Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 185 Land and Food Justice

Recent decades have seen a flowering of new popular movements across the world, highlighting concerns about the future of food, seeds, and access to land. This course will examine both domestic and international movements for land and food justice, from the emergence of organic and local food activism in the North to the diverse “new peasant” movements in the global South, among others. We will examine the ideas and contributions of rainforest dwellers, campesino activists and “landless workers” in Latin America, farmer activists in Africa and Asia, urban gardeners, “locavores,” and food chain workers across the US, among others. The class follows a discussion/seminar format, with students as well as the instructor presenting on core topics, and evaluated on their participation in class and online discussions, as well as through response papers on the readings. Additionally, students take turns presenting current news on land and food issues and movements, followed by a research paper, and also develop and critically evaluate their own hands-on group projects that apply their knowledge to local and regional food and agricultural issues.








ENVS 001 and one prior 100-level ENVS course; sophomore standing

Enrollment Limit: