Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 174 Natural Areas Conservation and Stewardship

Natural areas serve many functions from maintaining regional biological diversity and habitat to providing important open space for contemplative, educational, and recreational activities. Protecting and managing these areas in fragmented and human-influenced landscapes is an increasingly formidable challenge. This course examines the land protection and stewardship activities of conservation organizations, land trusts, and public natural resource agencies along with the principles of ecology, conservation biology, and landscape ecology in an effort to better understand the important issues, approaches, and concerns in conserving and managing natural areas in diverse and often fragile settings. A premise of this course is that sound ecological thinking and information should fuel decision-making in land protection and management. We will explore these topics using a combination of readings, presentations, discussion sessions, guest speakers, take-home assignments, problem-solving exercises, and field investigations.





Breadth Requirement: 

Social Science (SS)


ENVS 001, NR 001 or permission

Enrollment Limit: