College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS): 

Tom Vogelman, Dean
Kate Finley Woodruff, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):

William Falls, Dean
Abby McGowan, Associate Dean with Diversity and Inclusion
Jinny Huh, Faculty Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion
Rory Waterman, Associate Dean and Chair of the CAS Diversity Task Force

College of Education and Social Services (CESS):

Scott Thomas, Dean
Lynn Whitecloud, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Tiffanie Spencer, Assistant Director for Diversity, Retention and Student Services
Katie Shepherd, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Research
Lance Smith, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Faculty Committee on Diversity Initiatives
Bernice Garnett, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Faculty Committee on Diversity Initiatives

College of Engineering and Math Sciences: 

Linda Schadler, Dean 

College of Nursing and Health Sciences: 

Patricia Prelock, Dean
Jeremy Sibold, Associate Dean
Erica Caloiero, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Continuing and Distance Education:

Cynthia Belliveau, Dean
Cathi Cody-Hudson, Diversity Liaison

Graduate College:

Cynthia Forehand, Dean

Grossman School of Business:

Sanjay Sharma, Dean
Professor Joanne Pencak, Diversity Coordinator
Stephanie Loscalzo, International Student Advisor

Honors College:

Lisa Schnell, Interim Dean
Ian Grimmer, Associate Dean

Larner College of Medicine:

Richard Page, Dean
Margaret Tandoh, M.D., Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Tiffany Delaney, MA.Ed., Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Maria Mercedes Avila, Ph.D., MSW, Health Equity Inclusive Excellence Liaison
Eileen Chichoskikelly, Ph.D., Academic Excellence Liaison
Michael Upton, M.D., Faculty Development Liaison

Libraries and Learning Resources:

Mara Saule, Chief Information Officer and Dean

Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources:

Nancy Mathews, Dean
Allan Strong, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development Staff
Marie Vea-Fagnant, Assistant Dean for Student Services