UVM Office of Engagement Sponsors 2021 Vermont Humanities Conference “This Mazéd World”

person holding umbrella in storm

At a time when technology seems transcendent, Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup holds that the humanities are more important than ever.

That may be stating the obvious for Kaufman Ilstrup who is in his fourth year as director of Vermont Humanities. But he believes that solutions to urgent world problems require the perspectives of literature, the arts, religion, philosophy and history.

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Vermont mountainscape

UVM’s Office of Engagement and Center for Rural Studies release Vermont Economic Development Roundtables Report

At a time when Vermonters are surveying the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 crisis, UVM’s Office of Engagement and Center for Rural Studies have released the Vermont Economic Development Roundtables Report: Ampli

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Three people flying a drone

High Ceiling for Low Altitude Flying

The airspace over Southworth lawn during the first week of August was buzzing with activity as 20 state officials from around Vermont and New England practiced their drone flying skills. The training was part of a five-day workshop hosted by UVM’s Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL).

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