UVM students working the soil on the UVM Farm

CSA registration for 2021 season NOW OPEN!

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between farmers and community members. CSA members buy a share of the harvest prior to the growing season, and in return receive a selection of healthy, fresh produce each week.

eggplantBenefits of being a CSA member

  • Gain the comfort of knowing where your food comes from and the farmers who grow it.
  • Provide yourselves and your family with healthy, fresh food that was grown with ecologically sound practices.
  • Eat local and help minimize the amount of fossil fuels that go into transporting and packaging our food.
  • Feel the satisfaction that comes with helping support the education of aspiring farmers and food systems advocates.
  • Enjoy a 10-15% savings each week compared to retail and farmer’s market prices.
  • About the Standard Veggie CSA Share

    Catamount Farm CSA shares are available from mid-June through mid-October (18 weeks total). Sign up for a Summer Share or a Fall Share. Within each seasonal share, there is a Full or Half Share size option. Members register in advance and will receive their weekly produce box during the harvest season. The Catamount CSA Full Share is best suited to a family of 4 or a household of 2 that relies on the farm as its primary vegetable source. The Half Share is roughly half the size of the Full Share.

    The CSA Share includes an assortment of fresh vegetables which can be supplemented with apples and flowers grown on the farm, as well as maple syrup from UVM's Proctor Maple Research Center. Apple Shares, Flower Shares, and maple syrup are sold separately. Members may choose to pick-up their CSA boxes at campus drop-off locations or at the farm directly (see options below). The following prices are for the standard vegetable CSA only.

    Duration and costs:

    • Summer (10 weeks: mid-June through late August): Full - $360, Half - $205
    • Fall (8 weeks: late August through mid-October): Full - $290, Half - $165

    Typical Full-Share weekly offerings:

    • Late June to Early July: 1 lb. of Salad Mix or Arugula, 1 bunch Broccoli, 1 bunch Carrots, 1 lb. Cucumbers, 1 bunch Radishes, 1 bunch Herbs, 2 Kohlrabi, and 1 bunch Kale.
    • Mid to Late August: 2 lbs. Heirloom Tomatoes, 1 lb. Summer Squash, 1 lb. Onions, 1 lb. Cucumbers, 1 bulb Fennel, 1 Melon, 1 bunch Carrots, 1.5 lbs. Sweet Peppers, 1 lb. Eggplant, 1 head of lettuce, 1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes (Pick Your Own), and 1 Bouquet Flowers (Pick Your Own).
    • Early to Mid October: 2 stalks Brussels Sprouts, 3 lbs. Winter Squash, 2 lbs. Onions, 3 lbs. Potatoes, 2 lbs. Carrots, 1.5 lbs. Beets, 1 lb. Salad Mix/Arugula, 1 head Cabbage, 1 bunch of Kale, and 1 head of Garlic.

    Note: The share size often begins with a lower volume and then quickly increases as the season progresses. 

    Holiday Boxes: In addition to our weekly boxes throughout the growing season, we also offer a Holiday Box pick up in mid-November. The Holiday Box includes an assortment of bulk quantities of root crops (beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes) as well as winter squash, cold hardy brassicas, and apples. These boxes are offered separately from the Summer and Fall CSA shares. They can be purchased independently for $40 (this includes approximately 30 lbs. worth of produce).

Pick-up Site Options for your CSA

You can pick up your CSA by swinging by the farm at the designated time, or we'll drop it off at a designated spot on campus.

  • On-farm pick-up (65 Green Mountain Drive, South Burlington): Wednesdays, 1-7 p.m.
  • On-campus drop-offs:
    • Allen House - Center for Cultural Pluralism (461 Main St.), Wednesdays, 2:30-6 p.m.
    • Continuing and Distance Education office (322 South Prospect St.), Wednesdays, 2:30-5 p.m.
    • Jeffords Hall (63 Carrigan Drive), Wednesdays, 2-5 p.m.

The Farm's Commitment

We are committed to growing practices that contribute to the health of the land, our waters, and ourselves. Vegetables sold through the CSA and other markets are certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).  Non-organic apples and grapes are grown using Integrated Pest Management practices overseen by the UVM Fruit Program. Each season instructors and staff teach the Farmer Training Program students and undergraduate students the principles and practices of sustainable vegetable and fruit production in a hands-on learning environment.

UVM Catamount Farm CSA Harvest Bounty

From our farm to your table. UVM-grown produce is available to the public through the main veggie CSA, or one of our other shares:

Register for a CSA

Note to UVM employees: "Payroll Deduction" is one payment option when registering. Please find details at registration.

Additional Share Offerings: 

Apple Shares

Experience the diversity of apples from the UVM orchards.

Varieties: Both Full and Half Shares receive two different varieties weekly for 8 weeks, choosing from favorites such as McIntosh, Honey Crisp, and Cortland, as well as more obscure varieties like Ambrosia, Crimson Topaz, and Gingergold.

Cost: $75 for a Full Share (2 half-peck bags per week), $40 for a Half Share (1 half-peck bag per week).

Duration: 8 weeks (early September through early November)


Flower Shares

Receive a gorgeously designed bouquet that is ready for you to take home and place in a vase.

Varieties: Amaranth, asters, celosia, rudbeckia, snapdragons, statice, sunflowers, zinnias, and more!

Cost: $55

Duration: 6 weeks (late July until early September).


Maple Share

The UVM Proctor Maple Research Center will be providing us with quarts or bottles of their own maple syrup, produced in Underhill Center.

Cost: $18 per quart or $10 per 250 ml glass bottle.

Pick-up: Syrup deliveries will happen at the first pick-up of each share season (Summer or Fall). Syrup will also be sold at our farmers market and farm stand.


Pick-Your-Own Vegetables

By signing up for a vegetable CSA share, members get access to the pick-your-own section at the farm. It's a great way for members and their families to experience the farm first hand. 

Offerings: fresh beans, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, and flowers.