Labor Readiness Assessment

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This tool will help you assess your readiness to hire employees. Based on your answers to 21 questions, the self assessment will generate a graphic representation of how your answers match up to the knowledge and skills our research found is critical to being an effective farm employer.

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The graphic shows six critical areas:

  • planning; 
  • recruiting and hiring; 
  • training and supervision; 
  • record keeping, taxes and insurance; 
  • performance review; and,
  • ending employment. 

The tool translates your answers into a numerical scores from 1-5. The higher your score, the better prepared you are to hire and manage employees.

The tool will also provide a summary of your strengths, and suggest resources that can help you address your weak links. Because your completed assessment is anonymous, you won't be able to access it again after you leave the page, so be sure to click the button to download and save your recommendations.

The Labor Readiness Self Assessment is still in development, but you are welcome to try it out. Send feedback and questions to Beth Holtzman.

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