Spotlight On: George MacDonald ’22

Person wearing blue nurse scrubs and purple gloves looking at a laboratory specimin

George MacDonald ’22 works as a per diem nurse at Appletree Bay Primary Care, UVM's faculty-led practice in Burlington. He does triage nursing over the telephone, helps patients settle into exam rooms, prepares samples for laboratory tests and enters information into patients’ records.

“It’s such an amazing job. I’m getting primary care experience, and the training has helped me find...

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Zooming Past Social Isolation: Kylie Beausoleil 2021

Senior Nursing student Kylie Beausoleil enjoys spending time with older people. She likes hearing elders’ stories and building rapport, while also attending to their needs. That was her favorite part of working at a home health care agency last summer, and what she enjoys most about her research project this summer at UVM.

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Nursing Alumna Named Nurse Leader Fellow

Jean Coffey, Nursing ‘77 Grad ‘96, has been named a Nurse Leader in the 2019 class of New Fellows of the American Academy of Nurse Leaders.

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