Environmental Studies at UVM

Advanced Course Capstone

The Advanced Course Capstone is the advanced course-based integration of interdisciplinary environmental skills and knowledge. This option requires enrollment in three additional environmentally relevant 200-level courses from concentration lists which between them: (a) are interdisciplinary, (b) build on previous academic foundations, and (c) require extensive in-depth group or individual research/ project activity.

A Capstone Course Proposal should be carefully written after consultation with an ENVS advisor.
Print a paper copy of your proposal and staple it together with a Cover Sheet, filled in with your appropriate information,
(See the forms, below).

Submit your Proposal/Cover Sheet to Brendan Fisher, Environmental Program Associate Director, for approval.
Deliver your paperwork to Brendan's mailbox at Bittersweet, or send to him via postal mail: 153 So. Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Brendan will notify you about your approval, or the need for proposal revision, or course changes, as appropriate.

Due dates for Advanced Course Capstone Proposal

For May graduation — proposal is due Dec 1st.
For December graduation — proposal is due May 1st

Please review and use the following forms:

See also:

For more information contact Brendan Fisher, Advanced Course Capstone Coordinator.