Associate Professor of Linguistics

Maeve Eberhardt is an Associate Professor of Linguistics. Her research examines the ways in which language can be used to reproduce systemic power and privilege, as well as how speakers in marginalized groups work to destabilize such systems through their linguistic and discursive practices. At UVM, she teaches courses primarily on language and social justice. She also directs the undergraduate TESOL Certificate program and is the Reviews Editor at the Journal of English Linguistics. She has been at UVM since 2008.


2023. The social meaning of abortion and the perils of a neoliberal rights-based discourse. Gender and Language 17(3): 250-272.

2022. “You probably have a parasite”: Neoliberal risk and the discursive construction of the body in the wellness industry. Language in Society. Published as FirstView at

2021. Raucous feminisms in neoliberal times: disruptive potential and the language of unruliness on Broad City. Gender and Language, 15(1), 65–88

2020. Colorblind along the Color line: Racialized fractals, recursive oppositions, and control of meaning in developmental spaces. Linguistics & Education 57: 1-10. (with Anthony DiMario)

2020. “I ain’t sorry”: African American English as a strategic resource in Beyoncé’s performative persona. Language & Communication 72: 68-78 (with Madeline Vdoviak-Markow)

2018. Stylistic variation in (r): Shifting interactional roles on a bridal reality television show. Sociolinguistic Studies 12(2-4): 345-366

2018. “She don’t need no help”: Deconsolidating gender, sex, and sexuality in New Orleans bounce music. Gender and Language, 12(3): 318-345 (with Christina Schoux Casey)

2017. Gendered representations through speech: The case of the Harry Potter series. Language and Literature, 26(3): 227-246

2016. Subjects and objects: Linguistic performances of sexuality in the lyrics of Black female hip-hop artists. Gender & Language, 10(1): 21-47

2015. “First things first I’m the realest”: Linguistic appropriation, white privilege, and the hip hop persona of Iggy Azalea. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 19(3): 303-327 (with Kara Freeman)

2015. “(r) you saying yes to the dress?” Rhoticity on a bridal reality television show. Journal of English Linguistics, 42(2): 118-142 (with Corinne Downs)

2012. Enregisterment of Pittsburghese and the local African American community. Language & Communication, 32(4): 358-371

Maeve is also co-author of a series of books focused on writing for learners of English as a Second Language, published by University of Michigan Press:

2018. An ESL Writer’s Handbook, 2nd edition (with Janine Carlock, Jaime Horst & Lionel Menasche)

2018. Workbook for the ESL Writer’s Handbook, 2nd edition (with Janine Carlock, Jaime Horst & Lionel Menasche)

2017. The International Student’s Guide to Writing a Research Paper (with Janine Carlock, Jaime Horst & Peter Kolenich)

Associations and Affiliations

Linguistic Society of America
American Dialect Society
American Anthropological Association
Professor Maeve Eberhardt

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

language and media; language and race; language, gender, and sexuality; critical discourse analysis; multimodal discourse analysis


  • Ph.D. Linguistics, The University of Pittsburgh


  • (802) 656-0791
Office Location:

510 Waterman

Courses Taught

  • LING 1500: Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING/CRES 1200: Linguistic Diversity in the US (D1)
  • LING/CRES 2230: African American English (D1)
  • LING 2210: Sociolinguistics
  • LING/GSWS 2990: Language & Gender
  • LING 4990: Language & Media
  • LING 3990: Analyzing Gender & Sexuality in Discourse