Health Declining in U.S. Northeast During Pandemic

Skipping medications, weight gain, depression, anxiety, substance use, food insecurity increased during COVID era, report finds
Woman peeling apples at table with various medicines

As the COVID pandemic continues, new research reveals how people in Vermont and Maine are struggling with their mental and physical health.

The findings detail numerous troubling health trends—including significant increases in anxiety, depression, weight gain, substance use, chronic disease, missed medications and food insecurity—since the pandemic’s onset.


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Person outdoors wearing green hospital scrubs, hospital name badge and a stethoscope around their neck

Sociable Self-Starter: Quinn Judge ’22

Fourth-year nursing student Quinn Judge considers himself a people-person. He enjoys conversations, getting to know people and lending a hand. A career in nursing matches his personality perfectly:

"I knew that I wanted to have a future career where I am interacting with people to help them. I recognized that nursing was exactly the job where that can happen."

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Person outdoors wearing green nursing scrubs, seated on a bench with UVM dormitories and UVM Medical Center buildings in the background

Striving for Health Care Equity: Jaza Amchok '23

As a child in New York City, Jaza Amchok ’23, dreamed of becoming a professional nurse. Now a first-generation college student in the Professional Nursing program, Amcheck says she felt inspired by her parents' stories of their homeland, a rural area of Tibet with no hospitals nearby and no access to medical care.

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