Professor Emeritus

Dan Krymkowski has spent his entire career studying social inequality and has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as a book. In his early work, he examined class inequality in Germany, Poland, and the U.S. and status inequality in Kenya. Subsequently, he turned his attention to changes over time in gender, racial, and ethnic occupational inequality in the United States. Most recently, he has been interested in social inequality in culture and has recently published a book with Roman and Littlefield entitled: The Color of Culture: African American Underrepresentation in the Fine Arts and Outdoor Recreation.  Over the years, Dan has also been interested in the methodological issues raised by his substantive concerns. He has investigated: measuring educational attainment, forecasting social mobility, classifying occupations, measuring opportunity, modeling the evolution of inequality, assessing the extent of inter-personal agreement in cultural preferences, and comparing the structures of different social networks.  He regularly teaches courses on social inequality and on research methods and statistics.  Dan is also an applied statistician and mathematical sociologist with expertise in exponential random graph modeling of networks, game theory, information theory, log-linear analysis, multi-level modeling, operations research, panel data analysis, regression analysis, and structural equation modeling.

He has been married for 40 years, has two grown children (both UVM graduates), and is a church organist.

Dan Krymkowski

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Social inequality, research methods, leisure studies.


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1986


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