Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 294 Environmental Education

Environmental education is, at its core, about creating a more engaged society. This class will embrace a broad definition of environmental education – one that includes outdoor programs with children, but that also includes “educational” opportunities that infuse everyday life for people of all ages: campaigns encouraging people to reduce solo driving, conversations about food choices in the grocery store, materials designed to help us sort our waste, and thousands (millions?) of other examples. The core concern of the class is to address how people learn about and make decisions regarding the human relationship to that which surrounds us (i.e., “the environment”). This highly interdisciplinary class will explore the complex interactions of information, prior knowledge, attitudes, identity, social interaction, and context. We will combine insight from a variety of fields, including education, sociology, psychology, behavioral economics, communication, art, and religious studies. The class will involve multiple field trips to sites of environmental learning, and a class project designed to help one of these sites.


Fall 17: Rachelle Gould, Sum 17: M. Burke




Fall, Spring, Online Course

Breadth Requirement: 

Social Science (SS)


Junior Standing

Enrollment Limit: