melissa Wheeler - Growing Justice: A Food Justice and Urban farming Internship with City Slickers Farms in Oakland, California
Ethan Whitmore � Buffer Stock Policy: An Economic Approach to Reforming Agricultural Subsidies and Promoting Environmental Objectives with the National Farmers Union
Ellen Winston � A South Burlington Farm-to-School Program's Seasonal Spotlight: The Quest to Attain Food Literacy
Abigail Zuckerman � Awareness and Advocacy Towards Instituting Bias-Free Policing Criteria in Vermont: A Cross County Comparison of Addison and Franklin Counties, Vermont

Senior Theses:

Samantha Arcata  –  Examining Change in the Cultivation of Mustard in Rajasthan, India, from 1960-2000
James Billman  –  Crossroads: Stories from the Climate Movement
Rosie Bullock  –  Vermont, Unleaded: Barriers to Confirmatory Lead Testing
Staci Chin  –  Bear Smells Something Good: A Picture Book Introducing Wildlife to Children
Eunice Chun  –  Feeding the Community: A Case Study of Food Assistance at Burlington Farmers' Markets
Daniel Della-Badia  –  The Dilemma of the Triple Bottom Line: How Four Restaurants in Vermont are Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability
Kieran Fickan  –  Spilling the Beans on Coffee Certifications: Consumer Values and Knowledge of Fair Trade and USDA Organic Coffee
Rachel J. Franz  –  Cultivating Little Consumers: How Picture Books Influence Materialism in Children
Bekah Simone Gordon  –  Sewing a Quilt: A Journey Into the Nature of Community and the Creation of the Vermont Family Reunion
Elizabeth Gribkoff  –  Vermont Farmers and Chilean Campesinas: A Relational Analysis of Women’s Farming Networks
Victoria Kulwicki  –  Reaping a Profit: Analysis of Marketing Techniques Used by Local Organic Farmers in Vermont
Kathrine Mansfield  – Electronic Waste Disposal in the European Union: Avoiding the Once-ler’s Dilemma
Michelle Marion  –  “How are We to Make Sense of the World, and Ourselves Within it?”: Communicating Climate Change through Dance
Hannah McQuilkin  –  Mindfulness in Wilderness Therapy Settings: Implications for Wilderness Therapy Programs, Participants and Families
Caitlyn Meeks  –  Rooted in the Feminine: Explorations of the Culture of Medicine among Women Herbalists in the State of Vermont
Whitney O’Brien  –  Transforming the Riparian Disputes Between Nicaragua and Costa Rica Through Environmental Peace-building: A Vision for Transboundary Collaboration in Central America
Julia Panopoulos  –  New Farms for New Americans: Incubator Farm Programs, Economic Self-Sufficiency and Grant Dependency
Susannah Parsons  –  “Schools of Public Spirit”: Community Governance and Wind Development in Falmouth, Massachusetts
Nicole Peruso  –  Learning through Serving: Using the Principles of Sustainability and Service Learning to Promote Stewardship in the Public School Curriculum
Jens Pharr  –  Alternative Models for Community: A Students Teaching Students Course
Frankie Pondolph  –  Under My Own Feet: A Nature Connection Guidebook to Centennial Woods
Sam Schlepphorst  –  The Green Mountain Wildway: Reconnecting the Habitat of the Northern Green Mountains
Hayley Susannah Small  –  A Feasibility Study for a Formal Conservation Management Plan and Trail Network in Arms Park in Burlington, Vermont
Kelsey Steele  –  The Vegan Journey: An Exploration of Vegan Experiences with Vegans from Burlington, Vermont
Anna Tadio  –  Safe Cosmetics Legislation in Vermont: Passing H. 308 in the Vermont Legislature
Elizabeth Thompson  –  Community Mapping: An Exploration of Disaster Resilient Communities through the Eyes of Elementary School Children
Federica Wade  –  Why There?: A Comparative Analysis on Waste Management in Vicenza, Italy and Burlington, Vermont: Culture, Politics, and the Environment
2013 Capstone Internships:

Harrison Balisky  –  Senior Capstone Internship with Casella Waste Management, Rutland, Vermont
Matthew Barrows  –  Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Local Motion and the Legacy of the Line
Katelyn Bushueff  –  Exploring Sustainable, Experiential Education in an Academic Setting: An Internship with the Greenhouse Residential Learning Community
Sophie Case  –  Environmental Health Education at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
Stephanie Cesario  –  Adapting to Climate Change: An Internship with the Vermont Agricultural Resiliency Initiative
Nathan Clark  –  Education Beyond the Classroom: A Study on Effective Outreach Strategies to Get Off-Campus College Students to Recycle
Emma Cook  –  From the Grassroots to the Statehouse: Vermont’s Renewable Energy Present and Future: A Senior Capstone Internship with the Vermont Natural Resources Council Energy Program
Daniel Crespo  –  Community Powered Transportation: “Bike for Life” Internship at Local Motion
Melanie Daly  –  Sustainability in Action with Dirt Divas: Inspiring Girls to Challenge Societal Norms Through Adventure and Skill
Diana del Solar  –  Lessons for an Educator, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center: Summer Education Internship
Katie Deppen  –  Learning How to be a Sustainable Sports Turf Manager by Interning with the Philadelphia Eagles Grounds Crew
Andrew Dreebin  –  Energy Efficiency Internship with National Retrofitting Group, LLC.
Liza Elman  –  Behind the Scenes of Vermont's Local and Organic Food Movement: Food Systems Internship with the Northeast Organic Farming Association
Anna Glavash  –  Conservation Internship with the Squam Lakes Association
Lindsay Gordon  –  Social Marketing Internship with Bicycle Benefits Vermont
Catherine Griset  –  Environmental Education Internship with the Birds of Vermont Museum
Joseph Grossman  –  A Synthesis of Conservation Management for Habitat Restoration in the Dos Palmas Wildlife Reserve: A Restoration Internship with the Bureau of Land Management
Sarah Halpern  –  Education and Global Connections Internship with the International Society of Ethnobiology
Christopher Houck  –  Senior Internship in Renewable Energy with Solar Source, a Branch of the Melanson Company
Sam Hubert  –  Environmental Education Internship with Crow’s Path Field School
Jordan Hurley  –  Community Organizing Internship with Toxics Action Center
John Jinishian  –  Riparian Watershed Protection: Developing the Boquet River Conservation Blueprint for the Northeast Wilderness Trust
Nancy Jones  –  Farm-2-School Internship: Charles P. Smith Elementary School Garden Installation, Burlington, Vermont
Alexis Kantor  –  The Business of Medicinal Herb Farming: Zack Woods Herb Farm Internship
Amanda Kava  –  Increasing the Demand for Property Performance Upgrades in the Burlington Rental Marketplace
Mary Kokorda  –  Environmental Health and Safety Internship: Hybrid Environmental Governance in an Energy Management System at Sikorsky Aircraft
Katherine Kroll  –  Eliminating the Silences of Injustice: Trainer Internship with “Sprog,” the Student Sierra Coalition’s Summer Program
Lindsay Laird  –  Alternative Education: Early Childhood Teacher’s Assistant Internship at the Waldorf School
Lily Morgan  –  Beginning the Conservation Buyer Program for the Split Rock Wildway, New York, with the Northeast Wilderness Trust
Benjamin Olsen  –  Greener By Design: A Sustainable Business Internship 
Brian Orleans  –  Corporate Social Responsibility Internship with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Amy M. Pennock Rodriguez  –  WAVES for Development: Community Development and Sustainable Surf Tourism Internship
Dana Eve Saladoff  –  Building Stronger Connections Between People, Land and Communities: An Internship with the Center for Whole Communities, Waitsfield, Vermont
Brandon Sauer  –  Improving Thermal Efficiency in Vermont Condominiums: Energy Efficiency Internship with the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Kailey Schillinger-Brokaw  –  Environmental Education at Columbia Land Conservancy in Chatham, New York
Hogan Sennett  –  An Internship with Common Sense Energy LLC
Andrea Taylor Smith  –  State of Vermont Workplace Community Supported Agriculture Program Manager Internship with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture
Mia Smith  –  USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program Internship with Vermont Food Education Every Day
Sarah Soderbergh  –  Lake Champlain Live: A Sustainability Education Curriculum Internship for UVM Watershed Alliance
Sydney Stieler  –  Sustainability in the Central Susquehanna Valley: An Internship with the Community Garden in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Frans Tyler van Bodengraven  –  Solar Installation Internship with Peck Solar
Brianna Vay  –  Creating a Community Garden for Thousand Island Park
Alyson Wall  –  Stories of Burlington’s Walkers and Bikers: An Internship with Local Motion: A Non-Profit Promoting People Powered Transportation in Burlington, Vermont
Rydell Welch  –  An Internship with the Stellwagen Sanctuary Seabird Stewards Program (S4) at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Headquarters, Scituate, Massachusetts
Melissa Wheeler  –  Growing Justice: A Food Justice and Urban Farming Internship with City Slickers Farms in Oakland, California
Kelly Wiener  –  Lake Champlain Land Trust Steward Internship
Zachary Zimmerman  –  Building the Genuine Progress Indicator: An Internship with The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics