Biological Science is the study of life in all its forms and at all its levels.  Biological scientists work to further human understanding of living things — their bodies, behaviors, interactions, genetics, histories and futures — so that we might better appreciate, utilize, heal, and protect.

Biological Science at UVM: Get your mind fueled and your hands dirty.

A walk down the halls of UVM's life science departments - Biology, Plant Biology, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Plant and Soil Science, Environmental Science, and Animal Science - reveals the breadth of discovery at this renowned research institution.  Students of Biological Science at UVM can explore any of these subjects, and more.

Consider the Biological Science Major

Our major program provides a thorough yet flexible exploration of life science.  Discover the B.S. in Biological Science.

You can major in Biological Science through two UVM colleges: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences or the College of Arts and Sciences.

The BioCore Curriculum — life science basics for ten UVM majors

The Biological Science Program provides a foundation of Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology to life sciences students across majors and colleges, through the BioCore (BCOR) Curriculum.

Go beyond the classroom

Study the ecology of disease vectors, the genetics of spiders, the protein functions that enable flight in insects, the response of plant distributions to global climate change — or another of myriad biological questions being investigated here!  There is a place for undergrads in the labs of UVM researchers.