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Telemarketing News:

October 20, 2011
Five More Companies That Charged Vermonters’ Phone Bills Settle With Attorney General
June 6, 2011
Attorney General Hails New Telephone Anti-Cramming Law
December 6th, 2010
FTC Shuts Down Robocallers Who Falsely Promised to Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

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Did you know?
Under VT law, a business selling over the phone or in your home or place of employment must notify you that you have 3 days to cancel your purchase.  Contact CAP to learn more.

Federal Trade Commission
The United States Federal Trade Commission regulates telemarketing in the U.S.

A Message from Attorney General Bill Sorrell

Vermonters lose millions of dollars each year as a result of telemarketing fraud. The majority of the victims of telemarketing scams are senior citizens; some seniors have lost their life savings to fraudulent telemarketers. You have legal rights that can help protect you against telemarketing fraud.

Telemarketing calls

Some telemarketing calls are from legitimate businesses or organizations.  You can decide whether or not you wish to receive calls from legitimate telemarketers.  Vermonters who do not want to be called by telemarketers can sign up with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call registry online at, or by calling toll-free 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to register (TTY 1-866-290-4236).

Some telemarketing calls are not from legitimate businesses and are an attempt to gather financial information or money from you for fraudulent purposes.  Examples of these calls are some offers to reduce your credit card debt or extend your car warranty.  To learn more about Telemarketing Fraud, visit our Telemarketing FAQ's page.

Charitable solicitation calls

Charitable solicitation calls are not covered by the Do Not Call registry.  To learn more about charitable soliciations, visit our page on charities.

Debt collection calls

Debt collection calls are also not subject to the Do Not Call requirements.  However, you still have rights as to when, how often and where a debt collector may contact you.  For more information on debt collection rights, visit our page on debt collection.

Automated or "Robo-calls"

In response to an increase in illegal robo-calls (automated sales messages sent to your phone), the Federal Trade Commission is issuing new guidance for consumers on how best to respond to these nuisance calls.


Often, scam calls may seem to be legitimate.  Know how to identify all the signs of a scam phonecall so you don't get taken!

Learn to identify scams by using information on our Scams and Telemarketing Fraud pages.

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