Dr. Huston has been an engineering faculty member at UVM since 1987. He received the Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award (2012).


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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Smart Cities and Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Subsurface Infrastructure Sensing, GPR, Spine Mechanics


  • Ph.D. Princeton University (1986), M.A. Princeton University (1982), B.S. University of Pennsylvania (1980)


  • (802)-656-1922
Office Location:

201E Votey

Office Hours:

Mon 3-4 pm, Wed. 3-4 pm or by appointment

Courses Taught

ME 338 Advanced Dynamics, ME 336 Continuum Mechanics, ME 305 Advanced Engineering Analysis II, ME 304 Advanced Engineering Analysis I, ME 271 Micro and Nano Systems, ME 234 Mechanical Vibrations, ME 171 Design of Elements, ME 170 Machine Design I