18 credits, to include:

LING 080Introduction to Linguistics3
6 credits of Linguistics core courses chosen from the following:6
LING 158
Introduction to Morphology
LING 160
Introduction to Phonology
LING 165
Phonetic Theory and Practice
LING 166
Introduction to Syntax
LING 168
Introduction to Pragmatics
9 additional credits of Linguistics courses9
Other relevant courses may be chosen with the consultation of a Linguistics minor advisor
Of these 15 credits, at least 9 credits must be at the 100-level or above
No more than 3 credits may come from courses also used to fulfill the student’s major


PSYS 053 or PSYS 150 (or permission) required for CSD 208
Foreign language courses 001, 002, 051 and 052 are required for upper level courses