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The Assignment Tool

Grading in the assignment tool

The Assignment Tool has a very specific purpose and structure. It allows you to create a place for each assignment where students can submit their completed work. Students will read the instructions and then create their work using, for example, Word, Excel, Mathematica, or Powerpoint. To submit their work, students then attach the completed file to the Assignment link.

Grading: Each time you create a new assignment with this tool, a corresponding column is automatically created in the Grade Center. You can view the students' submitted assignments by going to the Control Panel > Grade Center, and looking in either "Needs Grading" or in the Full Grade Center itself, in the appropriate column (by hovering over and clicking a cell and selecting the "attempt"). When grading assignments, instructors have the option to leave comments or make annotations or grade with the rubric they have associated.

NOTE: Some students aren't sure how to find their assignment feedback or grades. This short video (1.5mins) explains where to look.

How to set up Assignments

  1. Open any content area page, such as "Course Materials."
  2. Click "Assessments" and choose "Assignment" from that list menu.

  3. Enter the
    • Assignment Name
    • Instructions
    • Due Date
    • Points possible and an associated rubric (if you have created one using the Rubric Tool)
    • You may also attach a file to which students can refer.

  4. Other options include
    • Submission Details which is where you can opt to give the assignment to a particular individual or group and also choose the number of times they can attempt to complete the assignment
    • Grading Options where you can choose to conceal the students' names in Blackboard for anonymous grading. (We don't recommend "delegated grading" because of previous problems with it)
    • Display of Grades allows you to make some choices about what kind of grades you'll use and when they will be revealed to students.
    • Assignment Availability This is the "make the assignment available" checkbox which allows instructors to create assignments in advance and reveal them when ready
    • Date and Time Restrictions which allows faculty reveal an assignment at a specific date/time and to hide it after a specific date/time
    • Tracking Statistics that track the number of views and by whom the assignment was viewed

Grading Student Assignments

For instructions on grading assignments, see this page.

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