The Electrical Engineering student is vice-president of UVM’s IEEE student club.

Three-time IEEE Power and Energy Society scholarship recipient Arianne Conde grew up in Bethel, Vermont, where the surrounding rivers, woods, and mountains inspired her to study electrical engineering as a way to help slow climate change. This interest, coupled with a desire to push herself in a small school, has landed Conde the power to do almost anything with her career.

“I want to work in the energy industry, preferably with renewable energy technologies,” says Conde, the vice-president of UVM’s IEEE student club. The courses I've taken here at UVM have provided me with a really solid foundation for going into the energy industry and have given me the opportunity to do lots of hands-on projects which are fun, great for learning, and look great on a resume.”

What does it mean to be a three-time IEEE scholar? “I have the support of the IEEE community with me,” says Conde. “They recognized that I'm the type of student who's hard-working and passionate about issues that are relevant to IEEE, specifically when it comes to the energy industry. Being an IEEE scholar helped with financial security as well as providing networking opportunities with people in the energy industry. It's been an honor to be an IEEE scholar.”


Sarah Tuff Dunn
Look inside some of the spaces where Electrical Engineering students at UVM get hands-on, project-based experience.