1 thought on “UVM Is: Ernesto Mendéz Creating Positive Change in the Agroecology Movement”

  1. The simple but revolutionary agroforestry system of Inga alley-cropping creates an integrated ecosystem that provides an organic, sustainable, and resilient means for subsistence farming families in the tropics to achieve food security.

    In May, MIT selected the proven research of Dr. Mike Hands at its global SOLVE competition to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions. His was the only agroforestry solution chosen at the United Nations.

    Please visit Inga’s website to watch our one-minute summary video and see the full press release.

    Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you,

    Lorraine Potter, Secretary
    Inga Foundation USA
    101 Mortimer Drive
    Evington, VA 24550
    (434) 841-7240

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