Tour de Force

On a visit to the UVM campus in 2014, Aline Demers ‘55 asked to see the Clinical Simulation Laboratory, a space that didn’t exist when she attended college. The “Sim Lab” opened in Rowell Hall in 2011 to allow for a sense of realism and real-time problem solving with supervised instruction in a low-risk setting.

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True to Life

The patient moaned as a health care provider pressed on his abdomen and rolled him onto his side. She asked him to rate his pain, took his pulse and listened to his breathing through a stethoscope. When she suggested he take medication for the pain, he resisted and expressed fear that taking medication would prolong his stay in the hospital.

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Time to Shine

Patients discharged from Gifford Health Care in Randolph, Vermont, are less likely to suffer relapses or require readmission than before, thanks to a Quality Improvement project by Megan O’Brien, a CNHS Postgraduate Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) student.

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